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Mobile Terraria 1.2 for Mobile!

Sorry, for the people who all have a lower IOS than 7. I recently (2 months ago) got a brand new iPod, the current generation. (5th) For the people with that problem, my best bet is you will have to have sheer luck on your side this Christmas :p It took A LOT of persuading to get my new iPod! If you are successful getting a new one I would say, transfer your data from the old one. (So don't sell it to buy a new one! :p) If you failed at Christmas, round up all the money you got on that day. That's what I did, and low and behold, it worked!

(Now on topic :p) I may have to buy this, but I really don't see how 1.2 (all of it) has come to mobile so quickly. IMO I doubt everything will get added. (Maybe in separate updates) But I don't know. I just don't think technology is advanced enough to get the huge 1.2 update on mobile. :/


Duke Fishron
Yes. I have been waiting for the new tinkers for a very long time. I have everything required to make a MECHANICAL GLOVE, but i just cant do it with the stupid 1.1. This is gonna be epic!


Since I most likely wont be getting my Asus ROG GL551JK then I guess its good I still have the Mobile Version.. Yay moment sorta..

CraftedNightmare Here!

Official Terrarian
Wish I could update mine, but sadly, Playstore doesn’t work here. Good luck mobile players! May the world bless you with cobalt, mythril, and adamantite!

Cuz unless they fix it, you can’t use those fancy 1.2 ores for your exclusive armors hue hue hue
Or Palladium, or Oracalcum or Titanium


Staff member
my one Question is : When does 1.2.3 come out for xbox?
Though 505 Games might also be involved with the console versions, this technically isn't the topic to ask that. Besides, releases like that won't be mentioned until they are sure of a release date, so just keep watching the main forum page for an announcement.

Congrats for everyone with the mobile version!


Official Terrarian
Excuse me, but could I get the full list of the new things being added? The official Terraria wiki isn't updated.
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