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Staff of Degrowth

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Don't you hate how grass gets on blocks under your base somehow? Well I do! So, what if a "Staff of degrowth" came from shadow orbs/Crimson hearts? It would reach anywhere onscreen, like console ice rod. And It would remove grass from dirt. Simple enough?
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This sounds stupid on first glance, but in practice this would be more useful than I can easily enunciate. Anyone who's ever dug containment tunnels in the surface layer knows just how irritating grass is, and how equally irritating it is to hit each block with a pickaxe once, carefully, while the stuff is growing back, and hope to god you're not using an endgame pickaxe or you'll just end up annihilating the dirt anyway. I'd have tons of use for this. Support.

Though for the base-block quandary, I'd just wish that grass wouldn't grow in spaces between two blocks, if the block doesn't 'mesh' with the other block. Because so many nice building materials don't mesh.

Edit: However, I don't think I'd want them to be dropped from shadow orbs. They drop combat gear or a light pet, which are useful at that tier of the game - this would be a bit of a letdown for most players.

This is a bit of an errant suggestion, but I'd make the recipe for this a Staff of Regrowth (which can easily be found before the end of pre-hardmode) and some neat number of ebon/crimstone blocks. 20/50/100.
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Does it? I thought that just moved dirt around. Removing the grass would be incidental, but... huh, I'll have to test that out.

Another part of this is that you can't remove grass from under chests that have been placed on it, which can be a problem if you have a chest that's full of things. If a dirt rod can get rid of that, then I suppose there's no need for a Staff of Barrenness after all. Today I learned!


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Brain of Cthulhu
You might want to take a look at @SnailsAttack's Weed Whacker suggestion.

Edit: Also echoing Lazuli's remark that trying to hit blocks just once with a pickaxe can be frustrating, so an item like this would be appreciated.
And also echoing my comment in the Weed Whacker suggestion that such an item should also remove moss from stone.


Dungeon Spirit
You might want to take a look at @SnailsAttack's Weed Whacker suggestion.
lmao i thought of that suggestion when i saw this thread and i was debating whether or not i should be a total :red: and say "well ACTUALLY i already made a suggestion like this..."

Anyways, I think this should definitely be a thing. It should probably be obtained in a different way, though. Maybe it should be sold by the dryad during a blood moon.
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