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PC [Sprites] Puppet Themed & Pre-Hardmode Summoner Accesories

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Mebybemn, Mar 25, 2015.


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  1. Mebybemn

    Mebybemn Terrarian

    Puppeteer Strings
    +1 max minion count
    Cobweb.png x15, Wood.png x20, Variegated_Lardfish.png x2

    Command Strings
    +1 max minion count
    +12% minion movement & attack speed
    +9% minion damage
    Puppeteer_(1).png x1, Soul_of_Light.png x15, Soul_of_Night.png x15, Princess_Fish.png x4

    Crystal Bulwark
    provides immunity to knockback
    +2 defense per minion summoned
    Cobalt_Shield.png x1, Soul_of_Light.png x20, Variegated_Lardfish.png x4, Damselfish.png x4

    Leather Puppeteer Gloves
    +7% minion damage when puppeteer strings are equipped
    Leather.png x7

    Marrow Puppeteer Gloves
    +2% minion critical strike when puppeteer strings are equipped
    +3% minion damage when puppeteer strings are equipped
    Vertebrae.png x12, Crimson_Tigerfish.png x1

    Iceflake Staff
    14 summon damage
    3 knockback
    summons a flying iceflake to fight enemies
    Ice_Block.png x20, Wood.png x10, Tundra_Trout.png x1

    Volcania Blade
    24 melee damage
    4.5 knockback
    fires a short range, flaming wave that deals 19 summon damage
    Hellstone_Bar.png x17, Chain.png x4

    Edit: Added Volcania Blade & Iceflake Staff!

    What did you think of these items? Any suggestions?
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2015
  2. SilverHexxitFights

    SilverHexxitFights Terrarian

    Amazing ideas and sprites! Why the Spiderfish?
  3. Mebybemn

    Mebybemn Terrarian

    Glad You liked them:happy:! The Spiderfish was going to be in the crafting recipie for the Puppeteer Strings but I forgot it was a Quest Fish, so I removed it:p
  4. Skeltron's Keeper

    Skeltron's Keeper Terrarian

    But the pupter gloves are useless by them selves
  5. Mebybemn

    Mebybemn Terrarian

    True, but because of how early you can get both of them its better (in my opinion) to have them be intertwined. Plus it makes sense for them to boost summoner abillties while using the puppet strings. I might make it so you gain a smaller boost when the strings are not equiped.
  6. Skeltron's Keeper

    Skeltron's Keeper Terrarian

    [QUbemn, post: 426618, member: 21711"]True, but because of how early you can get both of them its better (in my opinion) to have them be intertwined. Plus it makes sense for them to boost summoner abillties while using the puppet strings. I might make it so you gain a smaller boost when the strings are not equiped.[/QUOTE]
    No accessory should relay on the other to work at all
  7. TerrorPenguin

    TerrorPenguin Spazmatism

    Why would something available early game be as good as something post-plantera? (pygmy necklace)

    Edit: This is a really cool idea though :D

    Edit Again: also, the crystal bulwark would be OP if you had all 11 (including bonus minions from accessories in this thread) minions summoned, so maybe it could max out at 14 defense?
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2015
  8. crackshotCerberus

    crackshotCerberus Terrarian

    I want that shield so bad, spooky armor would be powerful.
  9. Mebybemn

    Mebybemn Terrarian

    Hmmm... I could change its effect to boost minion movement and attack speed (like the upgraded version) or make it let you control one of you minions. Then again the effect of the Pygmy necklace can easily be replicated with the summoner potion which is easier to get then the puppeteer strings and lasts 6 minutes
  10. TerrorPenguin

    TerrorPenguin Spazmatism

    someone suggested modifiers for summoner weapons and it got confirmed for the next update, maybe if you find that thread you could make it do something that was in that thread?
  11. Mebybemn

    Mebybemn Terrarian

    Yeah, you could get up to +22 defense with tiki and +20 with spooky (over powered?)

    Might have to lower the boost to +1 per minion or make it decrease minion damage to balance things...
  12. crackshotCerberus

    crackshotCerberus Terrarian

    I think that the puppet strings are just fine. One thing I will say is that maybe the shield should have diminishing returns for your minion armor bonus.
  13. TerrorPenguin

    TerrorPenguin Spazmatism

    Also would minion turrets (queen spider and frost hydra) count towards the defense count?
  14. Mebybemn

    Mebybemn Terrarian

    That's an Interesting idea for the shield, but may be hard to implement since to would have to have different decreases for each type of summoner armor. I might just lower the boost to +1 that way the most you can get as a boost is 11 (with puppeteer strings & summoner potions).

    Maybe... but since you have to go out of your way to fish in the jungle enough to get 2 variegated lard fish (not that hard if your a pro fisher, but could be supper annoying if you don't know about fishing stats) I might just give the Pygmy necklace a +5% minon crit chance boost to give it a advantage over the strings.
    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 25, 2015 ---
    No, since they are not affected by the players minion count and function very differently than most minions they would not provide the player a boost.
  15. crackshotCerberus

    crackshotCerberus Terrarian

    Would a percentage boost to armor be too overpowered?
  16. Mebybemn

    Mebybemn Terrarian

    *whips out calculator*

    With that shield in the right conditions a attack with a base damage of 2000 could be reduced to only 340 damage:eek: And that is if the shield boosted defense by 5%.

    Edit: the normal damage would be pretty close to this because of the paladins shield (25%) beetle armor (45%) and endurance potion (10%) combo.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2015
  17. crackshotCerberus

    crackshotCerberus Terrarian

    I mean a 5-10% boost in defense per minion. Not enough to make spooky armor overpowered but enough to make the other summon sets useful in single combat.
  18. Mebybemn

    Mebybemn Terrarian

    Oh, I see. Wait, wouldn't that just let you boost your defense by like 55-110%? if it was 5% per minion I guess it would work since you can't use most defensive accessories to make you self take tiny amounts of damage.

    Edit: You could still get 100+ defense with tiki armor so it might be best to stick with the +2 pre minion
  19. crackshotCerberus

    crackshotCerberus Terrarian

    By the time you get that many minions and the shield you will have no wings and no mobility items of any kind for that matter.
  20. Mebybemn

    Mebybemn Terrarian

    Oh, didn't think about that. So not that Op at all, will definitely consider that then.