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    Now I understand that most people who will read this probable have literally no Idea what Star Trek even is and that is cool. So here is a link if you want to learn more which for this RP is highly recommended. HERE, or HERE.

    Now that that is out of the way. You will need to know the different types of starships. If you want to know more about the kinds of star ships. Go HERE. The federation is the ship that you will most likely be playing on. The other factions are probable not going to be an option.

    Now there are a lot of different species in star trek. Go HERE or HERE. to check them out.
    In this roleplay I will be like a narrator so I control NPC's and describe the areas around you. and when I need I will elect a god. that will be described later
    Now to discuss the actual roleplay. Different Factions will comment with different text colors.


    IF it has *this* then the faction is an NPC and will be controlled by me.

    The Vulcans and Starfleet can see each others chat.

    The jem’hedar and cardasians can see each others chat,

    When you submit an aplication for starfleet you will be given a rank and starship to work on.

    Here is an application

    F NAME:
    L NAME:

    These are things you choose /\
    these are things you do not choose \/

    1st Officer:
    Chief of security:
    Ops Officer:
    (these people need to be accessed via the communicator)
    (bridge to engineering) Chief engineer:
    (bridge to Sick Bay) Chief medical officer:
    (these are people who you need to know)

    Each ship is different. Some a re fast and some are slow. Each will have their own strengths and weaknesses. For hit damage a RNG will be used. The better the weapons, the higher the max damage. The stronger the hull, the higher the HP will be


    PHASERS 0-50
    TORPEDOES 0-100
    CANNONS 0-150 (NOT per shot, per round of shots) (those are cannons firing...)
    WARP CORE 400/400
    SENSORS 100/100
    IMPULSE POWER 125/125
    SHIELDS 250-250
    HULL 300-300

    PHASERS 0-100
    TORPEDOES 0-300
    WARP CORE 1000-1000
    SENSORS 300/300
    IMPULSE POWER 500/500
    SHIELDS 750/750
    HULL 900/900

    Based on this, it is clear that the galaxy has the health while the defiant has the damage. There are many more ships and if you are ranked captain then you can choose your ship.

    GOD: God is a figure I will use for major things like if your about to fall of aa cliff, I would use god to see if a ship comes out of the distance and saves you.
    ME: God, high or low
    GOD: LOW
    ME: *RNG 0-10* IF the number is low then good. if it is high then bad.

    If you don't understand then PM me.

    CONTACT: sometimes the admiral may contact the captain. then I will open a Conversation with them and that will be the transmission. it is up to the captain to tell the crew certain information that is not classified. on the ship will also be commanding officers. these officers will be the heads of different sections. like chief of security, engineering, ETC.

    Some information will be classified to all members of crew. please. if you know this information stick to the RP.

    At ANY time during the RP if you are on a ship you can say, "Computer" Then I will play as the computer. ask any question you want.
    Computer response.
    doesn't know: Unable to comply.
    KNOWS: it will tell you the info
    CODE NEEDED: Please insert command code
    ACCEPTED: Voice and code Accepted, It will tell you the requested information
    DENIED Voice: :WARNING: VOICE NOT RECOGNIZED :WARNING: it will then lock you in force fields and notify security.
    DENIED Code: Unable to comply incorrect code. please restate correct code.

    all messages I do that are pronounced by the computer will look like this:
    COMPUTER: message

    Anyway here is the IC but first... make a character
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    Yea, I probably should have used memory alpha. I will switch them momentarily.
    The starship one does not show the different classes so I wont use that one. The home I will use, and The species.. Ah why not.
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    May I be a Cyberman?
  5. Foraging Slime

    Foraging Slime Eater of Worlds

    You mean Borg?
  6. Animus Viral

    Animus Viral The Destroyer

    No. Cyberman.
  7. Foraging Slime

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    Well... thats not in star trek... you can only be a species that is in color and not *stared*...
  8. Animus Viral

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    "No one fights in a burning house."

    This quote is from a proverb of the species I'm going to be.
  9. Foraging Slime

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    ... ok ...
  10. Animus Viral

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    F NAME: Lord
    L NAME: Vortech
    SPECIES: Klingon
    OFFICER TYPE: Janitor Captain

    Is it possible to be rogue?
  11. Foraging Slime

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    yes... but you wont have a ship of your own, a rank, or a crew. also the officer type is not rank its is what do yo do, like a job. Tactical, engineer, medical, science, ETC.
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    also if your klingon you can be either starfleet or part of the KDF (Klingon Defence force.)
  12. Animus Viral

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    1. Tactical.
    2. Starfleet
  13. Foraging Slime

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    Great. give me a sec to get your rank and ship assignments in. (BTW this RP In character hasn´t started yet.)
    While in character your text is always Red.
  14. Animus Viral

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    Got it.
    "LORD VORTECH!!! Eh... Too much?"
  15. Foraging Slime

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  16. Animus Viral

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    Yeah but Lord Vortech is simply just rogue, in a way.
    "X-PO, analyze this alien contrap- Oh, I forgot, I banished you."
  17. Foraging Slime

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    So are you rouge or not?
  18. Animus Viral

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    Dictionary result for rogue
    noun: rogue; plural noun: rogues
    1. 1.
      a dishonest or unprincipled man.

    Yes. Vortech is rogue in that definition.
  19. Foraging Slime

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    ok then...
    RANK: Commander
    Ship assignment: Bird of pray IKS: TBD (You are the commander of this ship) and you need a name.
    make another player sheet thing with all the information you have.
  20. Animus Viral

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    For the ship? Well then: Foundation Prime