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tAPI Shockah's tweak mods

Discussion in 'Released' started by Shockah, Oct 24, 2014.

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  1. Raulzus

    Raulzus Skeletron Prime

    Damn. Shockah made some of the best mods in the entire Terraria community. It's sad to see him go like this. Is he allowing anyone else to continue updating his mods?
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  2. Zanthor

    Zanthor Golem

    I'm not sure. You should probably ask him.
  3. WiredRawdy

    WiredRawdy Plantera

    could you make a standalone fancy cheat menu could turn into the new gameiki
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    nvm i just got on to this post sorry shockah
  4. Shockah

    Shockah Grandson of The Wizard

    You're free to do whatever with the code, now that I'm gone. I had all the source code available on github for some time now, mostly for educational purposes, but since I'm no longer modding, you're free to use it as you please. Just remember to add a line or something about it originally being my mod/idea/code.
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  5. WiredRawdy

    WiredRawdy Plantera

    yay for the modders
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  6. T3rrorDrome

    T3rrorDrome Terrarian

    There is something like FCM mod for modlader ?I mean,with menus of buffs ,npcs and etc.
    Thanks for now..
  7. Brambo Babbons

    Brambo Babbons Plantera

    What folder do i put the mods in( i have tmodloader btw)?
  8. Mihn

    Mihn Golem

    This mod is for tAPI (, and not usable with tModLoader.
  9. Shockah

    Shockah Grandson of The Wizard

    I doubt it, since tModLoader doesn't have proper interface support yet.
  10. Ethorbit

    Ethorbit Terrarian

  11. Kefke

    Kefke Steampunker

    No duh? It's for tAPI, whereas the current versions of Terraria use tModloader, a completely different thing. Just looking at the tag for the thread could have told you that much.
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  12. Ethorbit

    Ethorbit Terrarian

    I figured it out already, thank you.
    Not sure why you waste your time replying to posts like that :p
  13. JJhowe22

    JJhowe22 Terrarian

    Guys, do you know how to open the cheat menu? im stuck...

    Edit: its because of the icons not appearing, is there somthin wrong?
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2016
  14. Arkhayla

    Arkhayla Terrarian

    As stated a few posts above. Double check you are using this mod with tAPI and not tModLoader. These mods have been at end of life since tAPI was closed.

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  15. JJhowe22

    JJhowe22 Terrarian

    I was using tAPI, i made a new characator, a world, but then those buttons arnt here, someone help me please!
  16. Oni-Brian

    Oni-Brian Steampunker

    Hello Shockah, I have a question, there are versions of Shockah.Base, Accessory Slots+ and Enhanced Tooltip for tAPI r10?, the reason is that I play terraria 1.2.2 because I don't have a good computer, and I really like the Accessory Slots+ and Enhanced Tooltip, and I want to play to terraria with these mods.

    PS: Sorry if not much understood my comment, I'm using google translator.
  17. Shockah

    Shockah Grandson of The Wizard

    Not sure if I ever made these for tAPI 1.2.2, I might have had them at some point, but I couldn't find them anymore on Dropbox, sorry.
  18. Saber_Guardian

    Saber_Guardian Official Terrarian

    Well... R.I.P Shockah''s tweaks mod... it was one of the best tweak mods... and now its incompatible with tModLoader... R.I.P in tAPI ;)
    I just hope someone makes a mod that is just like this one for tModLoader.

    I still remember the days when i used some of your tConfig mods... tConfig had the best mods, and now 1.3.4 has more content and fun than all of the tConfig mods combined... RIP!
  19. WiredRawdy

    WiredRawdy Plantera

    Is Fancy cheat menu being updated
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    sorry for necro posting but i just want to know
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 31, 2017 ---
    been looking for ages
  20. Mihn

    Mihn Golem

    This is a mod fro tAPI and tAPI is no longer being updated. You have to be at to use it.
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