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**REPORTED** [Mobile] Terraria android 11 compatible

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I would check the support website for your mobile device to see if there is a workaround for this, if Android 11 doesnt support it then that would have to be also reported to the Android company so they can check for the issue and patch it in the next hotfix update for Android. in the meantime, try backing up any game data you previously had and try restarting the device. if nothing then check the storage space you have available (the game needs a specific amount of the phone storage in order to install and launch the game)
Olá boa tarde, ja fiz de tudo e o Terraria 1.4 continua sem funcionar no android 11, o que eu faço ? HELPP PLEASE


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I've found a solution for those who can't install Terraria because it vanished after Android 11 update.
Install Android ADB on your computer from this url : [TOOL]Minimal ADB and Fastboot [2-9-18]
Plug your device to your computer
Enable USB debugging
Browse inside your device to Android/data/com...TerrariaPaid and save your data on your pc
Run cmd
cd "your adb program installation path"
adb devices
You should see your device "authorized"
adb uninstall "com.and.games505.TerrariaPaid"
You should see "success"
Unplug your device
Restart it
Install Terraria
Replug your device and browse again to Android/data/com...TerrariaPaid and replace all files by the backup ones
Enjoy (it worked for me after searching for 2 days)
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Eu encontrei uma solução para quem não consegue instalar o Terraria porque ele desapareceu após a atualização do Android 11.
Instale o Android ADB no seu computador a partir deste url: [TOOL] Minimal ADB e Fastboot [2-9-18]
Conecte seu dispositivo ao computador
Ativar o USB depuração
Navegue dentro de seu dispositivo para Android / data / com ... TerrariaPaid e salve seus dados em seu pc
Executar cmd
cd "seu caminho de instalação do programa adb"
dispositivos adb
Você deve ver o seu dispositivo "autorizado"
adb uninstall "com.and.games505.TerrariaPaid"
Você deve ver "sucesso"
Desligue o seu dispositivo
Instalar Terraria
Reconecte o dispositivo e navegue novamente para Android / data / com ... TerrariaPaid e substitua todos os arquivos pelos de backup
Aproveite (funcionou para mim depois de pesquisar por 2 dias)
Did you manage to install after all this process?

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I can't install Terraria on my s10 after updating Android 11, on Android 10 I could play well but then the game just won't open. I've tried to download to the playstore several times and an error appears, it's not my memory. I would like your help, because I think it is not compatible with Android 11
Well for me I have a Samsung Galaxy a51 which was running android 10 but updated to android 11 I was able to transfer the game from my old device and my game runs fine other than small lag

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Just as an update for this thread. There is an issue with Terraria and Android 11 right now. In the Terraria State of the Game - August 2021 this was said, ”We have also been made aware of some issues impacting some players in regards to Android 11. The team will be looking into this shortly, and we will get any needed fixes out just as soon as possible!”
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