Stacking Boomerangs - Making them Reforgable


Wouldn't it be nice to be able to reforge your stackable Boomerangs, like Light Discs and Bananarangs? Here's a simple solution. You should be able to craft a "Stack" of Boomerangs out of a stack of Boomerangs. Confused?

The Idea:

Let's say you have a stack 5 Light Discs. If you were able to craft a Stack of Light Discs which had the same functionality, except acted like a single item, you would be able to reforge your Light Discs so that you can get a Godly Stack of Light Discs. Simple, right?

Now, a "Stack" of Boomerangs would have the combined value of all of them, but this runs into a financial problem; as the game stands now, this would mean that reforging a Stack of Light Discs would cost 83 gold. Yep. It's crazy. For whatever reason, a single Light Disc sells for 10 gold, which is the same value as a Paladin's Hammer or a Possessed Hatchet. Bananarangs sell for a much more reasonable 1 gold 50 silver, but that still adds up to more than 10 gold when stacked. The solution would be to make the sell value of Light Discs to be 2 gold each and Bannannarangs to be 1 gold, so everything evens out to a nice 10 gold for a full stack, which is on the same level as those other end-game 'rangs.



Light Disc
Sell value: 2 gold (currently 10 gold)

<F for the fallen images from TO>
Stack of Light Discs
Five Light Discs in one item.
Can be reforged.
5 Light Discs
By hand.


Sell value:1 gold (currently 1 gold 50 silver)


Bunch of Bananarangs
Ten Bananarangs in one item.
Can be reforged.
10 Bananarangs
By hand.

Moving on:

Now, what about being able to stack other Boomerangs, like the Thorn Chakram, or even the Holiday-themed Fruitcake Chakram? Since they are less powerful than the Light Disc, I guess they should be stacked up to a maximum of 3 and not 5, which would be a fair amount.



Stack of Thorn Chakrams
Three Thorn Chakrams in one item.
Can be reforged.
3 Thorn Chakrams
By hand.


Stack of Fruitcake Chakrams
Three Fruitcake Chakrams in one item.
Can be reforged.
3 Fruitcake Chakrams
By hand.

Feedback is appreciated. If you like the idea, show your support! If you have a comment or concern, feel free to post them. Other than that, thank you for reading this through!
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Eye of Cthulhu
I hate my stackable boomerangs cos I can't reforge them. This would be great. Also in my whole 900 and something hours in Terraria I have never ever got a bananarang. And all my playtime has been in 1.2, and at least two Thirds of my total playtime in Hardmode. On another note, would le stacks get random reforge so when crafted?


As long as the modifier only modifies one of them, so to speak. (so that you won't have a 50% damage increase in demonic light discs)


As long as the modifier only modifies one of them, so to speak. (so that you won't have a 50% damage increase in demonic light discs)
Well they are 1 item, that acts like the stacked amount.
Also I don't really like light discs, but I still support this idea


Queen Bee
This would be cool. I have never really been a fan of the Light Discs mainly for this reason (feels like a waste of metal and souls), so this could maybe wake my interest.


Yes please.

I personally don't use stackable boomerangs much, but they are my friend's favorite weapon, and I think this would make him very happy.


i.... am going to LOVE IT!!! *ehum*i have always wanted something like this and i really like it.

now, there is one thing i thought of that had to do with stacking boomerangs like this, and that is that instead of throwing one at a time, they are all thrown in a wave.
(that would actually also be done with ancors)


Yup, Light Discs are one of my favorite melee weapons (despite i rarely talk about them though)
Reforging them is actually a small boost, but still annoyed that it's impossible


I wonder if the reforging issue can be avoided if we just make a stack of boomerangs non-splittable? (Banana pun not fully intended)
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