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  1. BattleDragon45

    BattleDragon45 Slime Collector

    Wait, DEC 10th!? yes! sorry Minecraft..
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  2. Thorthegreat12

    Thorthegreat12 Terrarian


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  3. Terra M Welch

    Terra M Welch The Destroyer

    Finally, non-PC version of terraria I will be able to play.
  4. Thorthegreat12

    Thorthegreat12 Terrarian

    Is it coming to Australia this time as well?
  5. Final

    Final Terrarian

    ... not sure if I'm going to get it, but it seems cool.
  6. Pikmin526

    Pikmin526 Spazmatism

    Would that be the reason why the trailer on Nintendo's website was silent?
  7. samufinland

    samufinland Terrarian

    Pedguin? Oh, nice to see you here.
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  8. samufinland

    samufinland Terrarian

    Imagine if there was Bowser riding a Koopa Clown Car as a boss. He flies all the time so it would work. I don't think tgat would happen though
  9. Kokonip Reaw

    Kokonip Reaw Terrarian

    My 3DS is still on Nintendo 3DS after a couple of months...
  10. Sword Ace

    Sword Ace The Destroyer

    Nice! I like the interface, I think it really takes advantage of having two screens.
  11. SnailsAttack

    SnailsAttack Dungeon Spirit

    Are those new backgrounds? Now i'm jealous. That forest one is awesome. :(
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  12. GoldenTerrabyte

    GoldenTerrabyte Official Terrarian

    I only have one question that I hope a dev can answer. How much space will this take?
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  13. daderpycoolguy

    daderpycoolguy Skeletron

    Still, amazing. I can finally get a game that is not related to nintendo!
    Super mario 3d land is really one of the few games I play a lot on there.
    I cannot wait to get it!
  14. BattleDragon45

    BattleDragon45 Slime Collector

    :eek:I truly Cant wait!:D:dryadgrin::merchantgrin::nursegrin:~:D`:D
  15. terrariaonvita

    terrariaonvita Terrarian

    Yay time to play on my new Nintendo 3ds XL along side my vita version :)
  16. The_Doctor

    The_Doctor Official Terrarian

    This looks sick! I'm super exited to now be able to play terraria anywhere.

    One question, what version of terraria will be released on the 3ds?
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  17. Lordcakespy

    Lordcakespy Lunatic Cultist

    Woo! I am SO excited for this! :D
  18. Artficial Relay Admin

    Artficial Relay Admin Steampunker

    guy will be really cool this game on Nintendo 3DS!
    using the touch screen and control will be a perfect match
  19. DoctorMcDerp

    DoctorMcDerp Plantera

    You mean... a 3DS version of Terraria? YES. Now I just have to get used to using mine again.
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  20. ZeroJinKui

    ZeroJinKui Terrarian

    wow... the interface on the 3DS version looks very nice.

    this works on the original 3DS, as well?

    i wish i had the money... i'd gladly get this on my 3DS. :dryadhappy:
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