3DS Terraria for 3DS Coming Soon

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That one I can answer!

3DS video capture (at least the one they used) doesn't also grab the in-game sound. So it had to be cobbled together in the trailer. We had them fix a handful of them, but some made it past. Sorry about that - the in game sounds should be just fine though. :)

Would that be the reason why the trailer on Nintendo's website was silent?
Well i was wanting to know as I have the PC version and was hoping for some of the unique mobile (and or) console bosses. I would also be happy if the wii U/3ds versions had special bosses all their own.

Imagine if there was Bowser riding a Koopa Clown Car as a boss. He flies all the time so it would work. I don't think tgat would happen though
Still, amazing. I can finally get a game that is not related to nintendo!
Super mario 3d land is really one of the few games I play a lot on there.
I cannot wait to get it!
This looks sick! I'm super exited to now be able to play terraria anywhere.

One question, what version of terraria will be released on the 3ds?
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wow... the interface on the 3DS version looks very nice.

this works on the original 3DS, as well?

i wish i had the money... i'd gladly get this on my 3DS. :dryadhappy:
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