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tModLoader Slimsymuffin's Terraria Expansion Mod

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DISCLAMER: this is my first mod and also thread so I don't know too much about how all of this works, so bear with me.

The Mod
This mod is going to eventually be a content mod for terraria that will add various items and possibly NPC's to alter the terraria experience (hopefully) making it better.

The BloodshedTheBloodSword.png
A Crimson alt of the night's edge inflicts bleeding, does more damage, is bigger and slower, but every successful hit does 1/10 of the damage delt back at the user
also with a true version that instead inflicts ichor and currently doesn't do recoilTrueBloodSword.png BloodBeam.png the projectile doesn't spin or inflict ichor yet as I have no idea how to CORRECTION: Can't figure out how to
The book of stars, crafted with meteorite Bars, fallen stars, and a book at a bookcase. shoots magic fallen star projectiles
making the blood beamBloodBeam.png spin here is the code as you may need it
EDIT: I've Found code to make it spin but not very well so it isn't implemented yet if you could point out the problems in the code that would be apreciated
using Microsoft.Xna.Framework;
using Terraria;
using Terraria.ID;
using Terraria.ModLoader;
namespace CodingTest.Projectiles
     public class BloodBeam : ModProjectile
         public override void SetDefaults()
             projectile.name = "Blood Beam";
             aiType = ProjectileID.NightBeam;
            projectile.width = 38;
            projectile.height = 38;
            projectile.scale = 1.3f;

         public override bool PreKill(int timeLeft)
             projectile.type = ProjectileID.NightBeam;
             return true;
        public override void AI() 
            int DustID2 = Dust.NewDust(new Vector2(projectile.position.X, projectile.position.Y + 2f), projectile.width + 2, projectile.height + 2, DustID.GoldFlame, projectile.velocity.X * 0.2f, projectile.velocity.Y * 0.2f, 20, default(Color), 2.9f);
            Main.dust[DustID2].noGravity = true;

also disabling the nights edge crafting recipe as well as applying ichor to the blood beam
spriters: Needed
Coders: Needed
MusicPeople: Not need at current Stage

Lead spriter/coder/thread manager = Me
(Re)Spriter = My Brother


To everyone at Re-Logic for making terraria
@bluemagic123 For making tModloader
@darthmorf for the logo maker
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seems promising, sprites arent too bad (even if they are mostly just re-sprites), and the idea seems good, i hope to see this thread grow in time :D
Help! How do I download this? I really want to play it, but I can't find it in the Mod Search, and there isn't a link, so it would be awesome if you could post where to find it. Thanks!


Help! How do I download this? I really want to play it, but I can't find it in the Mod Search, and there isn't a link, so it would be awesome if you could post where to find it. Thanks!
thanks for support but this mod isn't released yet as it is in very early development (see the post creation date:merchanteek:) hope to finish it as soon as possible

P.S I'm going on holiday so won't be able to answer posts or work on the mod:merchantcry:

Edit: Back from holiday, with nothing new?:merchanteek: huh. makes life easier for me then:merchantcool:
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:redmunch:WARNING Double Post (I guess it's ok though because it is a thread update)
added credits and thanks plus I have a banner YAY!:joy:
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