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Name: Syrus
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Science
Class: Science (Positive)
Appearance: Take a Half-Life scientist, and make him look like he hates life.
Flaws: Values literally everything below his work, including himself! Has definitely gone insane.
Strengths: As can be assumed, is Science Man. Specifically, a chemist. *Breaking Bad opening*
Personality: I don't think I need to say at this point.
Other: This is Syllik if he wasn't Bug. Still hates everyone, though. Would probably let himself die to a monster to see its method of killing.
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...Re-reading this and what was I trying to cook here đź’€
Name: Kari
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Class: Rouge
Appearance: A teen girl wearing a ponytail and an ordinary looking skirt and jacket. Also has a beige wolf tail.
Flaws: Relatively small without much in the way of defense.
Strengths: Deftly wields a large spear to attack. Generally keeps out of reach of harm.
Personality: A go-getter who also manages to stay levelheaded in most situations.
Relationships: The sister of Mattias.
Other: Seems to be a werewolf of some sort, though she's pretty much only ever seen in human form. Usually rides on Mattias's back.
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Name: Mattias
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Class: Warrior
Appearance: A large gray wolf with what appear to be rubber band bracelets on its forelegs and a lower jaw that juts out slightly.
Flaws: As he seems to constantly be in wolf form, his dexterity is obviously quite limited. Also gets distracted easily.
Strengths: He's somewhat big, fast, and his bite packs a lot of power.
Personality: Surprisingly meek. Afraid to make big decisions or do anything that could put himself and his sister in danger, but she does a good job of spurring him on.
Relationships: The brother of Kari.
Other: Seems to be a werewolf of some sort, though he's pretty much only ever seen in wolf form. Manages to speak English as well.
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Lorian and Lothric from Dark souls 3 energy
Name: Peace
Age: 23
Gender: Unsure, she/they
Class: Mage
Appearance: Slender, but not frail, Peace stands at an awe inspiring 5’1”. They are wearing a baggy green shirt with these dark brown pants. For shoes she is wearing a pair of simple outdoor shoes covered in dirt. On her back is a simple drawstring bag that holds her basic supplies (flashlight, canteen, first aid kit, knife, and a trowel)
Flaws: They are very easy to flatter and make nervous.
Bonds (optional):
Strengths: Healing and buffing magic.
Personality: They are a mostly calm person who wants to peacefully live for the rest of her life. She doesn’t get angry quick but holds grudges forever. She also goes along with what others say, preferring to keep her opinions to herself to preserve the fragile thing called peace
Relationships (optional):
Other: She will very, very rarely choose violence as her first course of action.
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Due to a) losing about half the people who were meant to be active here, b) the planning ahead I would need to do for this, and c) the number of other currently active roleplays, the reboot of this roleplay is currently postponed indefinitely.
This is probably expected by now but I have other roleplays that are higher priority that I want to handle first.
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