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PvP Terraria eSport


Greetings friends, I present you the prototype of the Terraria eSport v0.1 map, but before showing you the map and what it is, let me ask for your help...

You see, the map is playable and functional but the project reached a point where I can no longer Test and balance it, I need your help, I need people who want to try it, play it and give their suggestions, to see in what aspects of the map, the classes and weapons work and which not. Based on your suggestions the map will be updated until it is balanced.

Contact me if you want to use this map in your server i will give you the map file. (once is full tested i will release the map for everyone)
Well now I explain what Terraria eSport is...

What is Terraria eSport?
Is a class team capture the gem pvp map inspired in games like Overwatch, Awesomenauts, S4 League, Team Fortress and Rocket League.
It’s a very frenetic competitive Fast paced game where two teams fight each other to score the gem in the enemy goal.

How to play?
Once you logged in you will appear in a lobby where you must read the basic rules (rules enlisted below) and you must chose a team.
Once a team is chosen you must pick one out of 7 different classes (all classes enlisted below)
Just one class type per team so talk with your team to create a good composition.
Pick your equipment, and once all teams are ready they will be sent to each team base.
While in your respective base everyone must save respawn, activate pvp then the countdown starts and the match begins.
The objective is grab the gem in the middle of the map and carrying it to the enemy goal, when a team scores everyone must return to their respective respawn, then he admin will add another gem and the next round starts, the first team to score 5 times wins.


Ai Station 404 v0.1 (inspired in Awesomenauts)

  • Goal: the player who has the gem must go inside the enemy goal dying in the process but scoring one point for his team.
  • Healing Factories: where neutral mob spawn to be harvested by the healers of each team to heal team members.
  • Gem: the teams must compete to get the gem, whoever owns it must score on the enemy goal, the gem is dropped when the one who owns it dies (the gem cannot be thrown or passed).
  • ZeroG Zone: Zone covered in honey, slow path to score, the movement and projectiles speed are reduced.
  • Central Base: Provides cover, healing hearts and a good control of the map.
  • Trenches: Block the passage of the players and bullets from the center towards the goal but allow the passage from the goal to the center.
  • Aquatic tunnel: alternative path.
  • Exit tunnel: where players enter the arena.
  • Secondary exit: alternative exit to the arena (activate by switch)
  • Respawn: where players come back to life.


  • Striker: his role is to score, he is the fastest of all classes, and his goal is to take the gem before the opposing team and score in the enemy goal.
  • Defender: nothing escapes him, he is in charge of defending the goal, blocks the passage with tornadoes, turrets and executes whoever tries to score.
  • Rocket: Dominates the combat form the air, is responsible of push back the enemy, his damage is to fear and can clear the path for his team.
  • Healer: nobody will suffer with a healer by his side, he is in charge of heal allies and give them that last breath necessary to score.
  • Tank: nothing stops him, he is able to make his way in a rain of bullets and he is in charge of mitigating the damage that his allies receive and being a threat to the opposing team.
  • Assassin: Death stalks from the shadows, his function is to infiltrate and kill who is distracted to clean the enemy back lines and serve and easy path to score.
  • Beast Master: is responsible for being in the right place at the right time, his versatility allows him to take advantage of any situation either by killing enemies, defending or scoring.
Every class have unique equipment, weapons and accesories.


  1. -only new character soft core, 100hp, 20 mana, no additional objects.
  2. -throw every starting objects.
  3. -players can’t destroy block, wire or liquids.
  4. -Two players in the same team can’t chose the same class
  5. -players can’t trade or throw items.
  6. -players can’t change their team color or deactivate pvp in the middle of the match.
  7. -players must equip every item, vanity clothes of the class and dyes on the 3 armor slots.
  8. -You can’t throw the gem, you must try to score or die.
  9. -Follow the admin’s orders
  10. -Failing to comply with the rules will be grounds for sanction or ban.

How do I participate?
if you are interested you can add me on steam
(Rariaz) My steam friend code is 96107384
and also you can join the discord group where we can organize matches, talk and share your feedback:
Discord group:
Join the Terraria eSport Discord Server!
My discord: Rariaz#2208

In conclusion

Personally I think it is a project that can have a lot of potential to do events such as tournaments or pure fun. In the future if i see that there is interest I will make more maps, game modes and classes. Thank you for your interest, any questions leave your comment.
btw sry for he bad english

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