10th Anniversary Terraria is Turning 10 Years Old - Celebrate with Us!


oh, now this feels good to see.
happy 10 years, terraria!
funny thing, i only joined the terraria community early last year, a few months before journey's end released.
i remember the many hours i spent starig at the terraria wiki until my eyes gave out long before even buying the game.
i bought the game in june, and i remember the first time i had booted up the game. i clicked start on steam and the game booted up. then, the music. it had sort of nostalgic feel, bringing in feelings that i didnt even know of.
another big part of my journey was the content creators. the way i actually found terraria was when pewdiepie first made his playthrough videos back in late 2019. now, i had heard of terraria before then, but i thought it would be as intriguing as that.
i think the next content creator i watched after that was chippy gaming. this gave me a look into how big the game actually was, and the community.
this was also the first place i found the modding community. mods like calamity, shadows of abbadon, thorium, and fargo's soul mod.
another content creator i watched was happy days, which triggered my interest in letsplays. his OP class videos were also really entertaining and informative, and started watching regularly from there.
around maybe 4 months after journey's end was released i found another content creator, ritto gaming.
now, i dont even know where to go from here. ritto was the reason for many things that make the person i am today.
i first found him from his journey's end showcases and calamity showcases.
then i watched his playthroughs and found out he had a discord server. this was news to me, because i had used discord before then, but after joining, i spent every day on discord, talking to the community.
and from watching ritto's playthroughs, also triggered my (probably unhealthy) obsession of the calamity mod.
i browsed the wiki just like how i browsed the terraria wiki those many months ago.
and on the discord server, i met many friends.
one of them, invited me to play a shadows of abaddon playthrough.
before this i hadn't ever played terraria with another person, so this was a new experience entirely. i had lots of fun, and built up my hours on tmodloader up to 60.
shortly after this, i decided to start a calamity rogue playthrough. and, it was the funnest few months of 2020 i ever had.
going into 2021, things were going well. i was having fun on calamity mod, until finally hitting a dead end on supreme calamitas, but still was determined to defeat her.
then, one tuesday in February, i got a few messages from the person that i played SoA with. a bunch of links. he was literally spamming me with them, so i decided to check them out.
told me i had unlocked something an asked me to give my steam username and password.
around a minute later, a message popped up from steam saying i had been signed out.
i tried logging in, but it was no use. i tried getting my password back, but the email address had been changed.
my steam, stolen. over 30 dollars worth of games, stolen. my precious hours, stolen. and i couldnt get it back.
i was devastated. i spammed the person who sent those links on discord, but then he blocked me. i checked his messaging history on the discord server and he showed the rest of the server how i spammed him. and someone told him to block me. so he did.
the next few weeks, i was in a sort of depressive state. no longer had my main source of entertainment, and tried cheering myself up by just trying to get it out of my head until i just didnt care anymore.
and that is story of me and terraria.

TL;DR: i got into terraria and my steam got hacked and i was sad lol

Lord Garak

I think my best memory of Terraria was when 1.2 rolled around and I used the Clentaminator to cleanse my first world of corruption. My original house had been covered in thorns and corrupt grass so watching it turn back into purity and all the NPCs return was very cathartic.


Empress of Light
Best memories is the fact I've not only encountered fantastic people here, but amongst friends we had a lot of fun exploring and getting into trouble together. Now I like coming up with weird designs and setups when I'm not engaging in my playthroughs. But seriously, here's to many more years down the road. :dryadgrin:

Daikon Ocelot

Ah, I remember the first time I got hit by cavern trap. Shocking, deadly, and most of all hilarious. I laugh to my own death.

I also remember the first time I join here, 2018. That was a fine year for me, greeting new comers like the usual.


Torch God
We are inviting everyone in this thread as well as a companion thread on Reddit and a special channel on the Terraria Discord to share their favorite memories from the past ten years with Terraria. You laughed, you cried, you enjoyed the ride - now tell us all about it. The team is planning to hop in and reminisce alongside the community - and we are hoping to compile our very favorite community memories and stories into something that we can all look back on for years to come.

So... here's where to go to share your Terraria Memories
Ah yes, Terraria, this beautiful game I found when I was just 11 years old. Actually, it's an amazing game, and I have much, but so much to thank you all developers, and mainly Redigit for his incredible creativity on creating this game. As I said in my profile, I found Terraria back in 2013 while searching for games in Playstore, but firstly what I found was its demo version, and just with that little information of the game I fell in love with this incredible game. Then, I asked my father to buy it to me and he gave me Terraria as a gift for my 12 years birthday, at july 28th, and I was so amazed with the game. I have lots of good memories of playing it and I'm so thankful for you for having created this game. So, one more thing I remember, is when I still was a noob (laughs) and I was trying to change my things from one chest to another and organize them, but I didn't know how to do it, and the chest was full, and also my inventory was, and I just threw my items in the floor and then a crash suddenly happened and I lost all my items, both from the chest and my inventory. I cried so much that day.. hahahahah.
I remember also when there happened a bug and one of my worlds was substituted by a world that looked exactly like the one you play when you are playing the tutorial, and I opened it and it actually worked very well and I tried to use some techniques to go down in that "false underworld" that was just a 8 blocks high lava pool over a one block thin of obsidian, and I passed it, I remember breaking the blocks and falling much more, and the I fell again in a bigger pool, with like, the double of depth than the previous one and I don't exactly remember what I did then but it was so strange because I deleted that strange world after some moment and my previous world returned to its place that was taken, really crazy.
Another thing I remember is the sensation I felt when I first knew the Crimson: it felt so strange to me, I was seeing that and thinking: "What a bloody and gory biome this, huh?" but at the same time I liked it because it was a new experience for me and, I remember also that I had so much fear of the face monster, even though I knew it wasn’t looking directly at me, is was like if I incorporated the character I was controling, like if I was in his place.
Another really scary sensation was when I first saw the WALL OF FLESH. In mobile, in that version, I remember letting fall the guide voodoo doll in the lava for accident, and also, I heard an incredibly loud and scary shout coming from my left, and I looked over the map and felt SO MUCH SCARED when I saw that skull with fire coming out from its eyes, that icon in the map scared me so much that I ran until the far edge of the map and I didn't understand that at all, even when the boss came at me at high speeds and it literally destroyed me in pieces and I was so scared! Well, that's it, I have more memories but I think that's more than enough for you all, sorry for the giant text! Happy Anniversary!!
So... here's where to go to share your Terraria Memories

TCF - post away in the thread you are currently reading!
How's the best way to start this? Hmmm... 🤔🥤

Estimated date; date of event, June 30, 2014 approximately 3:36pm

Let's start off with a celebration, that seems appropriate enough, right? Please don't ask what we were celebrating, because honestly, I don't recall. I do remember being superbly impressed by Terraria's social features, before ever killing my first Slime. I guess that's probably a great place to start, dates & times aren't really as important to me as the memorable moments. I didn't know enough about the game at the time to love it or hate it, but I knew the social potential that Terraria had almost immediately, and held on to that aspect 'til this day! ☝️😄

Estimated date; date of event, July 03, 2014 approximately 3:10am

Let's jump ahead somewhat to a more "classic scene", two edgelords, standing back-to-back, sizing each other up to kick off the cliché "rivalry". The rush to being the most powerful Mage alive, pretty much began here; suffice to say, I won the race. Winning this rivalry didn't come easy, and there was unfortunately a real-life cost. I won't go into all the details here but, this was a very defining moment in gaming history for me. Remember I'd brought up the "social potential" this game offered, right from the beginning...?

...well, it was and still is the driving force behind my passion for Terraria. I didn't always love everything about this game, some parts, when I started to develop my "sea legs", obviously needed work, but there was something surprisingly special here and I needed to dive a lil' deeper to discover exactly what that special "thing" was. It was hard to love this game, and that's the God's honest truth, but I didn't give up on it!

Estimated date; date of event, July 04, 2014 approximately 12:14pm

How did we get here you ask...? Remember when I told you that I have an interesting relationship with Terraria; oh I didn't? "I have a rather interesting relationship with Terraria". I'm still not sure why this happens, but the company I keep are a group that love to invoke ire, so don't ever suggest that a Boss, Enemy or Level in any game is "easy" around them, because they are the masters of griefing! Believe it or not, I somehow survived this fiasco, because I'd seen worse. By this time, I'd already visited several Hardmode Worlds, so learning to survive in chaos was a skill I'd already obtained.

Honestly, considering how chaotic my introduction to this game was, I'd say that in many ways, I learned Terraria "backward". First I developed fundamentals, then I went to discover what was possible, before ever knowing the order in which this was supposed to occur. No Wiki, only small, harsh lessons and bits of information from Veteran Players was my rite of passage.

Estimated date; date of event, July 04, 2014 approximately 3:56pm

Pun intended, but this was around the time I started to "dig" into the lore... just like my Player Character, I wanted to test the limits of what Terraria had to offer, outside of just killing stuff. I wanted to know which kinds of building materials were "indestructible", what Biomes spawned what Enemies, you name it, I wanted to know about it! Keep in mind, I didn't even have more than 160 health at this time, but my focus was already elsewhere. Me and my Character had similar goals, we were experimenting now, we were "Mad Scientists"! 🔬😁🧪

Estimated date; date of event, July 02, 2014 approximately 6:02am

Let's pull back just a tad bit, because I don't wanna give off the impression that I'm some kind of gaming prodigy or something. I was still learning the game just like everyone else. The only likely difference is that my teachers were cruel and competitive. Terraria was not a very inviting place when I arrived, so I was forced to adapt in more ways than I could possibly remember. I didn't want to hide behind protective blocks forever, but I did learn of their existence, if ever the need for them was a necessity.

I had to discover what I loved about the game on my own terms, because the group I arrived with were also my rivals. The amusing part about my adventure, was that I had no intention of competing with my teachers, until I did! It was only when I decided to compete, that the game really opened up for me! Saying you were the strongest of the group was one thing, but actually being the strongest was another... ☝️😌

Estimated date; date of event, July 19, 2015 approximately 4:27pm

This is likely where I started to love Terraria, this is the obscure, underappreciated portion that sank it's lovely fangs into my skin! Once I got involved with the PvP community, there was no going back! Everything was a competition at this point and I'm sure many of you can see where the original trio, that started it all, went sour. The competition that I originally wanted nothing to do with, became my passion as well. I wanted to be the very best, like no-one ever was! 🎵

There were very few Players that could compete with the Great and Mighty "Spazzle"! I feel kinda bad about most of my victories though, only because I have to assume now, that a large majority of them were probably won against teenagers or younger children. Still, I wanted to be ready for the eventual challenge I knew was coming, the race to being the greatest Mage to ever do it was still in play, I had to be well-prepared.

Estimated date; date of event, July 15, 2014 approximately 6:48am

For the sake of context, I just wanna express how seriously I was taking this rivalry! This was the long-game for me, I had no intention of "losing", to the point I was congregating with other "Mages" just to see what I could see. I was never too good to learn from other Terrarians and honestly, that's where a large majority of my information about the game came from; people showing me how it's done, not really telling me or explaining things, I needed to see it for myself. 🧐🤔

Estimated date; date of event, July 11, 2014 approximately 2:05pm

Estimated date; date of event, July 16, 2014 approximately 4:45am

I was thinking about kill-engines before I even knew what a kill-engine was!

I also think it's important to express just how rewarding the feeling of "not knowing" was for me back then. Oftentime it truly felt as if Terraria was bending to my Character's will, my mind was in a very instinctual place once I felt that I understood what this game was. "Fear me!", was my motto, right beside becoming the "Unofficial Party Leader". It was highly rewarding to start out as the least informed Player in the party, that everyone is handing things to, with an almost insulting amount of charity, to transforming into likely the most valuable strategist in the entire group!

As I expressed earlier, it came at a great cost, but I wouldn't trade that feeling for anything, even if it was just from a video game! Terraria was becoming more, something at the time, that I couldn't describe in words. I have the words now, but that feeling of not having them, was way-too valuable an experience, to cheapen with just a few sentences. Some things are better left mysteries; and it's not as if this memory will ever go beyond a personal journey, so there isn't much to be lost with not sharing every detail, as I'm sure I've probably shared too much... 😅🤷‍♂️

Estimated date; date of event, July 06, 2014 approximately 1:17am

Believe me when I tell you, Terraria has humbled me many-a-time; this adventure was far from a one-sided journey to godhood! Many of the loses, I took personally! It was all fun and games at the end of the day, but I assure you that there was a burning fire of vengeance, smoldering under all of the fails, humor and laughter. I started to love the game, I started to care about the Townsfolk in my village, that I'd built-by-hand, this was all very personal! So when a Pirate and his crewmates, wipe-out my entire town, a township that I was supposed to protect... oh, it hit a bit differently, than it would in another video game!

That's Terraria for you though, it'll grab onto you in ways you'd never anticipate and sometimes, without you even realizing it, until after-the-fact. Let's just say that those Pirates got what was coming to them and I enjoyed every moment of mowing them down in my pre-Hardmode World!

Estimated date; date of event, July 10, 2014 approximately 10:12pm

I know that it's likely not true, but feeling like you're the originator of the "Honey Bath" set-up is super rewarding. As you can probably tell by now, this was yet another instance were I was gradually falling into the default leadership role. Everything was about preparation, preparation, preparation! As long as you were prepared and had a game plan, even if it wasn't the best game plan in the World, victory was possible!

I just figured it was important to show that my confidence was earned, gradually. I didn't wake up and suddenly become a master at Terraria, I'm still learning the game as of this entry. I just think it's important to keep things grounded and placed in their proper perspective, I don't wanna give out the wrong impression. Terraria would end up bending to my will, only because it came very close to breaking me on many occasions. It was my endurance, love and perseverance that lead me to where I am today; it was and still is, an amazing journey!

Estimated date; date of event, July 11, 2014 approximately 2:05pm

When I tell you that everything became a competition, I wasn't joking!

I could go on and on, but I should probably wrap this up... from humble beginnings, to becoming a master, it's the purist essence of what Terraria is to me. There's nothing special about my Terraria story or my personal memories, they're just different, in some way or another, big or small. Everyone has their own personal story and in some respect, all of our stories are the same. We've all probably grown from hiding in our small, wooden boxes from scary Zombies, to annihilating a once, intimidating Boss, in a matter of seconds!

Estimated date; date of event, July 03, 2014 approximately 3:09am

Moving away from mere curiosity...

Estimated date; date of event, July 10, 2014 approximately 10:12pm

...to the realm of discovery, is feeling like no other! You just can't get these kinds of moments in any other video game! Terraria is special in so many ways, some easier to describe than others.

Estimated date; date of event, July 03, 2014 approximately 3:10am

This is what Terraria is to me, a Heroes' Journey in it's truest form! I wasn't around for all of the ten, amazing years this game had to offer, but I was certainly watching, very close! When it came down to making a choice between this game and Minecraft, I already knew which ship I wanted to sail on. I get that it's ok to like both games, but I don't personally work that way, it was one or the other... and I chose Terraria! ☝️😌

Happy 10th Birthday Terraria!
Thanks for letting me share...

-Toxophilite [East], May 10, 2021


Excellent, I've known about the game for about 8 years when it was shared to me by a friend who played on mobile at the time, unfortunately I didn't pick up the game until March 22nd this year. When I got the game, I expected to play it every once in a while with my friends, but boy was I wrong. Although a bug wiped 20-50 or so hours off of my multiplayer world on classic difficulty, I restarted and played on a master mode drunk/anniversary world for the next few weeks. I kept going and last Saturday beat the moon lord with my friends and obtained the Legendary Zenith. I will be attempting a for the worthy run soon. I am disappointed I didn't get the game sooner, but am glad that I can tag along for the ride and hopefully play a part influencing the direction of Terraria 2 and hang out with this epic community.

Generic Human

I'd talk about my favourite memory of Terraria, but there are too many to choose from, so instead I'll talk about my first experiences of it. I used to be a console player, as I didn't have a PC, and I had no idea how to play! I just chilled on a world in a little stone tower with all the neat stuff I collected and a hoverboard+picksaw a friend gave me. Having had no idea what I was doing, I used the picksaw as a weapon, which worked surprisingly well (though I was still in prehardmode). I know how to play now, and I'm very glad that I'm not still on Xbox Terraria, messing about with various random objects. Thank you for all the game has provided, and I cant wait to see what else you all have to show us!
For me, Terraria is something I'll always remember because it's always been a game I've played with friends. I struggle to enjoy it by myself, but with friends I've had some of the best experiences I've ever had gaming. From the time my friend taught me to make a grappling hook to the time I absolutely destroyed someone else in PVP with just a Tungsten bow, flaming arrows, and rope in a Skyblock map, this game has been a large part of my life for years. I started off by playing with my dad just before the Crimson was added, then I played Xbox 360 for a couple years before returning to PC. It has been a great journey.


I still remember my first time playing Terraria on Xbox one and beating queen bee with a harpoon
This was when the EoC had Ocrams ost


Aw, no new content? Maybe it's being held back as a surprise, but it'd be nice, y'know?
I'm sure I won't be the only one that got back into Terraria around the release of Journey's End. And boy, after 1000 hours not even including modded, I am proud to say that Terraria is my favorite game of all time. Here's to the future, and whatever Terraria 2 may hold.
I am also really hoping for new content... probably a suprise
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