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PC Should I be ready for WOF, or should I do some more prep work? [EXPERT MODE]

So, after failing Skeletron with underpowered gear, and being too lazy to farm potions for a stupid ammount of time, I finally managed to beat him a few days ago... I'm currently doing an (Not strictly, I just like magic weapons) expert mage-playthrough and since I had so much trouble with skeletron, I'm a bit scared of wasting one of my two voodoo dolls.

My current gear is full Jungle, Obsidian Shield, Mana Cuffs, Shield of Cthulhu (Prob won't be used in the fight though, will explain later on) Specter boots, (Again, won't be used, will be explained later on... btw would like advice for what to fill those slots with) and Worm Scarf

My weapons are Water Bolt, Flamelash, Demon Scythe, Bee Gun, Flower of Fire, and Diamond Staff, which by the time of the fight will all be reforged to the best possible modifier due to the fact that I have a fairly sufficient money farm consisting of 3 jellyfish statues and a granite golem, all wired up to a minecart engine.

So that I don't need the Boots or Shield of Cthulhu, Instead of a hellbridge, I made a fairly large minecart track which is roughly 900-1000 tiles long. Should that be long enough?

Also, because I got so fed up with Skeletron, I finally put in the effort and grinded for a Staff of Regrowth, alongside fishing for awhile in a special fishing-world for quests and potion-fish, so I can craft nearly any pre-hardmode potions.

Soooo... should I be ready, or is there anything else I should do before fighting it?


I recommend wearing a hivepack and using the bee gun along with beenades. A mana flower would be helpful since you can't stop to regen your mana. The water bolt and demon scythe are okay to use as well. Depending on world size, you want the track to cover 1/3 to 1/2 of hell since the WoF gets incredibly fast.
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