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Tasks before Hardmode


For a magic weapon, as risky as it is, try getting the crimson rod by smashing the crimson hearts. This will also let a meteor fall for good magic sets. For bombs, just get the demolitionist.
Crimson rod yes, but no meteor on PC since 1.4, until BoC (or EoW) is down.
But the crimson rod is also not that useful. It's fine for additional dmg, but it's almost useless as a main weapon. (IMO)


I've taken a pause from dying, or escaping back to base if I can quickly enough, by spending a lot of time fishing. And unlike the serial dying, I got something out of it. Loads of tools made of fish. So except the enchanted boomerang, the 'sword', axe and pickaxe are now made of fish. Monty Python would be proud.

Did finally manage to whack through the very wide crimson area, and located the jungle right next to it. Looked like the crimson had eaten a good part into it already, so I laid down some wooden blocks to stop it going further (for now). Same on the desert side. Won't be pretty if I make it to hardmode, but for now it shall have to do. Think there are usually 2-3 crimson/evil sections on a medium map, so I suppose they all ended up next to or on top of each other.

I didn't expect things to become so much more difficult. Yeah, maybe I should have abused bombs and grenades more, and grinded myself through the underground desert or jungle somehow. Based on what Sora wrote earlier, it might be possible to get some decent mage weapons that way. It wasn't that much fun to keep dying and dying, however, so I stepped away from the desert and all its dangers. And the jungle is arguably even worse, with all those bees and spiky slimes.

Not all bad, though. Have got accessories for double-jump (very recent) and extra jump height, plus a claw, so movement is a bit easier now. Would like some boots, but no luck with that yet. Still at only 180 HP, because I haven't dared to risk a boss spawn. Maybe that has been silly, but I'm fairly certain Eye of Cthulhu would roflstomp me anyway.

The only mage weapon I've found so far is Wand of Sparkling with -19% speed, so I've never really used it. I do have 11 amethysts, but at this rate, think I'd prefer to make a hook before an apparently inferior staff. Not easy to find any of these gems in decent quantities though.
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