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:O A second page!? What is this madness!? So exciting!
Well that's enough overreacting, now for some builds!

Capture 2020-07-07 22_16_21.png

Sorry the image is uhh... long... I really didn't want it to be a big box.
also this is a reference to a movie so if you know what it is you can have an internet cookie or something.
Capture 2020-07-09 22_42_27.png

Dis boi is from hollow knight. More specifically the most annoying part of hollow knight. shivers.. deepnest...
Capture 2020-07-12 21_45_16.png

Will add stuff below. That I can guarantee. Also, this is one of the most fun builds I have ever made, I really enjoyed making this one.

Also yes the wip from last week was worked on, not too much progress though so I'll refrain from giving an update.
And another side note, if you're not playing with the otherworld music turned on you're missing out. It is phenomenal.
Well believe it or not, I made a few more builds. I also finished both WIPs which is something kinda new for me.

Capture 2020-07-18 13_42_25.png

I have to say this again, this build was just a whole lot of fun to make.
Capture 2020-07-19 22_54_30.png

I may have said finished but there will still be changes going on, like making an intermediate teleporter room and adding some gardens to the left.
Capture 2020-07-13 16_09_16.png

Just a little thing in the snow. Not quite sure what it is but that's fine. I'm sure nothing bad will happen because of that.
Capture 2020-07-15 13_32_02.png

I don't like this one very much. It's a failed attempt at the warped forest, and it really didn't work.
Capture 2020-07-18 19_15_52.png

The topic for this one was to make a house with opposite sides. My idea was to make one half Medieval and the other half Sci-Fi not.

Oh, and you can also have an egg.
Capture 2020-07-18 11_49_28.png

Egg is very tasty, cant be fried though.;( Well at least creatures other than spiders and scorpions can't fry them.
Breaks are good. Take breaks.
That aside, have some builds.

Capture 2020-07-28 22_18_18.png

Another duel build, the subject was to build the rainbow road in the dark souls style.
Capture 2020-07-30 16_28_39.png

A small steampunk house with a burrito car.
Capture 2020-07-30 20_30_25.png

A small cyberpunk mall setup with a much lighter palette than usual.

Also working on another kinda big wip that will probably be done by next week, so you can look forward to that. At least I hope it's done by then otherwise I miss the deadline on a few competitions.
New things, big thing, small things, one thing I really like.
Also listening to the bravely default ost right now, it's really good, I highly recommend giving it a listen.

Capture 2020-08-05 21_21_23.png

Making things both white and passable in terraria is very difficult. As is making anything from hollow knight, due to the heavy use of slow curves in that game.
Capture 2020-08-06 22_46_55.png

House is burning? Not anymore. kinda
Capture 2020-08-08 22_35_50.png

Its a tree in a wasteland, what else is there to say?
Capture 2020-08-10 22_20_17.png

Powah in the color green that is. (I wish you could change the color of the water blocks not just the streams with gemspark)

Likely to expand the tower in the future, or at least that's what I'm telling myself. Also might start a big WIP that I've been planning for a while and post an update on that, so expect a mahoosive pillar next week.
Haven't done much recently...

Capture 2020-08-13 14_25_45.png

Using the legendary power of texture packs, this is very much a WIP and will absolutely change in the future.
8-12-2020 king slime.png

A small ocean housing area for the ocean pylon.

Also shoutout to the Celeste OST for being amazing, and Youtube for distracting me from doing literally anything.
Been Busy trying to fish up all the pre-hardmode crates. My official opinion that you will not change no matter how hard you try: either make crates require half the amount to research or make biome crates WAY more common.
Anyways builds.

Capture 2020-08-29 17_24_36.png

I saw a build some time ago on discord that included lava in its structure, I unfortunately cant remember who made it, so I can't credit them, but it inspired me to build this in the style that I did.
Capture 2020-08-31 18_08_23.png

AKA brdj, there was a hole in the path to the underworld, and I was like "I should make a bridge there". Then I made a bridge...
Wow, these are really creative and very well executed. I will lean on this thread and your builds for inspiration for sure. Already want to build a hell fortress!

Your trees are also amazing as are the way your curves flow organically in general. Great stuff!
I will lean on this thread and your builds for inspiration for sure
Glad to know I'm inspiring someone, that's always a good thing.
And yes, I live. School started though, so there's been a good amount of time put into that. But over the course of however long its been, I have made a few builds.

Capture 2020-09-09 18_13_22.png

I'm not amazing with interiors, but i really like how i did the outside on this one.
Capture 2020-09-11 19_10_14.png

Just a few hard to see pillars, nothing more.
Capture 2020-09-19 18_57_38.png
Capture 2020-09-19 18_57_52.png

Parts of my hellbridge
Capture 2020-09-21 22_22_02.png

This is the surface section of my jungle base, there is a hole in the middle for underground access, and i need to do a ton of stuff down there still.
Capture 2020-09-27 19_55_30.png

Just a quick lil experiment, trying to replicate something i did earlier. Unfortunately i failed, i believe due to over complication.
Simplicity is a good thing, people.

Big thing coming soon though.
Capture 2020-09-27 20_33_59.png

Also created a bunch of vanity outfits because I was bored.
Another week of building goes by, I lose track of time again, blah blah.
Ascension released a trailer tho, go check that out.

Capture 2020-09-29 22_00_12.png

"All the cool people build 3d", and I am not one to argue. (though I really am because that's not true, I just wanted to try it)
Currently on the TBC, up and right from /warp left, though its resetting very soon, and not very impressive in-game.
Capture 2020-09-30 21_33_23.png

A quick little island I made while I was watching others build, also in TBC lol.

I feel like I've become an ad bot.
I really enjoyed looking through all of these @simirian, fantastic stuff! My favorite is the diagonal house. I would love to build a modern house in my world, but every time I try it just looks like a box of glass. :D Thanks for sharing these creations with us.
Your builds are amazing! My favourites are the Wasteland Tree, the Byzantine Church and the Rainbow Tower.
Also, those pillars had me intrigued. Can't wait to see how their story unfolds :)
Been inactive for far too long. Sadly I have a reason, and that is my computer is in the process of dying. It will be fixed, hopefully soon, but for now that means that I don't have much to post so uhh... here you go.


A simple power generator design, including two versions. the single unit to the left is the MK2, a more compact and efficient variant that includes all the following components, while the right side includes 4 collection stacks, a storage/primary reaction tub, a secondary reaction stack, and two medium-sized batteries. I actually thought somewhat about how this works so i can make it more accurately lol.

Also feel the need to give some more music suggestions so I'll just list a few bands here: The Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, Republica, Van Halen, ELO. Somewhat old, but all very good, I would recommend that you give them all a listen.

I'm also thinking of opening up a writing thread to post some of my works, as i enjoy poetry and short free-form writing.

Hope yall are well and enjoying your lives right now, if not please try to. :)
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on the builds for 1.4 I saw the jungle housing and was like, yep that's jungle housing alright.
A few builds, mostly still on the TBC server. They actually updated as well, so now mobile users should be able to connect :)
Computer is being maybe more stable? I am pushing through anywho and managed to make some builds.

Capture 2020-11-17 21_44_19.png

Ngl I forgot what they called it, but this is the plant-filled cave and the depth from Minecraft Cliffs and Caves.
Capture 2020-11-21 18_35_55.png

Pure aesthetic, no function at all lol.
Capture 2020-11-27 12_11_06.png

Who doesn't like a little pokemon, am I right? I actually learned a lot making this build, like good looking large glass segments are HARD, especially at angles.
Capture 2020-12-05 22_45_40.png

Inspired by another Terraria builder -- @Orange!!! -- and their classical Chinese builds inspired by paintings. I didn't base this on anything in particular, so it's probably not very accurate compared to theirs, but it was still fun to make ^.^

And yes, there is music, specific songs this time. Nowhere Man, Stairway to Heaven, and Sympathy for the Devil. As for the holiday season, there's good ol Let it Snow and Baby it's Cold Outside.
Its been so long, but I actually have builds! Multiplayer modded things.

The base me and a few friends used during a split playthrough. One of the best parts of quarantine for me. This was my first ever multiplayer world as well. You also may notice, this build uses no paint! It's a chaotic colorful mess. For those wondering, I am the classy ranger with the hat.
Capture 2021-11-17 20_19_54.png
I never completed any of these playthrough builds, but this one does look the least complete. Fantastic playthough though. (for those wondering, I was the healer named "support main". I am a support/marksman main.
Capture 2022-01-08 00_11_33.png
No this one isn't finished either. In the top right you can see the insta-houses that the other players insisted on spamming all over the place. I took it upon myself to make the insta-houses not look like insta-houses. In this playthough I was the beautiful ranger in Yuyuko Saigyouji vanity. I do in fact play touhou badly and greatly enjoy her character.
Capture 2022-02-04 15_07_35.png

Music?!?!? I will make this a thing. You simply must listen to David Bowie. He's so good. Some songs to start with include: Starman, Suffragette City, Queen :red:, The Man Who Sold the World, and Life on Mars. Also try the Pretenders. Sone songs are Human, Brass in Pocket, Message of Love, and Night in My Veins.
Looking back the the old things I posted is both very nostalgic and very entertaining. It feels so dated. Glad it's all still here.
I love the space tree so much! Did you use bubbles and then paint them? I'd love to play around with whatever technique you used there :) All of the other builds are amazing as well, a lot of inspo here! (゚ο゚人))
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