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tModLoader Skyblock Mod


There are two different worlds folders. You have:
  • My Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds for vanilla play
  • My Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\Worlds for modded play
Likewise for characters, you have Terraria\Players and Terraria\ModLoader\Players.


yo any way to get honey? Don't see any bee hives using TerraMap?
Make a jungle bio, grow trees and harvest. Then craft hive blocks, then craft hive wand and place hive blocks. When you break hive blocks a small amount of honey is released. Hows to craft all of this can be found out from the guide but the recipe mod is easier to follow. This can be found in the mod browser, just remember to bind a not in use key for in game use.
Does anybody have solutions for bosses spawning in hell instead of near the player? I'm having issues with multiple different bosses consistently spawning there, and it's basically game-breaking without the use of cheats to despawn them and try again.


I really like the auto fisher and other machines part of the mod but not really wanting to play the map at the moment, is it good to play it with the rest of my own world
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