Mobile Terraria Mobile - Amazon Update

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Almost yes to all (I don't remember if the world crashes or never load). I suspected that it was lost.
unluckily I didn't think about the possibility to recover old version of the world from Drive before the expire time.

Do someone know how to edit a drive-saved world to put there all stuff I had already? (that are almost everything available in pre-hardmode)

I'm trying, but annoying.
Using a "bug" it's a little quicker: doing a backup of the user and so duplicating the stuff (and having luck with the Traveling Merchant and the chests)
We now have some answers to these questions.

All you need to do now is to have a Google account with access to Google Drive.
Chances are that if you use Gmail, YouTube, the PlayStore, etc., you are already set up for this. If you want to check, go here: Google Drive: Free Cloud Storage for Personal Use

There are no additional steps needed to link this Google account to your Amazon device.

At the time of the update, when you launch the game and/or go to the cloud saves menu, the game itself will prompt you for your Google login information and the rest is automatic.
I can never sign in to google drive, because it always says "Error: disallowed_useragent" anyone know how to fix this? I really want 1.3, but I have so much data that I don't want to lose.
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