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    Updated for Version 1.3

    While this mod has been out for a while in ModBrowser, I hadn't created a thread for it, so here it is:

    Solutions Mod
    This mod adds a number of solutions for the Clentaminator that allow for a greater functionality than the original, intended "Change Biome into X". As of version 1.3, this includes new biome changing solutions, Filling Solutions that allow you to fill an area with Stone, Dirt or Sand, Liquid filling solutions that fill an area with Water, Lava or Honey, and Removal Solutions that allow to erase the tiles (or liquids) that could be added by the Filling solutions. There are also Ore Spreading Solutions that turn Stone (or mud in the Chlorophyte case) into the chosen ore or gem, as well as a Mineral Solution that spreads random ores and gems that would be available at the current game progress. Also present is a set of Grass Spreading solutions that spread grass on dirt or mud (depending on the solution) that has at least one empty tile adjacent.

    Most solutions are obtained by buying them from a new town NPC, the Terraformer, that spawns in any empty house in hardmode if you have any Clentaminator in your inventory. Removal Solutions are crafted with one of the respective filling solution anywhere, but cannot be crafted back. Ore Spreading Solutions are crafted at a bottle/alchemy station for 10 of the desired ore/gem and a Mineral Solution.

    All Filling Solutions start the spread a few blocks away from you. All Ore Spreading Solutions (and the Mineral Solution) have a reduced range compared to the rest of the solutions.

    This mod also adds two new Clentaminator models:
    • OneShotClentaminator.png The One-shot Clentaminator fires a single spray in a straight line, consuming only one solution ammo with no auto-reuse. This is useful for when spraying hard-to-get solutions such as the Ore Spreading Solutions. It is sold by the Terraformer for 50 gold;
    • BoomstickClentaminator.png The Boomstick Clentaminator fires three sprays (one in a straight line forward, two at +-20º angle) consuming only one solution ammo with no auto-reuse. This allows for a greater return on the solution use than with the regular Clentaminator, at the cost of extra clicking. It is sold by the Terraformer for 5 Platinum.
    Version 1.3 added Nozzle and Barrel Accessories, sold by the Terraformer at different progression levels, that alter the workings of any solution.
    • LightSuppressor.png The Light Suppressor makes all sprays emit no light (and look a bit different). It is unlocked from the start and costs 50 gold.
    • ConcentratorNozzle.png The Concentrator Nozzle reduces spray conversion radius by half. It is unlocked after defeating the three mechanical bosses for 2.5 platinum.
    • SpreadNozzle.png The Spread Nozzle doubles spray conversion radius. It is unlocked after defeating the Moon Lord and costs 10 platinum.
    • TriReductorBarrel.png The Tri Reductor Barrel reduces the maximum spray range by 1/3, but also has only 1/3 chance to consume ammo. It is unlocked after the three mechanical bosses and cost 5 platinum.
    • PentaReductorBarrel.png The Penta Reductor Barrel reduces the maximum spray range by 1/5, but also has only 1/5 chance to consume ammo. It is unlocked post Plantera and costs 7.5 platinum.
    • LongRangeBarrel.png The Long Range Barrel doubles the maximum spray range, but also consumes twice the ammo when available. It is unlocked post Plantera and costs 10 platinum.
    • VastRangeBarrel.png The Vast Range Barrel Quadruples the maximum spray range and the ammo consumption, when available. It is unlocked post Moon Lord and costs 20 platinum.
    Note on the Ammo Consumption: The Barrels keep working even when the ammo to consume is not available. So, with a Long Range Nozzle, you would consume 4 solution if you have at least that much, but would only consume your last 2 solution if you have only 2.

    All Barrels and Nozzles can be stacked with each other (even though Concentrator and Spread Nozzle nullify each other), The maximum range possible is 8 times, while the smallest is 1/15th.
    Ammo consumption scales with this, so 8 range = 8 solution consumed, while 1/15t range means 1/15 chance to consume ammo.
    Below is a list of all existing solutions added by this mod:
    Biome Spreading Solutions:
    • GraniteSolution.png Granite Spreading Solution - Turns Marble and all Stone variants into Granite. Can be used to spread a Granite Cave, but that must be by spraying marble or stone walls (that will be turned into unsafe granite walls). Sold by the Terraformer for 25 silver.
    • MarbleSolution.png Marble Spreading Solution - Turns Granite and all Stone variants into Marble. Can be used to spread a Marble Cave, but once again requires spraying granite and stone walls to turn them into unsafe marble walls. Sold by the Terraformer for 25 silver.
    • RockNormalizerSolution.png Stone Normalizer Solution - Turns Granite and Marble into regular Stone. Granite and Marble unsafe walls are turned into Unsafe Cave walls, so Spawns will remain in the sprayed area. Also sold by the Terraformer for 25 silver.
    • JungleSolution.png Deep Green Solution - Spreads the Jungle by converting Dirt into Mud, including Grass and Trees. Sold by the Terraformer for 25 silver.
    • IceSpreadSolution.png Ice Solution - Spreads the Tundra by turning Dirt into Snow and any Stone into their respectfully colored Ice. Trees also convert to Boreal Trees. Sold by the Terraformer for 25 silver.
    • IceRemoveSolution.png Anti-Ice Solution - Turns the Tundra into a Purity/Corruption/Crimson/Hallow depending on the ice colors available. Snow converts to dirt, except if they have Boreal Trees on top, in which case it will be converted to purity grass with normal Trees. Also sold by the Terraformer for 25 silver.
    Grass Spreading Solutions
    • GrassSpreadSolutions.png Grass Spread Solutions - Spreads their respective grass in dirt/mud tiles that are exposed to empty space. From left to right we have "Grass Spreading Solution", bought from the Terraformer for 25 silver each and Corrupt Grass Spreading Solution, Crimson Grass Spreading Solution, Hallowed Grass Spreading Solution, Mushroom Grass Spreading Solution and Jungle Grass Spreading Solution, each crafted with one "Grass Spreading Solution" and one of the biome's converting solution, and crafts into two.
    • GrassRemovalSolution.png Anti-Grass Solution - Turns any type of Grass into Dirt (or jungle and mushroom Grass into Mud). Will break trees in the process. Crafted with one Grass Spreading Solution.

    Other Block-Converting Solutions

    • ClaySolution.png Dirt-to-Clay Solution - Turns Dirt into Clay. Sold by the Terraformer for 10 silver.
    Ore Spreading Solutions
    • MineralSolution.png Mineral Solution - The base for all other Ore Spreading Solutions, converts any Stone (not Granite or Marble) into a random assortment of Ores and Gems, with some limitations: It will only spawn ores that naturally occur in Stone (not Chlorophyte); It will only spawn hardmode ores if in hardmode and at least the number of altars required for them to spawn were smashed (one for Cobalt/Palladium, three for Adamantite/Titanium); It will, 4/5 of the time, spawn the ore that exists in your world (Ex: Copper,Lead,Silver,Gold), but will also spawn 1/5 of the time the other ores. It is sold by the Terraformer for 6 gold each.
    • GemSolutions.png Gem Solutions (Topaz, Amethyst, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby and Diamond) - Turns any Stone into their respective Gem. There is no Amber "ore", and as such no Amber Solution. Crafted at a Bottle/Alchemy Table with one Mineral Solution and 10 of the desired Gem, and crafts one Gem Solution.
    • OreSolutions.png Ore Solutions (Top Row Copper,Tin,Iron,Lead,Silver,Tungsten,Gold,Platinum, Bottom Row Cobalt Palladium,Mythril, Orichalcum, Adamantite, Titanium) - Turns any Stone into their respective Ore. Crafted at a Bottle/Alchemy Table with one Mineral Solution and 10 of the desired Ore, and crafts one Ore Solution.
    • ChlorophyteSolution.png Chlorophyte Solution - Turns Mud into Chlorophyte. Crafted at a Bottle/Alchemy Table with one Mineral Solution and 10 Chlorophyte, and crafts one.
    • LuminiteSolution.png Luminite Solution - Turns any Stone into Luminite. Cannot be crafted and is only dropped from the Moon Lord with 1/5 chance.
    • JungleBrickSolution.png Lihzahrd Brick Solution - Not really an ore, but works like one. Turns Mud into Bricks. Crafted with a Mineral Solution and 10 Lihzahrd Bricks. Added in 1.4.

    Filling/Removal Solutions

    • DirtSolution.png Dirt Filling Solution - Fills air (empty tiles) with Dirt. Sold by the Terraformer for 50 silver.
    • DirtRemovalSolution.png Dirt Removal Solution - Replaces Dirt with air. Grass is not affected. Crafted with a Dirt Filling Solution anywhere.
    • RockSolution.png Stone Filling Solution - Fills air with regular Stone. Sold by the Terraformer for 50 silver.
    • RockRemovalSolution.png Stone Removal Solution - Destroys any kind of Stone (not Granite or Marble) and Stone wall. Crafted with a Stone Filling Solution anywhere.
    • MudSolution.png Mud Filling Solution - Fills air with Mud. Sold by the Terraformer for 50 silver.
    • MudRemovalSolution.png Mud Removal Solution - Replaces Mud with air. Grass is not affected. Crafted with a Mud Filling Solution anywhere.
    • SandSolution.png Sand Filling Solution - Fills air with Sand. Note that Sand created by this solution is affected by gravity immediately, so aiming up without any sort of protection is not advised. Sold by the Terraformer for 50 silver.
    • SandRemovalSolution.png Sand Removal Solution - Destroys any kind of Sand, including Sandstone, Hardened sand and their corrupt/blessed counterparts, as well as walls of sand natue. Ideal to get rid of the Desert biome. Crafted with a Sand Filling Solution anywhere.
    • GlassSolution.png Glass Filling Solution - Fills air with Glass. Crafted with two Sand Filling Solutions and one Lava Filling Solution.
    • GlassRemovalSolution.png Glass Removal Solution - Removes all Glass and Glass and stained glass walls. Crafted with one Glass Filling Solution.
    • WaterSolution.png Water Filling Solution - Fills empty space with water, and rises water levels to maximum on where water already was. Will also convert Lava into Obsidian and Honey into Honey Blocks with the spray passage. Can even be used to turn the Underworld's Lava into obsidian, although water from this source does not last long there. Sold by the Terraformer for 50 silver.
    • WaterRemovalSolution.png Water Removal Solution - Dries up water present where the spray passes. Water from above the dried space will fall down to replace it, so use it abundantly to remove all water. Crafted with a Water Filling Solution anywhere.
    • LavaSolution.png Lava Filling Solution - Fills empty space with Lava, and rises Lava levels to maximum where it was already present. Will convert Water into Obsidian and Honey into Crisp Honey. Sold by the Terraformer for 50 silver.
    • LavaRemovalSolution.png Lava Removal Solution - Dries up existing Lava where the spray passes. Like all liquids, if used in the middle will cause a liquids update, so use continuously or from the top to remove all Lava. Crafted from a Lava Filling Solution anywhere.
    • HoneySolution.png Honey Filling Solution - Fills empty space with Honey, rises Honey levels to maximum were it was already present and will convert Water into Honey Blocks and Lava into Crisp Honey. Sold by the Terraformer for 50 silver.
    • HoneyRemovalSolution.png Honey Removal Solution - Dries up existing Honey where the spray passes. Like all liquids, if used in the middle will cause a liquids update, so use continuously or from the top to remove all Honey. Crafted from a Honey Filling Solution anywhere.
    • LiquidRemovalSolution.png Liquid Removal Solution - A catch-all drier of liquids, will remove Water, Lava or Honey if present. All the remaining liquids will be updated, so shoot continuously or from the top to remove all Liquids from the area. Crafted one from all three (Water,Lava and Honey) Removal Solutions.
    • WireRemovalSolution.png Wire Removal Solution - Removes all Wire-layer elements (wires and actuators) as well as junction boxes. Sold by the Terraformer for 50 silver, after the Golem has been defeated. Added in 1.4.
    • PickaxePoweredSolution.png Pickaxe Power Solution - The ultimate block-removing solution, it removes any block you have a pickaxe you could mine them with. The pickaxe must be on your inventory or hotbar. For example, if you have a Copper pickaxe with you, you can remove dirt and regular stone, but not crimstone/ebonstone. If you have a Cobalt Pickaxe with you, you can remove dirt, stone and ebonstone/crimstone, but not Titanium or Lihzahrd Bricks. It will use the highest-powered pickaxe you have, so if you have a Copper Pickaxe, a Drax and a Picksaw, it will use the Picksaw power. If you have no pickaxe, it will default to 0 mining power (can still remove dirt, mud and such).
    Other Solutions
    • ActuatorSolutionsGrouped.png The Actuator Solutions (Actuating, De-Actuating and Actuator Placing) are a new addition to v1.4. The first two change the active state of blocks that could be actuated: the Actuating Solution makes them passable, the De-Actuating Solution makes them solid again. The last one places actuators in blocks that can be actuated that have wires passing through them.

    Version 1.3 added Infinite variants to all solutions (including vanilla), all crafted with 999*4 of their respective solution, except for the Ore and Gem Spreading solutions, that only require 999 of that solution or 9990 of the ore and 999 Mineral Solution. Their sprite is literally the original solution sprite with a yellow shiny background. Example:
    InfiniteGlassSolution.png Infinite Glass Filling Solution

    Included in the attachment is a backup copy of this mod, for those who cannot use Mod Browser. If you can use Mod Browser, I would appreciate if you could download it from there instead.

    @JPAN - Idea and Code for this Mod
    Unusacies - Spriter

    Special Thanks:
    The TModLoader Crew for making the Mod Loader, Mod Browser and the Example Solution where all this is based

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  2. Uiomancant

    Uiomancant Terrarian

    Seems like a good misc mod, good job.
  3. Lunatic Lobbyist

    Lunatic Lobbyist The Destroyer

    As someone who has been using this since it was first on the browser, I can say it's an incredibly solid mod. Extreeeeeeeemely OP, but fantastically useful if you're looking to have better control over your world -- you can even try all sorts of new methods to build with, new creative ways to fight bosses, etc. This mod alone allowed me to finally "save the jungle" once and for all, which I am grateful to @JPAN for.

    The only issue I have with it is how the NPC spawns. Having a clentaminator in your inventory makes perfect sense, but I'd prefer if there was an additional stipulation to that -- having defeated a specific late-game boss. This is due to the fact that many of these (like solutions that automatically spawn dirt, lava, chlorophyte, etc) are among the most OP items in the game depending on how you look at it. You can get a clentaminator as early as after defeating 1 mechanical boss, which is far too early for this imo.

    You could also delay when many of the solutions are sold instead, but it would be simpler to just delay when the NPC spawns that sells all the solutions. At the very least until the Golem is defeated, if not something closer to the Moon Lord, or the Moon Lord himself. This will also keep the new NPC from spawning into new worlds just because one person happened to have a clentaminator in their inventory and didn't intend to give everyone else access to such late-game items.

    It's also worth pointing out some of these solutions are extremely cheap, when you consider the ore generated is often times worth several times more than the solution's cost that it took to generate. But if the NPC that sells them doesn't show up until much later into the game than it does currently, I suppose the cost balance isn't as important at that point. Again, this is still a wonderful mod, and I thank you for sharing it.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2017
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  4. Le tromp du Jawa

    Le tromp du Jawa Eye of Cthulhu

    Wonderfull mods like this fix the small issues in terraria , looking forward to your other work
  5. Compa

    Compa Skeletron

    What a convenient mod. This makes terraforming so much more fast and easy. Definitely agree with the others in that this fixes some annoying issues with biome spread later on.
  6. JPAN

    JPAN Steampunker

    I think that, for most of the solutions, having the Terraformer appear at the same time as the Steampunker would make sense, while for some other solutions (such as the Mineral one), as it stands is a bit too OP, as it negates having to look for much Chlorophyte (or Adamantite/Titanium, but I feel that would be less of a problem) before facing Plantera. I would consider locking the Mineral Solution after Golem, as by that point you should already have access to Chlorophyte-based gear. The objective of the Gem and Ore solutions was always to make easier build with Ore bricks/ Gemspark blocks anyway.

    As for the Filling solutions, their main objective is to ease the creation of Mob Farms, specially in the dungeon where some wall types are scarce. I could lock those behind the three Mechanical Bosses defeated, but more than that I feel I would be kinda defeating their purpose.

    This is intended. It is supposed that, if you brought a Clentaminator to a new world, you would plan to use it there, maybe to edit the map a bit while keeping the world Normal Mode. In this case, having the Terraformer present will save you quite a few trips between your main world and the world to edit. At the end of editing the world, simply kill the Terraformer (traps work nicely) and you can have a custom made map ready for a normal playthrough.

    The solution cost balance have been an issue from the start. With a single Stone Filling Solution (50 silver), one Mineral Solution (2 gold) and 10 Titanium (17 silver each), using a Boomstick Clentaminator, It generates ~128 Titanium, costing 21 gold 76 silver, which is a huge profit. I intended some profit from any material from Hard mode, so I could still raise the Mineral Solution price to up to 6 gold.
  7. Le tromp du Jawa

    Le tromp du Jawa Eye of Cthulhu

    the mod called capitalism could maybe solve that
  8. Spazzle Weed

    Spazzle Weed Terrarian

    So I've been trying to shop this around as a non coder but this seems like the right mod to try and get help from.

    I've been bothered for awhile that the clentaminator emits light when it cleanses. I just want to purify a world without it revealing everything.

    Is there a new solution you could make that didn't emit light or maybe a new clentaminator?

    I would love that!
  9. Le tromp du Jawa

    Le tromp du Jawa Eye of Cthulhu

    Finding a way to reset the map or not using a map would work better I think , playing without map is a fun challenge as well
  10. Spazzle Weed

    Spazzle Weed Terrarian

    Neither are ideal. Resetting I guess would work but not using the map is not an option. I want to be able to explore slowly at my own pace.
  11. JPAN

    JPAN Steampunker

    Unfortunately, it's not that easy. Light is created by the Dust particles (which are pretty much the same for all solutions). There is no GlobalDust or similar hook in tModLoader to edit the behaviour of the Vanilla dust (which is also the base dust for my solutions). The only other way to currently remove the light would be to code a new projectile for each and every solution where the dust would be a custom one that does not generate light.

    The main problem would be that I would have to recode the original vanilla solutions from scratch just to change the dust generated.
  12. Spazzle Weed

    Spazzle Weed Terrarian

    Hmmm - the only one I personally would have any interest in would be the green solution. Is there any way I could help you with this? If you think it's not possible /not worth it that's totally fine aswell!
  13. JPAN

    JPAN Steampunker

    I decided to try and add this request, but going to need some time as I was in the middle of a major rewrite to the code of this mod. In the end, it should be possible to simply add a new dust to every solution without much effort, as well as some other stuff planned for the mod.
  14. Le tromp du Jawa

    Le tromp du Jawa Eye of Cthulhu

    they might fix this by adding global dust in tmodloader at some point
  15. Spazzle Weed

    Spazzle Weed Terrarian

    You'd be a dream boat if you did!
  16. Lunatic Lobbyist

    Lunatic Lobbyist The Destroyer

    Thought of a suggestion while playing this mod recently. Would you consider making another Clentaminator that shoots at a much lower range of distance? Seeing as there are currently no biome-altering items in-game (or in this mod) where you can change various the biomes with ease, and have more control over it in smaller spaces than the default Clentaminator, or the new ones in this mod for that matter.

    It would be extremely useful for trying to modify smaller areas with far more care and control, perhaps with 1/3 to 1/5 the range of the default Clentaminator distance. Just something I keep noticing there'd be a use for, and it would fit perfectly in this mod.

    I didn't mention it in my last post, but your last point regarding the Terraformer is precisely my biggest problem with the NPC. Depending on the type of playthrough, I do tend to edit worlds in-game like you mentioned (at least parts of the surface) using the Clentaminator -- as many longtime players do that know what to expect on the surface but still want a particular biome layout. But killing the Terraformer as you suggest won't be a valid solution to this, because once any player enters the world with this item enabling this NPC to spawn, they will continue to re-spawn at any possibility of filling in an empty house again, correct? So even if a player brings the Clentaminator to a new world to terraform a bit and leaves without ever using it again, they will have this extremely overpowered NPC potentially moving into a vacant room for the entirety of their game, whether they like it or not.

    This is why I suggest having to defeat a mid/late hardmode boss (Plantera at the earliest for solutions like chlorophyte) first when these items are far more appropriate, rather than just spawning permanently after any player has this item in their inventory -- even if only just at the beginning of a playthrough.

    The current Terraformer spawning method is the only thing that really irks me about this otherwise fantastic and incredibly useful mod. It seems like you're open to increase some prices of some solutions -- if so, it'd be appreciated of course, but if the NPC selling these items doesn't spawn until much later into the game, gold isn't nearly as important at that point anyway. Having easy access to spawning materials like chlorophyte (which is currently very affordable to purcahse in pre-hardmode) and selling it is a far more significant balance problem early-on, but not nearly as much in mid-late hardmode. Otherwise, gold is virtually a pointless game mechanic from the start. Therefore solving the NPC problem would simultaneously solve this one regarding low prices and making effortless profit as well -- for the most part. Less work for you too.

    Anyway -- while you seem to disagree with many of my points, I still appreciate the thought put into your replies. Regardless if you don't implement anything from these suggestions, I thank you again for making and sharing this great mod. Wouldn't write such long posts like these suggesting how to improve it if I didn't already highly regard your work. :)
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2017
  17. JPAN

    JPAN Steampunker

    Updated mod to version 1.3. Changelog:
    - Major code refactor to allow for customizing sprays.
    - Added Grass Spreading Solutions:
    - Spread their respective kind of grass to any dirt/mud block that is in contact with air or platforms.
    - "Grass Spreading Solution" bought at the Terraformer for 25 silver.
    - Hallowed, Corrupt, Crimson, Mushroom and Jungle versions crafted with one "Grass Spreading Solution" and one biome converting solution (crafts 2).
    - "Anti-Grass Solution" now crafted with a "Grass Spreading Solution" instead of bought.
    - Added "Glass Filling Solution" and "Glass Removal Solution", crafted with 2 "Sand filling Solution" and one "Lava Filling Solution".
    - Added a "Luminite Solution" that drops from the Moon Lord with 1/5 chance (cannot be crafted like other ore/gem solutions).
    - Added Infinite versions to all solutions, crafted with 999*4 for most solutions and for ores/gem solutions with either 999*10 ore/gem + 999 Mineral Solution or 999 of the ore spread solution.
    - Added Nozzle and Barrel accessories, sold by the Terraformer:
    - Light Suppressor is available from the start, costs 50 gold, and makes all sprays emit no light.
    - Concentrator Nozzle is available post three mechanical bosses for 2.5 platinum and reduces the radius of conversion by half.
    - Spread Nozzle is available post Moon Lord for 10 platinum and doubles conversion radius.
    - Tri Reductor Barrel is available post three mechanical bosses for 5 platinum, and reduces spray distance by 1/3 and chance to consume ammo to 1/3.
    - Penta Reductor Barrel is available post Plantera for 7.5 platinum, and reduces spray distance by 1/5 and chance to consume ammo to 1/5.
    - Long Range Barrel is available post Plantera for 10 platinum and doubles spray distance at the cost of double ammo consumption.
    - Vast Range Barrel is available post Moon lord for 20 platinum and quadrples spray distance at the cost of 4 times the ammo consumption.
    - All accessories stack and work regardless of ammo available, so shooting Clentaminator with a Long + Vast Range Barrel will consume 8 ammo if available, but still work and shoot 8 times further even if you only have one solution.
    - Terraformer now only spawns in hardmode, and unlocks Filling potions after the 3 Mechanical Bosses and Mineral Solution after Plantera
    - Mineral Solution now costs 6 gold.

    PS: If you need the Terraformer in a easy mode world, consider my other mod, Vending Machines.
  18. Spacey

    Spacey Terrarian

    Hello. Great mod :)

    Might have found a bug though (unless i'm missing something). I made a chlorophyte solution and placed some mud and shot the mud with the One-shot Clentaminator. When i did, the mud transformed into adamantite ore, not chlorophyte ore. I've managed to reproduce the bug with all types of clentaminator and with both the single and infinite solutions. I also did a test with no extra mods besides cheat sheet.
  19. JPAN

    JPAN Steampunker

    Yeah, sorry about that. Checked the other ore spread solutions, and they seem fine. Anyway, Fixed.
  20. Lunatic Lobbyist

    Lunatic Lobbyist The Destroyer

    This update is incredible. One of the most useful mods ever made for Terraria has been made even better -- thank you for being so receptive to suggestions.

    I've been trying to get more people aware of your work, as so many of them have been asking for this exact type of functionality -- whether it be 'saving the jungle', or other quality-of-life additions this brings to the table. Regardless, it deserves the recognition.