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Stardust Armor Upgrade

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by sethill, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. |.Terrarian.|

    |.Terrarian.| Skeletron


    Here's my take on what to do, I'm sure plenty of people will hate it though:

    -Make Stardust Guardian able to be deployable in mid-air, let it float around up there around 30 blocks from where it was summoned.

    -Give it priority to focus on flying ranged-damage enemies because ground enemies will get pulled in the mess anyway.

    -Give it new gigantic aggro range that covers approx the size of a fully zoomed out screen so it can aggro flying/ranged enemies, it will also now deal around 565 base summon damage with high-knockback every couple seconds when it claps it's hands together to reinstate the aggro.

    -Give it 100HP and have it only take 1 dmg per hit.

    -Once health runs out it teleports back behind the play and turns transparent. In 20 seconds it will fully regain health and become solid in color again; able to be deployed again.

    - If it is not deployed and stays behind the player, it still does summon damage in a not-as-large radius from the player and gives a new buff that increases summon damage and gives like 10% damage mitigation. I don't know, name it "Guardian Infusion"?
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  2. TheDoomSlayer

    TheDoomSlayer Terrarian

    The Stardust Guardian needs to be a lot more powerful.
  3. |.Terrarian.|

    |.Terrarian.| Skeletron

    Yeahp... just said that 1 post above xD
  4. TheDoomSlayer

    TheDoomSlayer Terrarian

  5. razorbladetyphoonbest

    razorbladetyphoonbest Eye of Cthulhu

    From what i know isnt it magic that has high dps and squishyness
  6. |.Terrarian.|

    |.Terrarian.| Skeletron

    As I said before...

    Stardust has the least defense and doesn't have a means of healing like the Magic Class can.
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    It is true however it is the 2nd squishiest and does high DPS if not the highest though... -COUGH- Prism OP
  7. RR

    RR Eye of Cthulhu

    Eh, still gotta aim and consume mana
  8. Watplr

    Watplr Terrarian

    It would be neat if the Guardian was repurposed to be a turret of sorts.