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Spectre Cloak: A New Spectre Armor Variant

Does this sound good?

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Dark Wiz

So today, I was firing around my Razorblade Typhoon in a pirate invasion and I suddenly ran out of mana. I then died. Have you figured out what the Spectre Cloak is for?

Spectre Cloak:
Type: Armor
Defense: 12
Max Stack: 1

Ability: Increases maximum mana by 40, reduces mana usage by 15% and increases magic damage by 10%. Damaging enemies replenishes mana

12 Spectre Bars
12 Chlorophyte Bars, 12 Ectoplasm
@ a Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil

Rate on Mana regeneration: Every 20 damage is a 1/2 mana star.

It looks like the Hood, but with the Lunatic Cultist mask on it, and it is continually turning transparent and opaque.

Resources Used:
Official Terraria Wiki
Offical Terraria Community Forum
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Dark Wiz

An armor variant that promotes accuracy is interesting, but as cyanogynist said, it may end up being a bit overpowered.
There could just be a whole new armor set with more mana regeneration as a set bonus. That would be cool. Like the Golem's expert mode drop, there could be a mage version of that.
its a great idea, but sadly, the nature of this item is just too OP. the razorblade typhoon setup you mention would keep your mana pretty much full during invasions and boss fights. heres solution though. use the mana flower. it'll force feed you mana potions when you run out of mana, so you effectively have infinite mana, so long as you have a good supply of potions.


The Destroyer
Mana Regeneration Potions fill a lot of niche that this item would have (especially for just firing off Razorblade) so it's not really that needed.

As cool as it'd be to have a mana steal set, it can't really be balanced against the life steal and damage bonus sets because it'll either have too little regeneration, meaning people will just use damage or lifesteal sets with Mana Flower/Regen Potions, or it'll have too much regeneration.

An option would be for it to simply have a lower magic damage bonus in order to not outshine the mask (yet still out-damage hood), but allow it to be used for sustained casting contexts.

It's a little tricky to work with, but I'm sure somebody that plays magic a little more regularly than I do would be able to find a happy medium.


Official Terrarian
I dont think this is op if it goes on the armor slot.

Why? Well it's simple... set bonuses

Since you cannot have a set bonus with this on, you cant use the hood's bonus, or the mask's bonus, etcetra.

I like this, support!


Eye of Cthulhu
Getting mana by damaging is too op i think it could just have mana flower effect but no potion sickness

Also how do u even die to pirates using razorblade typhoon


If there was a cap of maybe 2-3 stars per second then this could be an interesting item, otherwise it would be very unbalanced.
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