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Terraria 8th Anniversary Lore Event


I suppose you think that the queen bee needs a mechanical form too -_-
Why on earth would the Queen Bee need a mech form. It make sense that Skeletron, Eye of Cthulhu, Eater of Worlds and Brain of Cthulhu have/need mech forms but not Queen Bee. Please explain your logic for why the Queen Bee needs a mech form.

EDIT: Wait you think that the other person thinks that there needs to be a mech version of the Queen Bee not that you think it needs a mech version. Sorry got mixed up.
What about the Destroyer and EoW? Is it the Intestines of Cthulhu, which has been overgrown with hatred cancer, then to be built as a mechanical titan by the Mechanic?

Carlo gamer


Happy 8th Terraria Anniversary everyone! Eight years is a long time indeed, and it has been a wild ride – one full of ups and downs, joy and challenges, and a whole lot of additions to the game we all love so much. What began as a game that ended with Skeletron has flourished into an expansive adventure that spans multiple diverse biomes, culminating in an epic battle against the dreaded Moon Lord!

We never could have made it this far without your amazing, unwavering support – and we promise we never have and never will take that lightly or for granted. Thank you!

As a way of celebrating the occasion, we figured it would be fun to give everyone a little peek behind the curtain into the “what”, “why”, and “how” of this great Terrarian adventure! Why are things in the world the way they are? What’s the deal with the Dryad? Read on to have your burning questions answered… and even deeper questions raised – because after all, its still your adventure as well!

so let me get this straight *inhale* *exhale*
skeltron the twins (or at least retinazer is a mechanical eye for Cthulhu and you guys are adding a new boss which is Supposedly the mechanical versiin of the brain of Cthulhu.


What about the destroyer? Is skeletron the parts of its skeleton it's talking about? If so, why was the old man cursed with skeletron?
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