tModLoader Starlight River (WIP)

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Holy cow, i'm chomping at the bit to get to play this mod!!

The biomes look absolutely wonderful, such interesting new sights to see and have in my world!
The sprite work is also really great too, does stray all too far from the Terraria style! I really love this
The music posted is wonderful too. I am absolutely going to keep my eye out for this!
This looks great!

What kind of progression is planned with this mod?
We're trying to follow vanilla progression in terms of power scaling and stuff so that players can play the mod alongside any other mod with similar progression without much imbalance, like Thorium. Post-Moonlord content will be a bit different however and for now we're opting to not increase numbers much but instead just make things more complex and mechanically harder.
this looks hella sick ngl but I have a suggestion for the overgrowth boss and for the boss in the vitric desert if I may
the overgrowth boss should be chained down by either: a: 4 pillars or B: 4 weapons (preferably swords or lances)
as for the vitric boss I think it looks ok but I shall wait for the redesign but its second form should be able to raise shards from the desert to attempt to stab the player (the indicator for the shard is where there is some smoke) but these are just suggestions other wise the mod looks PERFECT
I was considering starting a mod and my lack of coding knowledge stopped me. The fact you got all of these crazy mechanics and details into the game is astonishing given the fact that this is just a mod, I'm really looking forward to this mod when it officially releases.
Holy crap, I just stumbled onto this mod through coincidentally seeing FuryForged's preview video on this mod and I gotta say visually and musically this is my favorite mod so far hands down even in this unfinished state! :D If the gameplay and stuff is even half as good as the visuals and the music we might have a contender here for my new number one favorite mod overall!
Awesome job, can't wait!
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