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  1. Anubis

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    found something interesting, It seems you can modify modded worlds, the only extent that I went to was to remove the crimson and saved it (not before making a copy) and reloaded and despite TEdit saying the space was empty found the Calamities Astral meteor biome right where it was. I haven't done a comprehensive search to see if all is well but so far it seems so.
  2. Ghostl00l

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    I keep getting a unhandled exception on a map whenever I go to edit it in TEdit, its Diceman's big afk farm. Was trying to use it to get a good count on blocks and such and I keep getting that crash when I get to the room with all the paintings on it. Anyway to fix this? Not had it happen on any other map
  3. Quakelife911

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    not if you have windows 10
  4. A68AGamingYT

    A68AGamingYT Terrarian

    Hey, lots of people out there are Mac users (including me) and most of us would like a way to get this on Mac. It would be very nice if someone could convert this to be usable in Macs.
  5. thejaxster

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    Not what you want to hear, but you can always use bootcamp to install Microsoft Windows and the developer doesn't have to spend time on a port and continue to improve the app. Just my opinion, but it is a solution for all of us that have Macs, I own a MacBoook Pro but prefer playing on Windows myself.
  6. A68AGamingYT

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    Actually, I agree with you on playing on Windows instead. It would be really nice if you could give me a link to a detailed tutorial or something!
    thanks for the answer

    Edit: I found a youtube video, if anybody else wanted it here is the video:
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  7. zinkies89

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    Having problems. Can't find the way to Edit it.
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    Im trying to make my world Expert to normal. Since Im playing on the skyblock mod.
  8. unrealmegashark

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    guys, we really need a Mac version. i know there's parallels but,
  9. r4v1n6

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    Unfortunately that would require TEdit to be rewritten from scratch, as it's currently isn't written with portability in mind. That is a major task, which I doubt anyone have the time/energy to do.
  10. thejaxster

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    you can always use "bootcamp" and dual boot windows 10 to make the mac better and be able to run TEdit :)
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  11. unrealmegashark

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    i'll try then!