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Simple, efficient, and clean TEdit Schematics - Arenas, Crafting Areas, and Housing




Additional arenas based on the above design - arena_hallow.zip:




And last, but not least...


Required: Heartreach Potion
Extremely Recommended: Cross Necklace or Star Veil to increase duration of invincibility after taking damage

This design is carried over from my guide: Universal, efficient, heart-statue-wired arena. It's been modified slightly to include a small honey pool for even more health regeneration (make sure to press the S key to sink down into it - you'll see the buff if you've done it correctly). It's built for Moonlord but is immensely useful for many bosses and events. Simply stand on platform near the campfire and Heart Lantern, pull the switch, drink a Heartreach Potion, and you'll become very hard to kill. The only downside is that it's a bit clunky to turn off - you have to wait until the two 1-sec timers in the top-right corner are lit up and then quickly use the switch to stop it. Or just quit and rejoin the game.

Using this arena, fully buffed, I can withstand Moon Lord's second phase for about a minute before needing to drink a health potion. As mentioned in my previous topic, I've also done the Pumpkin Moon and hit maximum (15) waves and held it until ~17,000 points with a Battle Potion and Water Candle. I'd have gone further but it ended at dawn.

Simple, efficient, clean, and ready for use.




The "Edit" function doesn't seem to be working when I press "More Options" in an attempt to edit attachments, so I guess I need to double-post.

The arena_hearts.zip posted above works fine but it does not contain the small honey pool seen in my screenshot. This can easily be replicated by players but I thought I'd fix it anyway. The below attachment is updated to contain this honey pool.


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