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IC Stories of Raelm - Terraria-based RP


Huh... this really seems interesting! But... apparently now I have to watch out to not forkbomb myself... easy job given that even to me it's only a quarter taken... (250/1024). And I guess... whoa! That's not what I've expected, but now I'm totally impressed!

But uh, Thar's crying, and I can't seem to help him. Mostly because I myself have to do stuff.

- Hey! So that's a name of you, lil'~ cutie! - Well, I did a d'aww at that point... to snap of it shortly. - Oh, excuse me... by the way, thanks Program. - I'll be sure to follow his advice in future.


Seems like 'he' was still crying... wait a second. That's not normal... that's NOT a male that probably 'he' was used to.


'He' looked at Lily, clearly still crying a bit... if it wasn't notice-able before, it could be noticed that signs are Thartler's not a male at all.

((A female is she. Probably you'd be able to judge by suspicious amount of soft movement.))


Official Terrarian
(this is all in whispers)

"There's people, and other pokemon!"
"I'll go tell the commander"
"But she said kill pokemon on sight!"
"First, there are to many people, there's 2 of us and about 4 of them. And that wyvern harpy thing might be here. He can sense us from a mile away."
"Very true. I will stay here, go tell one of the comanders."

Weavile trys to run away!


((Not noticing that nobody notices the duo, eh? @Sockmonkey367.))

Hmmph, I guess I'll get outside but not before getting a hammer. Although it's an ill-fated sign - darkness. I don't like darkness that much...

Well, but probably I shouldn't linger there long.


*Still trying to calm down Thartler, but not seeming to notice her gender. Not that I would considering I don't have much knowledge on telling gender differences in Pokemon*


Well, uh. Pin tells me nothing, I myself am a hackimenti, and even then I think I didn't yet uncover my full potential. But what was a fox doing there. - Sheesh, lil' foxie, no harm on ya'. Unless you do something stupid, that's it. - Yeah, not going to take chances, night is still bad time. And still havin' the hammer in case of bad stuff.

((Also, I think you can check genders of Pokemon even when you don't know about it. The sheer fact that parts of Thartler's anatomy might be suspiciously identical to Lavin's ones should be enough.))
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