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[Sprites] Expanding on Coral, Seashell and Starfish


As a person who loves building houses in Terraria, and who recently started working with slabs and more obscure types of blocks like Flesh and Coralstone, I'd like to have the last a bit more accessable, since waiting for Terraria-weeks in order to get a handful of coralstone is just tedious and not fun.

Section 1 - Coralstone Set

So I thought about being able to craft Coralstone from Corals. But since corals are rather... rare out there in the ocean, this would be insufficient.
The Coralstone Crafting recipe would be as suggested by @MetalMalamar in this thread. 4 stone + 1 coral = 4 Coralstone, as coral, like he puts it, is a rather rare material to come by, even if you have an ocean decoration block farm for some reason.

So yeah. Once you made your little chestful of coral, whatcha gonna do with it?
First of all, one coralstone will be crafted from one coral, though the process is irreversible. So you might want to keep some coral in reserve for decoration of your base's beach.

Second of all, why not expand on the coral set? Since we got free access to lots of coral now, we might aswell introduce Coralstone Walls and a complete furniture set!
I've started spriting the furniture set. Naturally I started with the chair (idk what's natural around here). I'm going to include more sprites on-the-go, though this is supposed to give away the general style:

Now, I didn't have the colour palette at hand so I ripped them from a blurred screenshot I took, but that shouldn't be too big of a problem. You get the idea. Also the longer I look at it the more it starts looking like a flesh llama... whatever... Here are some more sprites:

Left to right: Table (The format is prematurely chosen so I won't forget implimenting it later.)

Since the angler might be a bit underpowered in case he does hand out coralstone, I propose we have him still sell the blocks, but change the selling value of both Coral and Coralstone to 30 copper as opposed to the previous 10c and 80c. So people who already have enough or don't want the item can sell them for a solid price.

Section 2 - Seashellstone Set


3x3 Square of Seashellstone

Seashell would work in the same fashion as Coral does. The angler will have a chance at handing out Seashellstone instead of Coralstone and you'll be able to craft some yourself using 4 stone and 1 seashell for 4 Seashellstone. He'll also be able to hand out Starfishstone, which I'll get to in a second. Therefore, however, the overall chance of encountering either of these tiles will have to be increased. You might receive one of these three sets of blocks with every third fishing quest you finish.

There will also be a seashell furniture set as well as Seashellstone Walls. I'll do some sprites when I get around to it.

Section 3 - Starfish Set


By mashing dozends of starfish into blocks like this, the colours get all washy. This could have some random aspect to it.
Anyways, same story as with the two sets before. You'll be able to craft wall pieces in quantities of 4 and a whole furniture set which you can imagine from the way the blocks look, but which I'll probably get around to sprite myself eventually.

Section 4 - Ocean Chests & Furniture

Oceant Chests will add the three block types mentioned above as well as their raw counterparts (Seashell, Coral, Starfish) to the loot table.

Additionally, you might encounter furniture of either of these sets mentioned above randomly placed in the ocean. The Coral/Seashell/Starfish naturally formed a chair, table, dresser, etc. These only spawn upon world creation and won't have a random chance to spawn in place of Coral/Seashell/Starfish later on.

So yeah! Ocean has just become far more fashionable. I'll not go into the depths of a possible Shark Fin inspired set :p
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Official Terrarian
There's hay in Terraria?
I recall seeing a thread about some hay related stuff while searching for similar topics to this one.
Yah, buy a sickle during thanksgiving from the merchant, and use it on grass.
Yay, Hay!

Support, I always love new furniture. :dryadsmile:


Updated with two more sets, some more ideas, and a new crafting recipe which I was dumb enough to overlook. Credit for that to @MetalMalamar, which I am ever unintentionally spamming with tags. Sorry about that man, you're awesome!


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