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tModLoader Skyblock Mod

Discussion in 'Released' started by fencedin, May 17, 2016.

  1. fencedin

    fencedin Skeletron Prime

    This is a mod that changes the way you play terraria that was inspired by minecraft skyblock style maps. You will start on a very small island and must learn to gather and craft blocks in new ways. The extractinator in an even more useful machine now, along with a few more machines to help you complete your Terraria playthrough. There is also lots of new crafting recipes for the items you would normally get in a playthrough. Also, you will also want to make sure you take advantage of duplicating liquids, as Obsidian (which can be broken with a copper pickaxe) is a major part of the mod and you have limited quantities of both water and lava.

    This mod is meant to be played with a custom map and a new character




    Skyblock Mod is made for tModLoader v0.10.0.1 for Terraria

    Old maps if you don't like cool new things: normal or expert


    •Fertilizer - used on saplings and plants to have a chance at making them grow instantly and can grow grass on dirt/grass blocks (5 dirt + gel + mushroom)
    Dirt/Grass Blocks
    Cactus (can just click on sand now instead of needing a single block already grown)

    •Concentrated Fertilizer - used on saplings and plants to grow them instantly and can grow grass on dirt/grass blocks, and can be used on hard mode ore plants to have a chance at growing them instantly (99 fertilizer + blue solution + glowing mushroom + near compactor)

    •Copper Wire - used to make machines (5 copper bars + Wooden Yoyo)

    •Multi-Tile Machines - used to automate collection of Obsidian/Honey Block/Crisp Honey (note: 1)block breaker is solid so liquids will not flow through it 2)squeezer is only for honey and crisp honey) )

    Compactor - used to craft blocks into their compact form for the extractinator (needs 30 lead bars, 3 platinum hammers, iron anvil, 10 copper wire)
    Compacted Blocks - can be placed or used in Extractinator (9 blocks becomes 1)

    •Auto-Fisher - automated fishing (just place near water, needs Reinforced Fishing Pole, 25 Fishing Potions, 30 Platinum Bars, 10 Copper Wires, 10 Enchanted Nightcrawlers, 15 Wire)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    •Red/White Threads - used to craft a few items in game (3 starfish/3 seashells)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Bottomless Lava Bucket / Bottomless Honey Bucket - Both fished up in their respected liquids and lava will require Hotline FIshing Hook



    Plants in Action (Chlorophyte not shown)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    •Coballidium •Mythalcum •Adantium •Chlorophyte
    new ways to get hardmode ores (Coballidium starts with souls of night/light and sapphire/ruby gemspark blocks)



    •Desert Fossil
    •Hive Wand
    •Heart Crystal
    •Chest Loots
    •Goblin Battle Standard
    •Staff of Regrowth
    •Shadow Chest loot​

    Used just like you would normally use silt on the Extractinator.

    • Make an extractinator as soon as possible (furnace + gray bricks)
    • Make an obsidian generator and start using the obsidian gathered on the extractinator to start getting ores
    • Many of the items that you would normally find in chests can be made
    • There is a multi-block machine you can make to automatically gather obsidian and at a better proficiency than normal (can also click on the middle machine to speed it up!)
    • After you have the Mechanic, you can get some basic fish from the Auto-Fisher
    • Dig through the 1st layer of Ash for Wall of Flesh fight
    • Once in Hardmode, there are plants that can be made to gather HM ores
    • The Dungeon and Jungle Temple do exist on the map to be found
    • Life Crystals can be made with Ruby Gemspark Blocks + Ebon/CrimStone Blocks + Ice Blocks + being near honey

    My Own Series


    • All the Sprites done by myself
    • Thanks to all of you for over 20,000 downloads!
    Current Version: 1.4.9/10 (7/13/17)
    • You can get the latest version on the tModLoader 'Mod Browser' or direct download (Place the .tmod file into your "Mods" folder under My Documents/My Games/Terraria/ModLoader)
    • And you will need either the normal map or expert map (must get map separately and place the Skyblock.wld file into your "Worlds" folder under My Documents/My Games/Terraria/ModLoader)
    Changelog for current version:
    • fixed bug with DCU
    • updated to tmodloader v0.10.0.2 and terraria

    • fixed crimson altar being placeable
    • re-fixed bottomless buckets to not paint and be auto-reuseable again and be useable from hotbar

    • fixed bug with lanterns
    • fixed "painting" issue with bottomless buckets and made them non-autoreuse
    • also hopefully made bottomless buckets flow properly

    • fixed compacted blocks to stack and be useable again
    • updated to tmodloader v0.10.0.1

    • fixed multiplayer bug with HM plants not dropping ores

    • fixed multiplayer bug with HM plants not dropping ores

    • fixed HM plants being broken in the non intended way (again)
    • also the seed should be able to replace fauna now too

    • updated to tmodloader v0.9.2.3
    • fixed plants to work with new update
    • improved timer for block breaker for early day/night

    • fertilizer now has a chance to grow jungle grass or mushroom grass on mud
    • changed cloud in a bottle recipe to include clouds
    • adjusted hm ore recipes
    • removed water requirement from crimstone/ebonstone/pearlstone/granite/marble
    • cleaned up code a bit more

    • added concentrated fertilizer for hard mode ore plants
    • added bottomless lava & honey buckets
    • re-wrote extractinator code
    • wrote custom code for how often machines tick
    • fixed exploit with hm ore plants

    • to grow cactus with fertilizer, use fertilizer on sand
    • cactus is also now random in growth patterns
    • also added dust for when using fertilizer on other mod's trees

    • when growing cactus with fertilizer, there is now a chance to have it grow with a prickly pear
    • tweaked seed drop from extractinating dirt
    • changed various accessories crafting recipe requirements
    • added sharpening station to the Witch Doctor NPC

    • compacted blocks now can be placed

    • fixed crafting issue with compacted blocks

    • added a new machine that allows certain blocks to be compressed
    • added compressed blocks that can be used on the extractinator
    • added tooltip lines to many items
    • added recipes for granite and marble
    • rebalanced block breaker and extractinator outputs
    • fixed a few recipes not requiring workbench

    • rebalanced blockbreaker drops

    • updated to tmodloader v0.9.1.0
    • edited maps to have a certain biome further from spawn

    • removed 'being next to water' from being a requirement for mud

    • re-did map for mod
    • added recipes for many more unobtainable items on the map
    • added corruption items to Dryad and Steampunker

    • re-did map for mod
    • added recipes for many more unobtainable items on the map
    • added corruption items to Dryad and Steampunker

    • changed mud recipe
    • changed how gemspark recipes were handled
    • updated to tmodloader v0.8.3.5 and terraria

    • shadow key recipes now require the hellforge
    • added recipes for sky mill, living loom, shadow key, and cloud

    • updated to tmodloader v0.8.3.4 and terraria
    • added color to item tooltips

    • fixed obsidian not dropping in multiplayer

    • fixed multiplayer bugs (hopefully)

    • updated to tModLoader v0.8.3.2 and Terraria

    • updated to v0.8.1.0 tModLoader and Terraria 1.3.1
    • fertilizer now auto-swing
    • added staff of regrowth recipe
    • shadow key is used in recipes now

    • fertilizer now works on cactus and dirt and grass
    • block breaker is now solid block to prevent liquid spill
    • fixed life crystal recipe
    • fixed shiverthorn growth with fertilizer

    • fertilizer now works on plants too
    • changed extractinator recipes for silt/slush/desertfossil to remove ores
    • removed altered recipe for mud
    • added new recipes for Holy/Unholy/Bloody Water
    • more adjusted recipe requirements
    • slight fix to smart cursor on obsidian

    • added recipes for biome stones
    • more adjusted recipe requirements

    • added recipe for Hellforge
    • adjusted recipe requirements

    • released
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2017
  2. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    This looks really neat. I assume you start on an island, is there an image of the island you can post?
    [MTR] soulgaming likes this.
  3. four plus four

    four plus four The Destroyer

    I need to use this mod someday... Not today, gonna do a bunch of mods together today. But someday, I will. Probably.
  4. GabeHasWon

    GabeHasWon Steampunker

    Heh, you're welcome. When it gets far enough, I could see you making the "Skyworld" a preset for the world.
  5. DragonSoul

    DragonSoul Skeletron Prime

    ima try thiis must be cool :D
  6. Eli10293

    Eli10293 Spazmatism

    Would it be okay if I remake the sprites so that they look better?
    I would need you to inbox me the originals or post them here
  7. fencedin

    fencedin Skeletron Prime

    Added a pic of the island you start on in the post.
    --- Double Post Merged, May 17, 2016, Original Post Date: May 17, 2016 ---
    If you are talking about the machines, have you seen them in game?
  8. Eli10293

    Eli10293 Spazmatism

    You posted screenshots :p
    I am guessing you are referring to the fact that they are possibly animated but I am willing to make the frames
    I didn't feel satisfied with them because they were 1x1 pixel
  9. fencedin

    fencedin Skeletron Prime

    I went back and forth with the 2x2 pixels and 1x1 pixels, I know they look odd but they look decent in game, the screenshots don't do them justice, maybe I will upload gifs instead of the stills.
  10. Bemm

    Bemm Steampunker

    This mod looks really cool! I'll try it out and download the map! :D
  11. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    I've never felt the urge to cheat more than I have the last few hours playing this mod/map. I just need some copper!! Where are you!
    ShadowTiger likes this.
  12. ShuVi

    ShuVi Steampunker

    i got plenty of copper atm, im more at a loss when it comes to the automation... also multiplying lava is a pain.. is there a setup any of you would recommend?
    Edit: Also at a loss when it comes to cobweb... but i havent extractinated everything yet..
    Last edited: May 18, 2016
  13. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    The only copper I've gotten came from slime rain. I feel like I've made a skybridge across the whole world, but haven't found any other islands, give me a hint? also, how do you have an extractionator? I found a place where cobwebs grow in a corner of some structure....
  14. ShuVi

    ShuVi Steampunker

    you can craft an extractinator with gray bricks and a forge.
    you can use an obsidian generator to get obsidian which you can extractinate to get copper/tin and iron/lead
  15. Farkylk | Silvan

    Farkylk | Silvan Official Terrarian

    That mod looks really good! I really like the Skyblock idea and how you made it possible with added items.
    Oh and I should add, that I also like your 1x1 Sprites! They look exactly how they should and I dont think they could look as good in 2x2.
  16. fencedin

    fencedin Skeletron Prime

    I like to weight the amount of time you would have to go out in the world and hope that RNG was on your side to find certain things to the amount of time it takes to duplicate lava over and over again. The multi-tile machine will automatically harvest obsidian (and it will get you more than 1 per operation some of the time so you don't need as much liquid) but you will have to defeat some bosses first.

    You should hit something to the east easily, to the west might be a little harder to find. And, I still wish you would make a recipe viewer only version of Cheat Sheet so people could have recipes for mods and not be tempted to cheat and spawn in things. Though it still wouldn't show 'recipes' for things like the extractinator.

    Thanks! I absolutely love skyblock in minecraft and I wished it was possible in Terraria. I tried to add as little as possible and as few recipes as I needed.

    And, I think the animation helps draw your attention away from the 1x1. I didn't want to make them larger but I still wanted the detail. I may still tweak them a little bit.
  17. dennisw100

    dennisw100 Official Terrarian

    Very Cool idea
  18. imkSushi

    imkSushi Eater of Worlds

    I was going to code something like this, but I never got around to it. Hope this turns out well.
  19. Kami

    Kami Terrarian

    Hype, cool mod.
    Last edited: May 19, 2016
  20. Okay so i play for about 10 or twenty minutes and now I'm stuck, i cut all my trees and I have two fertilizer, 80 wood, and the things I started with, how am I supposed to get copper and iron and tungsten and all that?? `:confused: