Stacking Boomerangs - Making them Reforgable

Indeed it's a nice idea, and reforging them would help them to stand usefull against new 1.3 ennemy who will surely be even more tanky, especialy with that new expert mode. But I already see the "More than insane" knockback coming. If they rise blue slime HP enough with expert mode, I'm gonna do a Slime Airlines compagny. Or a baseball tournament with bananas. (Just gonna hope it's not capped)
We realy need this!
Give us the Bunch of Bananarangs!
Making Boomerang stacks can't hurt, but as others here, I don't think the Chakrams should be made stackable. Making already-stackable boomerangs reforgable as stacks sounds nice and justified, as every other boomerang can be reforged. But making the Thorn Chakram stackable doesn't seem right. It's already nice as-is, it doesn't need to be changed IMO. Don't know about the Fruitcake Chakram though, never used that one.
This needs to be put into the game in my opinion. I just looked at how far the most recent post was but this is deserving of more attention.
Just leaving these here:
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