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Terraria Android 1.2 bugs


Duke Fishron
List of bug when Im playing:
1) Lizhard door can opened by bomb?
2) New item and weapon cant be reforge
3) Black screen after using magic mirror
4) Teleporter cant used
5) Truffle not moved in
6) Crash often after 30 min
7) Spawn rates are too low. I cant find any voodoo demon in hell biome
8) Pumpkin moon are too slow. I can only passed 4th waved

Btw, sorry for my bad english ;)


I agree with everything you mentioned. Spawn rates are very poor, even when standing next to a water candle. I run out of time on the pumpkin moon by the third wave.


Empress of Light
It is possible to get to wave 15 of pumpkin moon. I use spectre armor and magnet sphere to keep getting to wave 8 until I either get bat scepter or horseman blade. Blade is preferred because I can hook up 3 slime statues and while they will mitigate dmg from pumpking and stuff, killing them summons tons of heads that deal 100 dmg per hit.


My pre-pumpkin moon loadout was a specter staff, magnet sphere, and nimbus rod. What really helped me win, though, was my arena. image.jpg
The most important part in making an area is to make sure all caves where monsters could spawn are filled in. With those caves out of the way, monsters can be killed quickly and easily.

Keep in mind that this arena design is for mages. In the middle of the arena, there's a platform in midair where a mage can shoot either a bat scepter or specter staff. There's also some spiky ball traps to enhance the damage.

The ground is lined with asphalt for quick transportation. I decorated mine a bit, which is optional.
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Forgot one glitch! I think I've found this one, and it has to do with the inventory. The first one has to do with Armour. Sometimes, when you try to put on Vanity Items, it'll give you the Vanity you had before, but keep the Vanity on and eat up the Vanity you tried on. A way to keep this from happening: Don't use the shortcut, just drag the item to the vanity slot to keep this from happening. The other glitch has to do with cloning items. I don't exactly know how it works, or how it happens, though sometimes when you deposit it into the chest, it'll add items, but not take any from your inventory. I guess they probably work in the same way, but I hope this gets fixed. Oh, and one more! Sometimes when the game kicks you out (in the middle of saving) it'll update your inventory, but nothing in the world. This includes: Army events, blocks placed in worlds, and chests. This is a HORRIBLE thing, since if your building, and your near done, and it crashes, it updates the inventory but not the world. My fix for this is to: Press pause frequently because this saves the game. Other than that, there isn't any other glitch in the post I haven't seen.
I agree, the crashes are way too frequent. I have been cut off of the pumpkin moon event a few times. What I do is before I use an expensive summon item I save and force close the game. About the pumpkin moon event I recommend the scourge of the corrupter with the flask of ichor and fire gauntlets. That gets me to the later stages of the event quick enough that i have a reasonable chance to kill 3-4 pumkings.
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