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[Sprites] Dirt Rod Upgrade

What'dya think?

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    Votes: 1 7.7%
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Hello all, Derpo here, it's certainly been a while. Anyway, I'm here to present the upgrade that no one needed or thought of.
I present to you, the upgraded Dirt Rod

The Phys Rod
(name subject to change)
Phys Rod.png
Phys Rod bigger.png
Phys Rod.png

This item functions just like the dirt rod, except instead of just being able to pick up dirt, it allows you to pick up anything.
Well, almost anything. This item allows you to pick any enemy that isn't resistant to knockback (so no bosses, minibosses, or worms), and lob them around like a sack of potatoes.
This also lets you pick up things like furniture, or those background objects underground that have no use.
The only practical use I could think of for this item is to use it to move any Plantera's Bulbs you may find to a more convenient location.

Overall, this is mainly a silly suggestion with little to no practical use.
What'dya think?​
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Official Terrarian
I would actually like this. I would imagine picking up a pirate and throwing it at another :p
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