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Sprites Shark Tooth Necklaces - Random Ideas

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Bry-ccentric, May 2, 2019.

  1. Bry-ccentric

    Bry-ccentric Steampunker

    Well, another Smol-gestion. Guess I'm just subverting all expectations, now.
    Shark Tooth Necklace.
    Apparently it's better than I thought, with weaker weapons. Who knew -5 defense was so significant a change? It'd be infinitely more usable at -10, but qnoiqwfoiqjf.
    I think the Armor Penetration game is actually kinda interesting, so I cooked up a few more accessories to delve into that a little more, because I just can't leave anything be, I guess.
    ...This is a bit more of a "for fun" suggestion, since I'm not exactly sure how necessary this is (not to mention overpowered).

    Now, I actually have two ideas for this thing. This first one keeps the accessory's all-class functionality.
    MORE Shark Tooth Necklaces!
    The Fossiltooth Necklace!
    Crafted with 16 Sturdy Fossils, 6 Souls of Might, and, of course, a Shark Tooth Necklace. Alternatively, this could be dropped from the Sand Shark, with a 3.58% chance.
    ...Yeah, I just made a bunch of Sand Shark necklaces. Expected/10, I know.
    The Fossil Tooth Necklace is just a straight upgrade from the Shark Tooth Necklace, granting 15 armor penetration to the wearer. Unlike other accessories (barring the Avenger Emblem, cough cough), this requires normal material items to create, as opposed to being tinkered with another accessory; a proposal that makes this a little iffy.

    +8 Armor Penetration

    The Rottentooth Necklace
    Crafted with 4 Dark Shards, 12 Souls of Fright, 10 Rotten Chunks, and a Shark Tooth Necklace, or alternatively dropped by the Bone Biter (3.58% chance).

    Loses a lot of the immediate armor penetration, down to 6. However, every consecutive hit against an enemy increases the penetration effect by 1. This effect can add up to a total of 24 armor penetration on its own, which is pretty great. The thing is, though, you have to keep hitting the same enemy over and over again; hitting another enemy will reset the armor penetration on the initial target. Waiting for too long (3 seconds) will also reset the penetration, so make sure you stay on the guy you're fighting.
    +6 Armor Penetration; quick, consecutive hits increase armor penetration up to 24

    The Gumtooth Necklace
    Crafted with 4 Dark Shards, 12 Souls of Fright, 10 Tissue Samples, and a Shark Tooth Necklace, or alternatively dropped by the Flesh Reaver (3.58% chance).

    Killing enemies adds 25% of their defense to your own, as well as to your armor penetration, 10 seconds.
    Killing enemies adds a quarter of their defense to your armor penetration and defense for 10 seconds.

    The Crystaltooth Necklace
    Crafted with 4 Light Shards, 12 Souls of Sight, 10 Crystal Shards, and a Shark Tooth Necklace, or alternatively dropped by the Crystal Thresher (3.58% chance).

    ...Ok yeah, those aren't actually teeth. Don't TELL anyone, though.
    This thing grants 4 armor penetration for every enemy you've hit in the last 4 seconds─a very good option for crowds. Worms should count as only one enemy, but knowing how this game treats its worms... *health bar PTSD*
    Enemies contributing to the bonus will have a little crystal stuck in them. [​IMG]
    This is essentially an easier-to-use Gumtooth Necklace, where instead of killing the enemy for a bonus, you just have to hit them. Obviously, the bonus itself is smaller, here.

    Grants 3 Armor Penetration for every enemy hit in the last 4 seconds

    Alternatively, we could integrate the Fossil Tooth Necklace into the Forbidden set.
    Crafted with a Shark Tooth Necklace, 24 Sturdy Fossils, and 2 Forbidden Fragments.
    S-still with an iffy recipe.

    Once again an upgrade from the Shark Tooth Necklace, though with a little more Summoner pizzazz. Every time a minion hits an enemy, 6 Sand Shark teeth projectiles will fly out in random directions, sticking into any foe unfortunate enough to be in their path. They, like the Bone Javelins, deal stacking damage, with the maximum number of teeth in one enemy being 8. For each tooth, though, the enemy's defense ALSO lowers by 2. The teeth each despawn after 30 seconds.
    You also gain 8 Armor Penetration, yourself.

    Minion damage sends sand shark teeth flying, damaging and lowering the defense of anything they hit
    +8 Armor Penetration
    I also have another bonus idea, if you wanna see that.
    The Sharkron Tooth Necklace!
    Can only be obtained by killing Sharkrons (1.33%/2.66% chance) and Duke Fishron (9.09% chance).

    Because why not add more damage on top of other damage, all critical hits pierce defense completely.
    Critical hits ignore defense
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  2. Lord Garak

    Lord Garak Retinazer

    The Shark Tooth Necklace grants an extra 3 damage on armored enemies, it isn't good.
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  3. Bry-ccentric

    Bry-ccentric Steampunker

    If I'm being honest, I kinda just had the wiki and some people on my profile as my source of info on this thing.
    I mean, I kinda just thought it was downright useless, but apparently it's not.
  4. Lord Garak

    Lord Garak Retinazer

    That seems like number play. A weak 20% increase is worse than a powerful 10% increase- the actual numbers count, not the %... by the time you are dealing so little damage that those couple points make a difference you should be using a different weapon- and a more powerful accessory.
  5. Bry-ccentric

    Bry-ccentric Steampunker

    True that, though the Minishark and Minishark are also fast firers, as well as being more constant (moreso the Minishark on this one).
    I've yet to test these myself, though, so I wouldn't really know for sure. I'll do that right now.
  6. Bry-ccentric

    Bry-ccentric Steampunker

    Well okay that took longer than I would've liked, thanks to Debuff Overhaul's color codes exploding.
    Anyways, damage tested. Against the Eye of Cthulhu.
    Good test subject, I know. `:confused:
    STN=Shark Tooth Necklace, if it doesn't click right away for anyone.
    Minishark DPS: 65, 121 with Venom Bullets
    STN Minishark DPS: 76, 139 with Venom Bullets (Not sure why I used Hardmode ammo with a Pre-Hardmode gun. Shoulda used Silver Bullets. `:rolleyes:)
    +10% DMG Diamond Staff DPS: 83 (at 200 Mana)

    Megashark DPS: 233, 317 with Venom Bullets
    STN Megashark DPS: 250, 346 with Venom Bullets
    +10% DMG Light Discs DPS: 338
    Not... exactly what I was expecting from Hardmode, but ooookay.
    I see where you're coming from now, though. Still, that STN boost is... better than I expected. Pretty hefty.
    It could probably help Rangers if they decided to use the Sharks, but other than that, you've got me. Maybe boost the Shark Tooth Necklace's penetration value to 8? Maybe 10?

    Without STN
    Minishark DPS: 65, 121 with Venom Bullets
    Megashark DPS: 233, 317 with Venom Bullets

    With STN
    Minishark DPS: 76, 139 with Venom Bullets
    Megashark DPS: 250, 346 with Venom Bullets

    With 10% damage bonus
    Minishark DPS: 66, 133 with Venom Bullets
    Megashark DPS: 289, 354 with Venom Bullets
    Diamond Staff DPS: 83
    Light Discs DPS: 332
    Onyx Blaster DPS: 332, 356 with Venom Bullets
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