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Poetry Terraria Haikus


With the large amount of terraria bosses, it's only right that there should be haikus for all of them!

King Slime

Slime squished together
A Golden Crown On its Head
It ate a ninja

Eye Of Cthulhu

Evil presence watching me
really big demon eye
And it has a mouth

Eater of Worlds

Massive Evil worm
It likes to eat lots of worlds
Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom

Brain of Cthulhu

A floating brain, Smart
ten feet in circumference
yo, there's more Brains

Queen Bee

You broke its larva
It is angered quite a lot
It wants to squish you

Dungeon Guardian

Though not a boss I made a haiku

Ignore an Old man
Down into the dark dungeon
Hey, is that a skull?


Great Bony Fingers
A very Large Spinning Skull
Its daytime - wait - AHHH

Wall of Flesh

Seal of the spirits
Fleshy racing wall of fear
It wants to eat me

Queen Slime

Pinky on steroids
big Crown of jeweled silver
and it has white wings

The Destroyer

Vibrations below
Massive Mechanical Worm
Cthulhu's Evil Spine

Skeletron Prime

Big metal Skeleton
Laser saw cannon vice eek
it's very scary

The Twins

The twins, Cthulhu's eyes
Cursed flame and big lasers
One has a big mouth


Large Plant, a bit chill
shooting seed after seed- oh
it opened it's bulb


Evil stone idol
Evil God of the Lizhards
Stone, Fire, Lasers- Cool

Empress of Light

a Massive Fairy
Terraprisma here I come!
Empress of the light

Duke Fishron

Fish out of water
Growling with Absolute Rage
Wants my Truffle Worm

Lunatic Cultist

The Evil Cultist
Summoned Cthulhu's Brother, oops
The Evil Pillars

Moon Lord

The lord of the moon
He has a big Death Laser
Brother of Cthulhu


They're quite awesome.
Not sure if it's 5-7-5 everywhere? But cool regardless.
Very nice! You seem quite talented.


Nice! Japanese haiku writers sometimes ignored the 5-7-5 syllable format. If you like the result, that's the important thing.

Five, seven, and five
Syllables. But if you lose track
Well, that's our secret.
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