[Sprites] Fire and Brimstone Hell Counterparts - An underworld of corrosion and torment

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  1. SzGamer227

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    Water in the Underworld becomes Acidic.

    It's not a new liquid, its an old one given dangerous new properties under certain conditions.

    I don't think that's exactly how I'd want to do it, but thanks for pointing out the problem. :)
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  2. Nobody Important

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    Oh I see. That's much more interesting.
  3. Fortanono

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    Just wondering what you want to do. Since Acid Armor is already a thing in your suggestions, and it's not a strict DoT debuff, with defense being affected as well, I think switching Poison to Melee/Magic and having the Ranged/Magic set having your new Bleeding debuff.
  4. SzGamer227

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    Since Acid Armor doesn't actually imbue attacks with Acid, there's no reason not to have a direct Acidic counterpart to Infernal Armor which does just that.
  5. SzGamer227

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    Figured out how the Ether Potion is going to work.

    Ether Potion
    Indirect alternate to Obsidian Skin Potion.
    * Grants "Ethereal" Buff for (up to) 3 minutes.
    - Player cannot touch enemies while in this state.
    - Replaces the Lava Charm bar with an Ether bar, which provides immunity to damage until emptied.
    Ether.png Ether.png Ether.png Ether.png Ether.png Ether.png Ether.png Ether.png Ether.png Ether.png
    - Ether is depleted 10% every second while in contact with harmful substances (i.e. Lava, Acid, burning tiles).
    - Ether is depleted 1% for every point of damage that would otherwise be sustained from attacks upon hit.
    - Ether regenerates 10% every second, but regeneration is canceled for 3 seconds after being used.
    - If Ether is ever exhausted, debuff is removed.
    - Tooltip reads "Cannot damage or be damaged while ethereal."
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  7. 5raptorboy

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    So are we going to make a hell alt. for the corruption now, since we have the Wall of Shadow? Because if Tobbvald's Tinkering was added to the game, I'd imagine that this would be the hell alt.
  8. Fortanono

    Fortanono Brain of Cthulhu

    Maybe @stormconure's frozen hell alt? TT has the whole "blue/green/red" theme around, and so it would work to have that as the "blue" alt to Hell. Besides, there are 3 types of fire, and he put a "Wall of Chaos" alt unknowing of Zoomo's alt.
  9. SzGamer227

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    And now... the moment you've all been waiting for...

    Gateway Boss: The Wall of Death
    All sprites brought to you be the magnificent Zoomo. (Please click here and like his post!)

    The Wall of Flesh is a terrifying creature, no one will deny that, but this caustic wasteland is no place for it. It is at home in Hell, which is alive with burning flames, monstrous demons, and a ghastly red atmosphere which it can blend into comfortably. In contrast, the dark, ominous, and sickly green of this nightmarish Underworld are more suited to a new, ghastlier creature.

    Enter the Wall of Death. This is the monstrosity which would guard worlds with this Underworld alternate. Instead of eyes and a mouth which are reminiscent of the EoC, it has a skull and arms like a convoluted Skeletron. It would also rival the WoF in that it would be themed around the Corruption's rotten flesh over the Crimson's living flesh.

    Wall of Death
    "You have made a grave mistake."

    Wall of Death.gif
    Summoned by throwing a guide voodoo doll into acid in the Underworld.

    The Wall of Death is infested by many smaller creatures. These 'Infestoids' stand in the place of the WoF's hungry and Leaches and are knocked off of the wall by hitting them. Unlike the hungry however, Infestoids are not easily removed from the wall. Upon killing one, it's head will fall off and form into its own monster, as either a digger or a fighter. The bad part though is that while the heads can be chopped off, the buds of the hives cannot be killed, instead sharing the health of the wall. after a while, a severed bud will form a new Infestoid, and the player will once again have to kill it.

    If those are not enough to deal with on their own, there is the skull and hands as well, and they are not to be underestimated.

    The Skull will stay facing forward, inactive for periods of time. But don't forget about it, because it will occasionally extend out on a long neck to head butt the player before returning to it's standard position. The Skull's other attack consists of it opening it's mouth, revealing another Infestoid in it's gaping maw, which would proceed to barf a spray of acid projectiles at the player, dealing damage and occasionally applying the acid debuff. The spray would consist of a large amount of projectiles of various sized (similar to Monstro's spit from 'the Binding of Isaac' for those familiar).

    Now for the arms.
    The Wall of Death has two arms which function as a combination of Skeletron's arms and Plantera's hooks. They will reach out and grab onto blocks, as if they are pulling the wall forward. Unlike Plantera's hooks however, they are made up from four sections -base, upper arm, forearm, and hand) rather than a chain and hook.

    The Wall of Death will be a challenge, though it will be well worth the effort. With some cool new weapons as well. But before that, here are the stats.

    The Skull
    WoD Skull.gif
    Max Life: 8200 (shared)
    Defence: 0
    Melee: 60
    Ranged: 20-40 (depending on health)
    Stays attached to the wall, ever facing dead ahead without waver. A picture is worth a thousand words, so both attacks have been illustrated here:

    Skull Lunge Attack.png
    It's first attack consists of ramming forward at the player on a long chainlike neck, once it reaches the end of it's neck it will then retract back into it's position in the wall.

    Skull Barf Attack.png
    The Skull will also spit a spray of Acid projectiles when the player gets too close, similarly to Binding of Isaac's Monstro (example).

    WoD Tongue.png
    The Tongue
    New sprite when snared by the Wall of Death instead of the Wall of Flesh.

    The Arms
    WoD Arm.png
    Max Life: 8200 (Shared)
    Defense: 18
    Contact Damage: 30
    * The two arms will simply reach forward, grab onto terrain, and pull the wall forward. They will tend to grab blocks near the player, so watch out.

    Infestoid Hive
    Infestoid Latched.png Infestoid Hive.png
    Health: 200
    Defense: 10-40
    Contact Damage: 25-80
    * The Infestoid hives act differently from a hungry. Instead of extending and retracting on their vine, the Infestoids will instead be attached to their base by their chain as if it is a tether, they will float freely of it unless they pull too tightly. (For anyone who has seen a chain chomp, Infestoids would act much like that.) Their stats vary based on the Wall of Death's remaining health at the time they were spawned.
    Infestoid Severed Head.png
    * Upon dying, their severed heads will drop and transform into one of two secondary forms. See details below.

    New tip when caused by the Wall of Death instead of the Wall of Flesh.
    "You have made a grave mistake. There is no escape."


    Infestoid (Digger)
    Infestoid Digger.png
    Health: 85
    Defense: 4
    Damage: 22
    * Spawns and expands to its full length after a severed head makes contact with the ground.
    [​IMG] Heart - 50% (1/2) when the player is damaged.

    Infestoid (Spitter)
    Infestoid Spitter 0.png Infestoid Spitter 3.png Infestoid Spitter.png
    Health: 75
    Defense: 6
    Contact Damage: 28
    Spit Damage: 22
    * After materializing, it will follow a behavior similar to the Caster AI, except leaping in an arc to each new location instead of teleporting.
    [​IMG] Heart - 50% (1/2) when the player is damaged.

    Bulwark.png The Bulwark
    Elvish Strongbow.png Elvish Strongbow
    Sunder Sword.png Sunder Sword
    These three weapons would replace the Breaker Blade, Clockwork Assault Rifle, and Laser Rifle, respectively.
    (Emblems and item drop rates are not mentioned here because of a supposed change to the WoF loot table in 1.3)

    [​IMG] Altar Crusher - 100% (Always)
    Replacement to the Pwnhammer. See Milt69466's linked thread for details.

    [​IMG] Healing Potions (5-15) - 100% (Always)
    Wall of Death Trophy.png Wall of Death Trophy - 10% (1/10)
    Wall of Death Mask.png Wall of Death Mask - 14.3% (1/7)


    Elvish Strongbow.png
    Elvish Strongbow
    * Ranged bow weapon. Uses arrows for ammo.
    * Hold attack to increase power and greatly increase critical strike chance.
    "Remnant of an ancient race."
    Damage: 24-60
    Use Time: 15+ (Up to 4 uses/second)
    Knockback: 2-5
    Velocity: 8-12
    Critical Strike Chance: Up to +45%
    * Takes one second to charge up to full power.

    Bulwark.png Bullwark Ball and Chain.png
    The Bulwark
    * Melee flail-type ball and chain.
    * A big-as-hell flail to take the place of a big-as-hell sword.
    Damage: 42
    Use Time: 44 (Very Slow)
    Knockback: 7
    * Obviously a lot more cumbersome than your ordinary flail. Bigger, and a bit more sluggish as well.

    Sunder Sword.png Sunder Shard.png
    Sunder Sword
    * Unique Magic weapon.
    * Summons blade shards which orbit the player once before being flung towards the cursor.
    "A blade fractured by strange magic."
    Damage: 20
    Use Time: 12 (5 uses/second)
    Knockback: 1
    * Hold attack to use, release attack to send all orbiting blades outward in a wide spread.
    - Blades take two seconds to orbit, so the maximum number orbiting at once is 10 without modifiers.

    Other Items:

    Wall of Death Trophy Full.png Wall of Death Trophy.png
    Wall of Death Trophy
    * Placeable 3x3 background tile.

    Wall of Death Mask on Player.png Wall of Death Mask.png
    Wall of Death Mask
    * Vanity item.
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  10. stormconure

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    What do i have to do with this? Zoomo was the first one to make a wall of shadow. Besides im working on a revamp of my frozen hell thing because the first one sucked, and im doing something else besides a wall of shadow :/
  11. Eli10293

    Eli10293 Spazmatism

    I Swear I Came Up With The Name Of Wall Of Death On Tobbvlads Contagion Thread
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  12. Fortanono

    Fortanono Brain of Cthulhu

    I was just saying that if this was an alt for the Contagion (which it isn't), then yours could be for the Corruption.

    OT: Holy underworld this is awesome. The arms work perfectly for this idea. And I thought the Wall of Shadow was epic...

    And do not get me started on that epic flail.
  13. MournfulRelic

    MournfulRelic The Destroyer

    Yay! I was waiting for this, and you didn't dissapoint! Wait...is that alien?
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  14. Nobody Important

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    Well that thing is amazing. The bow would be useful for quite a while. I am glad it's finally up.
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  15. Eli10293

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    Where Is The Living Acid Block?
  16. Darkwraith332

    Darkwraith332 Skeletron

    I support b/c wraiths.

    No seriously dis da best.
  17. iDuck

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    How about Brim? The Brim sounds cool to me.

    This suggestion is great! :)
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  18. Ren_Ambrose

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    Slight necro-post here, but this idea is too awesome to let disappear
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    GIRGHGH Plantera

    This is cool an all, but one thing: Fell forge sounds too gimmicky, how about Foulforge?
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  20. SzGamer227

    SzGamer227 Spazmatism

    "Foul" feels like a bit of a mouthful. Maybe something else that rolls off the tongue better, but for now I think I'll stick with Fellforge.
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