10th Anniversary Terraria is Turning 10 Years Old - Celebrate with Us!


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Can you believe it, Terrarians? In a week's time, the game we all know and love so much will reach its tenth birthday! No doubt, it has been a long and amazing journey that we have enjoyed taking with you - one full of twists and turns, ups and downs, and more than a few surprises along the way. Even crazier is that Terraria is stronger than ever as it heads into its second decade - with no end in sight!

We could not do it or be here without the amazing and passionate support of each and every one of you - so we want to formally invite you to join in on the Terraria Tenth Anniversary Celebration! What all do we have in store? Well... here's the plan (though we won't rule out the possibility of there being more along the way):


10th Art 2108x460.png

Happy Birthday, Terraria and Terrarians! Today, the game we all know and love so much turns 10 years old. It has been a great time to look back and reflect on the past as well as look forward to what the future might hold. We hope that everyone has been able to participate in our "Pre-Anniversary" Contests thus far... and is looking forward to what today and the rest of the celebration holds. We did promise a few surprises along the way did we not? Let's dive in and open up this first birthday present...


That's right, Terrarians - the dev team put together their very own birthday gift from us to all of you. Now, this update may not contain any new content (we were serious when we said 1.4.2 was it ;) ) - it does contain a very special celebratory world seed that is unlike any other that we have made previously. Oh, and we did toss in a few neat bug fixes for you while we were at it...

To access this special new World Seed, you will need to figure out its name and enter that into the World Seed field on the World Creation Menu. What is the name of the seed? What surprises await you inside? Well, that is for you to uncover...
  • Added Celebratory Seed
  • Corrected the damage on Frost Armor's set bonus debuff from 20 to 25 DPS.
  • Fixed Vulkan and Metal rendering issues that lead to crash, on FNA builds.
  • Fixed a certain exploit.
  • Fixed missing tooltip in Queen Slime's treasure bag.
  • Fixed every vine type except Normal/Flower vines from passing on paint as they grow longer.
  • Fixed King Slime's spiked minions being able to pick up money and despawn with it, similar to Queen Slime's minions previously.

NOTE: Terraria requires a new dedicated server version for those that use it, linked below:





Starting today and running through May 17th at Noon Pacific Time, Terraria as well as the Terraria and Terraria: Otherworld Soundtracks will be 50% off in celebration of Terraria turning 10 years old on Sunday! If you have been waiting all this time to try out this amazing 2D sandbox adventure, there is no better time than now. Become a part of the second decade of Terraria... or even bring along a friend or four.

Click the banner image above to head to our Steam Store Page now!

(Oh... and this is your first sneak peek at the 10th Anniversary Art Piece ;) )



We are inviting everyone in this thread as well as a companion thread on Reddit and a special channel on the Terraria Discord to share their favorite memories from the past ten years with Terraria. You laughed, you cried, you enjoyed the ride - now tell us all about it. The team is planning to hop in and reminisce alongside the community - and we are hoping to compile our very favorite community memories and stories into something that we can all look back on for years to come.

So... here's where to go to share your Terraria Memories

TCF - post away in the thread you are currently reading!

r/Terraria Subreddit Memories Thread

Discord Terraria Memories Channel - Terraria Discord #10th-anniversary-memories




At last, Terrarians, we can reveal the entire AMAZING Tenth Anniversary Art Piece by Bohrokki to you all. Celebrating the multitude of armors and weapons from across the world of Terraria - and the seemingly endless ways to play - this piece reflects upon the community gathering together as much as it does the game itself. We are thrilled to be able to share this fitting work of art with each and every one of you out there. You inspire us to great things.

You will see a nice digital version below for now... and we are working with a handful of merchandise partners to try and bring a variety of printable options your way very soon - from the easy to the fancy/high end.


Please hit up Bohrokki anywhere you can find him and tell him how simply awesome he did here... this is truly worthy of the occasion!




Of course, you knew we couldn't resist playing an active role in this celebration! The entire Re-Logic team will be conducting an AMA on the r/Terraria Subreddit on May 17th, beginning at 10am Pacific Time. We will do our very best to have as many team members as possible answer each and every question (or at least the ones we have an answer for...). You will NOT want to miss out on this chance to ask the burning questions for the team.


On top of that, be on the lookout for Re-Logic team members hanging out in Discord in the Terraria-Chat channel over the next couple of weeks - we have encouraged everyone on the team to take some time out (as they can) to actively hang out and enjoy the festivities! The link to our Discord Server is below!





It’s celebration time Terrarians!

Incredible to think that TEN YEARS ago Redigit launched his amazing creation of Terraria into the world for us all to enjoy. From its humble beginnings to selling 35 Million copies across all platforms, it all started with Redigit’s imagination.

Now it’s your turn to infuse Terraria with your own imagination. In honor of Terraria’s tenth anniversary, we’re having a contest where you get to show off your own creativity, and how you envision Terraria. There are categories for all Terrarians, whether you play on PC, Console, Mobile, or even our new Stadia players.

We have a category for Steam Workshop Maps and Texture Packs, a category for Art, a category for Screenshots featuring in-game builds, and even a category for Other - anything that doesn't fit into the first three categories. You can choose to enter any category you'd like, so get your ideas ready, join us to celebrate, and dive in!




This contest is all about your in-game building prowess. Show us your very best creations in game that fit the theme of celebrating Terraria turning 10 years old! Screenshots, videos of animated creations, whatever your mind can dream up, we want you to share it with us!

This contest starts TODAY and will run through May 16th at 11:59pm Pacific Time

What can you win?
10th Pins-border.png

The Top 5 entries (as selected by us) will each get a full set of the really cool pins shown in the image above!

Where do I enter?
Entries for the Very Terrarian Birthday Contest can be submitted in the locations listed below. The time stamp for your post will be used to ensure you meet the deadline. Any posts made after the deadline will not count! :)

TCF Very Terrarian Birthday Contest Entry Thread

r/Terraria - Very Terrarian Birthday Contest Entry Thread

Discord - Very Terrarian Birthday Contest Entry Channel (DISCORD SERVER) #10th-anniversary-events



This is your chance to craft a love letter to Terraria by way of Birthday Card. Create and share your very own "Happy Tenth Birthday, Terraria" card, and you might just pick up one of those amazing pin sets below. Beyond the promise of prizes, though, is the chance to show the world how much Terraria means to you - and really, we just are looking forward to seeing them and trying not to cry. ;(

This contest starts TODAY and will run through May 16th at 11:59pm Pacific Time

What can you win?
10th Pins-border.png

The Top 5 entries (as selected by us) will each get a full set of the really cool pins shown in the image above!

Where do I enter?
Entries for the To Terraria With Love Contest can be submitted in the locations listed below. The time stamp for your post will be used to ensure you meet the deadline. Any posts made after the deadline will not count! :)

TCF To Terraria with Love Contest Entry Thread

r/Terraria - To Terraria with Love Contest Entry Thread

Discord - To Terraria with Love Contest Entry Channel (DISCORD SERVER) #10th-anniversary-events


That's it for now, folks. Of course, as more possibly gets added, we will cover it here. That said, use the rest of the thread here for sharing your very best Terraria memories. Good, Bad, and Ugly, we want to hear it all! Thank you so much for everything over the years - and here's to ten more (or even more)!

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A lot can happen in 10 years. It's amazing to think Terraria is already that old. I still remember the early days when Terraria 1st came out and when I first began playing the game with the 1.1 update roughly 8-9 years ago. I was a very different person back then.

To me Terraria is more than just another game, it is a beacon of video games. it was a quality game from when it first came out and each update up to Journey's End has continued to improve on it more and more. My favorite features were added in Journey's End which will ensure that Terraria stays as a game to be remembered. In an era where it is common for developers to charge extra for new updates and load in microtransactions, Re-Logic has opted to make all future updates free while pouring their hearts and souls into improving the game.

They didn't have to do it, but they did anyway, because the developers are also gamers and love the game they created. That is why Terraria itself and its developers are beacons of the gaming industry in my eyes. Terraria represents the way I think game updates should be handled. After almost 3,000 hours of gameplay, Terraria still remains one of my most played games, and I'll still have many playthroughs to enjoy Terraria with thanks to what the Journey's End update added.

From the times I first learned how to craft a Grapple Hook, craft my first pair of Angel Wings, to when I picked up a Frostbrand or Nature's Gift, when I built my first wooden box house and got surrounded by zombies outside, when I first stumbled upon the Corruption and Jungle to be swarmed and defeated by Eater of Souls and Hornets. to the epic bosses when I first defeated Eye of Cthulhu, Duke Fishron, and the Moon Lord on Expert Mode, Terraria is full of fantastic memories. There's so much that I love about Terraria itself that it is difficult to list everything. Having 5,000+ items available to collect always makes each new playthrough a rewarding experience.

Terraria is also important for allowing the creation of Terraria Online and later the Terraria Community Forums. It has been a life changing experience becoming part of the Forums, making friends I never expected to make and a great place to call home on the internet which can too often be filled with unwarranted hostility. Terraria Community Forums serves as a great home for Terraria and for others to feel welcome and respected.

Thank you to the developers and my fellow Staff members for allowing me to serve for 4+ years as a Moderator of the Forums I love. I hope to continue helping out anyway I can for Terraria, the Forums, and any future games that Re-Logic decides to work on. Like I said earlier, Terraria is more than just a game to me, it introduced me to one of my favorite communities. For anyone I haven't interacted with as much, I look forward to being able to build even more new friendships through this community.

So Happy 10 years to the game that introduced a fantastic experience!
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I'm really hoping for something like a 10th anniversary seed, maybe an 10th anniversary easter egg or event in Terraria, texture pack, map, or something to be added to Terraria for the 10th anniversary, either that or some information about future projects that the devs have planned.
Wowee, ten years of Terraria.

My first experience with Terraria was back in the 1.2 days, I think. I knew next to nothing, and despite not remembering much of it now, it was magical. There was a pure sense of discovery throughout the game (which I soon ruined by reading up on anything and everything on the wiki lol) that I hadn't experienced before then. The post-wiki days which were filled with messing around and progression were amazing as well!

My favorite moments of these times include the "Rope of Rescue". A rope in a random corruption pit I had a hard time not falling into as a kid that saved me from dying many times. You might think it isn't much, but with childish wonder and some good company, it was made all the more important. The lack of knowledge added to a lot of these moments, the misnaming of biomes being looked back on with amusement (Crimson = Red Place, Mushrooms = Neon Biome, truly naming at it's finest), discovering The Undertaker for the first time (still one of my favorite guns), firing dozens of confetti cannons after a big victory (seeing them for the first time was all that was needed for instant love), pranking my sister by firing off flares in her house (flares are incredibly disrupting, as you'd all probably know), abusing world generation to break into the Temple before Plantera (it was literally a hole), the list goes on.

All these highlights in the early days aren't to say more modern events weren't great. For instance: attempting to build good buildings was a fun experience (I still suck a building), there was this funny time my sister got 2 slime staves in the same playthrough (and in suprisingly quick succession, maybe a day, a week apart. I still haven't gotten a Rod of Discord lmao), trying the Old One's Army was fun, really all of the new content was fun. For instance when I made the transition to Console, and was able to beat the Moon Lord for the first time, it was amazing. Besides the early gameplay moments, the only thing that could top building up the the grand fight the first time was killing Moon Lord itself. It was even accentuated by the repeated failure on the way. The triumph of besting the Moon Lord with family in tow was incredible.

This post is probably getting a little long so I'm going to round this out with one of the best things Terraria as a game has given me: The Community. Now, I may not be in a lot of the big servers, but for the most part all of the Terraria servers I've interacted with have been stellar. Without Terraria I wouldn't have met a lot of people, those who are now friends. I don't think Terraria could be replaced with anything I could have seen/experienced.

I want to thank all the developers that worked on the game over this 10 year period just for making such a brilliant game. Thank you.
My best memory of Terraria was when I first started playing, and I was exploring the map. I was near the ocean, and a king slime naturally spawned and I got so scared and I was running away screaming like a baby. little did I know that a couple years later id be here on the 10th anniversary of the game. Since then I've made many more memories playing the game and overall terraria is one of, if not my favorite game that I have ever played and I look forward to playing it even more in the future.
The very first time I played Terraria, I'm glad it was summer break (I'm a teacher). I remember staying up until 4 or 5 in the morning, sleeping for a few fitful hours, and going right back to it. I think I played for roughly two weeks straight! This was before you could walk up 1-tile stairs automatically, so I was really working my jump key. Built myself a sizeable castle with customized living quarters for all my townsfolk... and then the update that added the Hallow and Crimson arrived! Terraria has been a consistently entertaining game, and my friends and I have come back to it to start from scratch multiple times. Thanks for the memories!
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