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I've finally decided to exist here. Yay.
Anyways here are a few of my builds that I've done in the past year? or so.
(Very not in chronological order)

Capture 2020-01-29 22_32_53.png
Capture 2020-01-25 19_04_21.png
spook 2.png
dead gods.png
mushy tree.png
sword tree.png
Capture 2020-02-14 19_59_46.png
eternia.ga=1111 but done.png
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Official Terrarian
Those look really nice; by any chance did you use any mods for these builds, at least with the getting supplies and flipping bits? The last one seems to imply you did, at least for that one.


Yes i do use several mods, mainly Cheat sSheet (Copy-paste feature was what that was referring to) and Hero's mod, but I also use Luiafk and Vipix Toolbox for various buffs and tools, and all the walls so i have access to all the normally unobtainable walls. I do not however use furniture clipping or any modded blocks/furniture, so everything is loadable and stable in vanilla :)


So as you may know, Terraria 1.4 released last weekend, and i took the time to start up a playthrough. Because its a new playthrough and i don't have endless time to progress in it, i want able to do much building, but here's pretty much all i have done.

obviously this contains 1.4 spoilers so uhh... yeah.

EOC 5-18-2020.png
goblin army 5-18-2020.png
goblin army 5-18-2020.png

All screenshots taken during lantern nights because who doesn't like lantern nights?


Some awesome work Simirian, i really love the Beast's Grave one. Nice use of color and layering backgrounds. Inspiring!
TBH that's one of my favorite builds that i've made, i'm glad you like it!

Now you can get a look at my plethora of large wips that will probably never be completed because why not.
Capture 2020-04-04 21_12_10.png
Capture 2020-05-11 22_10_35.png
Capture 2020-02-18 20_52_58.png
Capture 2020-05-25 21_58_07.png
Capture 2020-05-25 22_38_36.png


Ah yes, a week full of not building much. I did build one thing though, a wonderful 1.4 build for my journey playthrough.

Capture 2020-06-14 21_08_31.png

I was honestly slightly disappointed that I had xenon moss (the blue one) in my world, but it actually looks pretty good in this build. Experimentation is in the works.


Dungeon Spirit
In that hainted house i see the orange bloodroots, but is that also spikes painted shadow? Very neat touch. I thought about making a rundown house before but never did.


In that hainted house i see the orange bloodroots, but is that also spikes painted shadow? Very neat touch. I thought about making a rundown house before but never did.
Yep those are spikes. I think they're wooden, but i'm not sure that it makes a difference.

And yes I am posting on monday again shush.
This week was a big load of me not building because I didn't really feel like it. Yet still I did more than last week somehow.

Capture 2020-06-15 22_51_54.png

I forgot to paint it...
Capture 2020-06-15 23_39_36.png

I dont know why im doing this
Capture 2020-06-17 19_25_36.png

Capture 2020-06-17 19_57_26.png

And do the pillar but shut up about that
The first one is way better, I will admit that.
Capture 2020-06-22 20_24_51.png


Hey Simirian I was just wondering what you used for the sword in the Autumn Tree Build?
That sword used gray painted palladium columns for the blade, but the top one has a probably gray painted rich mahogany fence behind it to make it a tiny bit thicker. The guard is made of down hammered brown bone platforms, and the grip is an ebonwood fence (also brown). The pommel is a red luminite brick.
there are, however, many ways to make swords out of blocks, for example you might use dynasty wood platforms or even full blocks for the guard, and many different block options for a pommel / blade. and of course with a different size everything changes, so really you should just experiment until you find something you like. ;)


I dont know what to put here...
I built stuff I guess?

Capture 2020-06-28 20_54_55.png

Keep in mind that the entire purpose of this expansion was to make it so that my horse could easily pass through the area.
Capture 2020-06-28 20_56_03.png

And no they are not practical.
Capture 2020-06-21 18_24_37.png

The statues are bad lol. If your computer can actually see the space, that's the good part.


When you build barely anything...
Then build tons of things in a week...
That's how I feel this week lol.
Sadly less active I noticed as well. I guess that's how it is sometimes.

Capture 2020-07-01 22_15_10.png

Might expand on this later but probably won't.
Capture 2020-07-03 16_18_39.png

Capture 2020-07-03 16_48_26.png

Very proud of this one, except for the dome. Believe it or not, in a 2d game based around squares, domes are hard to make. Who'dve thunk it?
Capture 2020-07-05 21_11_22.png

The great story behind this one is that it was a part of a build duel, and the prompt was a diagonal house. The intent of the prompt was to build a normal house diagonally, but I really didn't want to do that, so instead I made this house.
Capture 2020-07-05 21_55_20.png

In case you cant guess, i like the idea of twisting oriental architecture in somewhat weird ways. This is actually going to be the hub of my journey build world, and will probably include some interesting features later on. (teleporters, chests for my inventories, block palettes etc.)
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