10th Anniversary Terraria is Turning 10 Years Old - Celebrate with Us!


When it comes to my time with Terraria I've overall enjoyed my time and have been around since the original console release and have been a console player throughout my entire time playing the game. I remember trying the game out on the Xbox Arcade as a demo and it being one of the first games I ended up buying on there alongside Castle Crashers and Minecraft. For a while I played almost religiously and would research about the game a lot in order to figure out how to do this and that, and what bosses should be fought and how to fight them. My first time beating the Wall of Flesh was a ride, probably about three concentrated hours of effort on a school night, and I ended up finally winning at about two to three in the morning, but it was all worth it since I had finally made it to hardmode... And then promptly died to a possessed armor. I had also played a lot with my sister on PlayStation and she surprisingly really enjoyed Terraria as she normally doesn't like video games. One of my favorite memories is playing the game with her within the first week of 1.3 coming out for PlayStation and fighting the Moon Lord with my side of splitscreen not working at all and using her screen to fight the Moon Lord, of course I still wasn't so good at the game that I didn't die repeatedly doing so haha, but she survived long enough each time that we eventually whittled Moon Lord down. I even remember times where I'd go to school and leave my console on to farm meteor heads when that was a strategy for biome keys/molds, which in hindsight probably means I might've despawned some molds/keys. After the 1.3 fiasco started settling down three friends of mine and I eventually made a world and each of us playing a specific class, although the friend running summoner was basically playing magic with some summoning as summoner wasn't the greatest. I remember getting a crimson key in that same world after my friend running melee had spend nearly six hours trying to get one while I was just passing through. We've played through the game several times other than that world, and I usually hosted them so I still have the worlds saved. We just last year tried to do an expert world starting from scratch, and we actually did make it into hardmode, however my friends stopped playing due to how frequent sandstorms and blizzards are currently on console, and our world has deserts on both sides, so we have to spend a lot of trouble and time just traversing through the deserts. I did make a sky bridge to circumvent that issue, but they've decided they don't wish to play until 1.4 comes out on console. I really do love Terraria and all the memories it's given me and despite my negativity in some posts I really do appreciate the game being around for as long as it has and hope the best for everyone involved in its creation.


Duke Fishron
Share my memories, huh? Here's a few that I like.

Some of my fondest Terraria memories would be during the summer of 2017. A SCF user named Delthea ran multiplayer Hardcore Expert runs throughout all of August and September, and my god if they weren't a blast. It truly was an experience, playing on Hardcore with so many people. You can't really know it unless you have done it yourself. The insane risk-taking, the cheating and toxicity, the absurd ways to die, all the dumb memes and trolling. It was truly anything-goes. Some of the highlights:
- Me using a boomerang's knockback and a Snow Flinx to score two kills against friendly players by complete accident.
- Single-handedly sabotaging a run which had reached the Wall of Flesh (really good for the hectic nature of these runs) by being a bit too reckless with a Guide Voodoo Doll and a pair of Lava Waders which I had miraculously acquired. This is furthest I ever made it in these runs, but it was a truly spectacular way to go out, and I don't think I stopped laughing about it until the sun went down.
- Auto-placement and minecart rails. It was a rite of passage, dying to this.
- The one and only <unnamed 12k (7k at the time) hour elitist> joined our run, cheated, died to a Spiked Ice Slime, and flexed how good he was. Comedic. If you were active on the SCF, you know who this lovely person is.
Most of my screenshots have been lost to the ether, but there is still proof of these events happening. See the attached image. I know these things don't mean much to others, but they always make me smile, and were some of the best moments I had playing this game.

Some silly nooby things back in July/August 2011 when I begun playing:
- Coming across Demonite for the first time and not knowing what it was or how to mine it. I thought it was some kind of Cobalt.
- Trashing my axe, and not knowing how to get it back. I seriously spent like, 10 hours, playing the game without an axe. Literally just exploring the world with a pickaxe and my willpower. Still fell in love with the game though.
- Finding my first Sky Island by sheer accident using a Water Bolt directly above my base.
- Using the Hardcore ghost to explore the world when I was too cowardly to do it normally.

I don't have a specific direction I am going in or point to make. All I can really say is that this game really does mean a lot to me. I am critical of it, but it will always hold a very special place in my heart, and it is absolutely crazy to think that it is already 10 years old. Here's to 10 more. And thank you for giving me the opportunity to share some of this silly little memories!


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One of my earliest memories of playing the game comes from the Desert Biome. In the early days of the game, cactuses existed in the foreground and if you touched them, you'd get hurt and even worse, if you weren't immune to fallback....well, yeah. I got knocked back so many times from a dang cactus that I crafted a long, jaggedy wood bridge across the desert just over the tops of all the cacti JUST so I could get through it without getting bounced around like a big noob! Lol good times. I still have a screenshot of that desert which by now has a useless bridge with harmless background cacti in it. :p Now I have the urge to visit that old map and relive the memories of my first world gen. What treasures did I value and store away? What crude structures did I build to make it through a boss fight or troublesome environmental hazard? I don't know, but I do know this - I've never gotten tired of Terraria in 10 years and I can't say that about any other game. Thanks for 10 amazing fun years Terraria <3


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Happy birthday, Terraria! Been playing this game since all the way back in October 2011, and it remains as one of my all-time favourites. I'll certainly be interested in whatever it is you guys decide to work on in the future. Thank you Re-Logic, for creating this game and continuing to update it for such a long period of time.


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I still can't believe that this amazing game is 10 yrs old, But anyways here are some of my memories with this game over the years.

The First Night
One of my most fond memories was my first night in this game. It was November 2015, I got this game alongside my PS4 because I heard It had similarities to Minecraft. With as big of a Minecraft fan I was at the time I got this game without a second thought. I played it, for a bit and soon realized I had no idea what I was doing, so I went to play something else. I did not touch the game much until Later that week when my friend came over. He saw the game lying on my tv stand and asked If we could play it. I warned him that the game was difficult but he insisted. So we then loaded up a new world, with neither of us knowing what we were doing we spent the first day chopping trees killing slimes, and just wandering around. We soon realized that the sun was setting and knowing how challenging it was dealing with slimes we feared what the night would bring. As panic set in we quickly tried to throw a shelter together, but since we did not know that the game had different "Cursors" For building and mining we did not get very far. The sun was fully set and the moon began to rise, with it came Zombies and floating eyes, we tried to fight them off with the sorry excuses for weapons we had (Copper short swords) to no avail. With no shelter and powerful new enemies everywhere, we dug a hole in the side of a hill, slapped a door on it, and hid there until the sun rose, we did not know how to make proper houses for NPCs so the guide soon became food for the zombies.

The Wall
With all of the other pre hardmode bosses down, the time came for the
One fight me and my friend dreaded, The Wall of flesh. The only things we knew about this boss was that it was In Hell, We needed a long bridge for It, and It stood between us and hardmode. So one boring dig to the underworld, a bridge-building session, and several deaths later, the time for the fight came. I threw the doll into lava and we watched in horror as the WoF slowly made its way onto the screen. We quite literally threw everything we had at this boss, arrows, spike balls, spells, grenades, beenades, bombs even Nothing worked We even tried chasing after it killed us just to get killed again or to die trying. I remember one instance when I was going after the WoF when it grabbed me with its tongue and then killed me by dragging me into lava. Many Deaths later we gave in deeming this boss impossible.

I then spent several days grinding for stars for my star cannon, and after watching some other YouTubers kill the WoF I gained the courage to try again. I resummoned the wall and unloaded every single star I had into Its eyes. My heart was racing the whole time, even more so when I ran out of stars and chipped its small bit of HP left with my other weapon. But then It finally happened, the Wall was defeated, this literal wall in progression was finally dead, I was finally in Hardmode. With my heart still racing I paused the game, took a breather, and called my friend to tell him the news.

I already loved this game before but playing through hardmode for the first time easily made it one of my favorite games of all time. :D
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Thank you everything Redigit for made this Journey.
A Journey about how started Terraria and after 10 year how become the one of biggest game of history.
The Journey's End not mean that the end, each time you make a new world a new journey begin.
And that the reason to name Terraria a Never ending Journey.


Happy 10th birthday terraria! My first memory of terraria is on either the iPad or xbox 360 my dad has when I was a kid.


I remember starting on the mobile version many years ago, when it was on version 1.1. Then a few years later i bought the PC version because i loved it on mobile so much, and 300 hours later i’m still loving it

First Boss

The Destroyer
I have a few memories. Like when I first got into hardmode on the Wii U version, playing and beating the game on the Switch version, finishing a playthrough with a friend on the PC version, etc. Lemme explain that last one a little more. So I was playing Terraria with a friend, and I chose to go only summoner (post 1.4) and he went ranged. It was a very long playthrough, but was very fun, we made lots of cool builds, we beat the Moon Lord a few times, and collected a lot of items. It was really fun. On the switch version, I remember feeling so anxious every time I fought Moon Lord (oh yeah, I also happened to have the Pillar event active almost all the time mostly because of how difficult the Solar Pillar is), and I remember collecting every dev set. I never beat the game on the Wii U version (no Moon Lord, only Ocram), but it was one of the first times I had gotten into hardmode in Terraria. Couple other short things:
  • Getting the Bone Key (dungeon guardian)
  • Beating the game on Expert mode
  • Beating the game on """""Master""""" mode
  • Doing playthroughs with my friends on the Switch version
  • Seeing the 1.3.5 switch announcement and getting hyped
  • 1.4 getting released and watching countdowns to it
    That's basically it. I wish I could put a lot more words on here, but I can't think of anything else to say currently.
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I am so happy! I remember when terraria first came out and I was like “I’ll try it, I guess” now it’s the best game in the world!


The Destroyer
Here Are My Memories Of Terraria

2015-Xbox 360 played it for 10 mins and rage quit like the 8 year old I was
2018-Xbox One played for a week and had so much fun, I didn’t defeat any bosses but I built a house and npcs moved in and I had a lot of fun doing it.
My world had a snow biome right next to my house and I built a little mining tunnel straight down like a hellevator unde my house.
April 7th 2021 I got the game for pc and have been playing for a month and have been having so much fun and on may 5th I defeated the moon lord. May 10th I finally got a meowmere after killing the moon lord 16 times and crafted my zenith and got Legendary Reforge first try,

Terraria is one of my three favorite games of all time first being Minecraft Second being Destiny 2 Third Terraria

When I bought the game on steam on April 7th 2021 And booted it up and heard the music playing I felt a wave of nostalgia.And remembered my time playing it on Xbox One and the nostalgic music.It brought back my memories of Terraria I had forgot.

Happy Anniversary Terraria!
Congrats On 10 Wonderful Years!
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I have a couple fond memories actually, the first being when i was playing the 1.2 mobile demo, and i fought Lepus of all things, it took over and hour of hit and run, but i beat him.
I also remember the first time i entered Hardmode, i was really excited for seeing just what Hardmode had for me, and i remember when i first opened 1.3 Terraria Mobile, after waiting 3 years, it was finally here, and it was a complete overhaul i'll never forget.


i still remember when i was first introduced to the game...

back in 2011, my nephew was playing the game on his PC and i was immediately drawn to it, it stuck in my mind until the day it came out on console... the day i was checking the playstation store on my ps3 and came across terraria was a huge surprise, cause i honestly had no idea it was coming to console.

bought it right away and proceeded to spend countless hours in it... my first world was small, and i had no idea how to play, i started on a cliff with a huge drop to the left, just one big canyon... and to the right was a huge hill with a cave entrance.

i was unaware of how far i could drop without dying, so i proceeded to dig a huge tunnel system throughout the entirety of the cliffside and the hill, sealing off different paths, i basically played like a dwarf. :dryadtongue:

that early game fear, paranoia, and excitement is something i'll always remember, and miss.

since then i've only played on large worlds and i almost always charge into dangerous areas early on to get my favorite early-game gear... it's like day and night compared to how i first played.

terraria has cemented its place as one of my favorite games of all time, and the updates have only taken it higher up on that list.

re-logic providing so much for the fans, for free, even... has really made them a shining beacon in this world.

greed drives so much of the world, so seeing such a generous team of developers has been like a dream.

i'm glad this game became such a success, and i hope it will live on for more decades to come. :dryadhappy:

Elemental Δ

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Terraria was the first game I played, and it took me down a long, amazing road. I remember playing and building a huge floating base out of stone slabs, having a crafting area right by a corruption chasm(for the demon altar), and watching my sister play in her own hilarious way. I remember fighting the Eater of Worlds, and getting the pixie vanity set from it, and accidentally discovering that dropped items don't stay between sessions. I remember fighting Skeletron for the first time, and getting destroyed. I remember discovering the Dungeon Guardians, finding Heart Crystals, getting to the Underworld, and finally, just recently, beating the game. I remember hours of exploring, mining, fighting, dying, crafting, and building. This game is my favorite game of all time, and nothing will ever top it. Thank you for the memories and the fun, Re-Logic. It's been a great time for all of us.
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