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Tool TEdit - Terraria Map Editor


So instead of installing what you said was TEdit, I installed ByteFence Anti-Virus. Also, it lied and said I have 3 really bad threats. so what the heck happened?
Apparently the adFly links have changed recently and may have been compromised. I've removed the link to the downloads from the OP for now. I will attempt to contact the author to get the situation straightened out. This tool has been trusted and used by hundreds of people over the past several years. People have complained of false-positive alerts about the software, but we've never seen an actual instance of malware that we've been able to replicate from this author or his links.

As for what you actually installed - that appears to be a PUP software application that you should remove. Here is a link to one article that explains how to do that. I would say take that for what you will - if you have other AV/anti-malware software available, you should probably do a full scan ASAP. I'm sorry this happened to you.

The links did not install anything for me, but also did not download anything either. Instead they redirected me to another site.
First, I would like to apologize for anyone who was compromised by malware due to my neglect of the downloads website. I have removed adfly links as I should have years ago, and pledge to not add them, or any other shady advertisers ever again.

Second, the releases will continue to be available on the download section of my website, as well as the GitHub "releases" tab for the code of project. If a moderator wishes to add these back, please add both links (binaryconstruct and github downloads).

Finally, thanks for using TEdit. Your continued interest has kept this project alive for over 6 years.


Skeletron Prime
How do I open this/download it so I could edit some maps
go to the folder or "where you extracted the file" after downloading it, and scroll to the bottom and look for "TEditXna" (is the only file on there with a icon of a tree and a hill) but take in mind that TEdit only works for vanilla worlds, if you try to modify and save a modded world, all their content will be gone and theres no way to recover it (unless you back up the world) before loading any world deactivate the "autosave feature" (this cost me 4 modded worlds when trying to clean the world).


Yeah. TEdit is not broken for modded worlds. Tried two worlds with mods to create pools of water and patch holes in certain spots just for ease, and when I save and load it up it says "Load Failed! No backup found". Welp. So much for that, was a nice tool to use while it lasted.


So im working on an adventure map, and wanted to know something about terraria's world flags only possible through Tedit:

If i flag the world as having Plantera killed, but its NOT in hardmode, will that cause any problems? Im going to assume that it will work as "normal" once hardmode is triggered, but will terraria freak about about being flagged as Plantera Dead without being Hardmode?

ALSO: will tagging Plantera as defeated allow Biome Keys to be used before Hardmode?
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Hello there! First and foremost I would like to thank you for creating this tool. Great work.

I do have a bit of a question regarding it. I have a very old world in which I've spent a tramendous amount of time building. Dispite extensive use of clentaminator the world ended up almost completely Corrupted & Hallowed beyond manual repair. I used TEdit to remove/contain this Hallow & Corruption quite succesfully. However it has left me with thousands of Crystal Shards everywhere and bugged "stone stalactites" in the underground tundra that were probably previously something Hallowed.

Is there any way to resolve these issues or otherwise remove/replace these Sprites en mass using the Editor?

Thank you for your time.


I love this tool! I really hope you can make it compatible with tModloader mods. I keep wanting to edit my Calamity/Thorium maps but don't want to lose The Abyss/Aquatic Biomes. MonkaS :(


im playing a mod called n terraria and when i use this and save it again even if i dont do anything to the map it wont load it at all just says failed to load
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how can I place the furniture btw
On the right side in TEdit there are some tabs. Click on the one that is called "sprites". You can search for the furniture you want by typing in what you are looking for in the filter bar. Then after you select the thing you want to place click on the tool that looks like a black ball with an orange "S" on it. When you scroll your mouse over it, it should say "sprite". That is the tool you use to place most things that are not blocks.


To nightmare LXV : i am also trying to make n terraria and tEdit work together,
for the moment the only thing i am able to do is:

create a world with the 1.2.2 version of terraria then tEdit it with the 3.4 version of tEdit
open this edited save with the version of terraria, enter the world then save and exit
copy this world file from terraria to n terraria

so the only thing possible is to create and modify a 1.2.2 world once, export it to n terraria 6 and that's all, no come back possible

To the tEdit team:
a big thank you for the amazing job, building with tEdit is soooo pleasant, thx a lot :)

A question:
Where is the missing tEdit 3.5?
The 3.4 is for terraria 1.2.2, the 3.6 for the 1.3.0, i guess that the 3.5 was for terraria, no?
And is the oldest version accepted by n terraria, it would be one step closer to try to make n terraria and tEdit compatible.

oh and compatibility with mod tiles would be great also, i've seen people talking about it, total support.


tunnel king said: "Any mod maker can branch off the main source code linked in the top post and provide "mod support" for it."
I am not an english native speaker and my IT skills are far worse than my english so i need a confirmation:
Are you, in simple language, telling us that we should push a little the mods creators to implement something into tEdit to have the modded tiles recognized. And that this implementation is something quite easy to do?
Like, going to each mod's forum tread i've played and say: "hey tEdit exists, it's cool, could you implement your mod there, it's quite easy to do" ???
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Concerning the compatibility between n terraria and tEdit, i've got the answer:

You need to use tEdit 3.6, it allows modifications back and forth.

When you'll log into n terraria after saving the world via tEdit 3.6, it will be marked red but the world is still functionnal, don't pay attention to this. As soon as you'll exit and re-enter, everything will be normal.
Be aware that i only made really basic transformations to test that, but at least wiring and tp worked :)))) .


Hi guys, I wanna ask something.
Can I somehow make it so i paint a large area of specified-only blocks?
Cause I have a pretty huge (around 250x250) pixelart and im not happy with the colors. (yeah, i could replace those blocks with other blocks, but paint is better)
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