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    Hello everyone!

    We have an update on the Amazon version of Terraria for you:

    As we have mentioned in past news updates around the Amazon version, the game became quite unstable with the most recent content updates. After a lot of investigation in partnership with Amazon, we traced the issue back to a compatibility problem with Terraria's savegame system and the Amazon "Whispersync" cloud saving system. In the end, there is really no great way to resolve this compatibility issue without breaking Terraria saves - which we would never want to do! However, we do have a solution - so please read on...

    In order to address the stability issues on Amazon and to be able to move forward, we need to disable Whispersync service for Terraria in a way that also allows Amazon players to retain their save files. After looking at numerous options and discussing the pros and cons of each, Amazon have approved our approach to use Google Drive to handle both existing and new cloud-saved games and will allow us to disable Whispersync. *Amazon users will need a Google account tied to their Amazon device to permit the new save system to work - so it would be a good idea to go ahead and get this set up now so that you are ready when the time comes!*

    *One very important side affect to the approach we’ve chosen will impact players who have deleted Terraria or have removed local data. These players will not have access to the WS Cloud and therefore will not be able to access their saves. The good news is that if you want to go ahead and reinstall between now and the release of the coming Amazon update and save your progress, you should be able to avoid this issue!*

    Content-wise, all of the great changes and content updates that have already come to the iOS and Google Play versions will make it to the Amazon versions too, and will be rolled into updates once this issue is resolved. We want to make sure we successfully navigate these waters first.

    In regards to timing: we are now 3 weeks into an anticipated 4 weeks of development on this, and we hope to have a further update for you within the next two weeks regarding a potential release date.

    Thanks for your support and patience. As always, you can contact support and report issues at

    *** For more information on what you need to do for this to work, please see the post here. ***


    UPDATE (4/27/16)
    Hello everyone! Here with a quick update on Amazon status:

    Amazon Kindle & FireTV new versions which uses Google Drive to save/load characters and worlds from the Cloud will enter External QA on Friday for a functional hammering! There are a few tweaks that we might look into as the Sync is currently a bit slow and our developer thinks that this might be some of the older code we are using, so would just be a refactor. We remain hopeful for a release in late May...but of course, that is all pending how well QA works out, etc.

    We will keep everyone updated as we continue along the path to release here - will be fantastic to finally be able to deliver all of this content and the other fixes to our Amazon users!

    *UPDATE 5/25/16*
    If you do experience any crashes once you’ve updated to the new version, please exit the game, navigate to System settings > Applications > Amazon GameCircle, locate 'WhisperSync for Games' and disable it. Then restart the system. This will disable the Whispersync service on your device and prevent it from running in the background while playing Terraria.
    Note: Be advised that this will mean Whispersync services are not available for all Apps on the device while it is disabled. This should not effect any other GameCircle services such as Leaderboards or Achievements.
    *UPDATE 6/16/16*
    The latest update for this version arrived today - version 11983. The release notes say:

    "Kindle Fire HD 2012 Devices, with Ice Cream Sandwich OS 4.0.2 and above, now supported in this update."

    1st gen Kindle Fire tablets (2011) and non-HD 2nd gen Fire tablets (2012) are not supported (insufficient RAM and/or no Bluetooth support).

    If you have a non-Kindle device that has 1GB (or more) RAM, is running Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and has Bluetooth support:
    You should have this update available to you. If you do not, please report your device/model in this thread, and we will check for compatibility.
    Devices that have been reported:

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  2. Safeman

    Safeman Community Manager Staff Member Re-Logic

    Great to hear we are closing in on a solution! I know this has been really frustrating for a lot of players. Hopefully they will be back in action soon :)
  3. darthmorf

    darthmorf Party Girl

    Seems good. However, I imagine a lot of users of amazon don't go on TCF. You should provide a 'heads up' message in game to make sure everyone hears about this before they lose their saves. Losing saves sucks.
  4. Safeman

    Safeman Community Manager Staff Member Re-Logic

    I am going to try and spread the news around as much as I can via Twitter and other outlets as well.
  5. ChippyGaming

    ChippyGaming Retinazer

    That bright red text is a little hard to read, but this is great news!
  6. jermeister6

    jermeister6 Terrarian

    so does having google play installed on my fire tablet work or do i have to do it through the tablets system settings? because i cant seem to find where in the system settings to link it,
  7. Safeman

    Safeman Community Manager Staff Member Re-Logic

    I think having the Google account is as much as you can do for now. We are going to pass along the questions to 505 though :)
  8. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    Ahh, sounds pretty severe. No wonder it was so long in coming. Sometimes flat incompatibility can be really hard to get around. :(
  9. Terra_master

    Terra_master Spazmatism

    Yes! This is some great news:D. I can't wait to play with the new update. It seems like I've been waiting forever:p.
  10. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator

    Any unanswered questions, I will capture and get addressed/answered ASAP. So feel free to ask. :)
  11. ShadowPulse69

    ShadowPulse69 Steampunker

    Yes! The waiting was worth it as always. Not a surprise. Thank you so much! I can't describe how happy I am to hear this!
  12. Jaybarb

    Jaybarb Official Terrarian

    First page.
    and GG 2 buddies use this. will tell them asap
  13. Brick Creeper

    Brick Creeper Skeletron Prime

    I will finally be able to enjoy it again, thank goodness.
  14. Alexmo

    Alexmo Terrarian

    Okay so I have one question how do you register a Google account with a kindle fire third gen
  15. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    We're seeking answers to this and other questions from 505Games - please be patient for a day or so. Thanks.
  16. Terra_master

    Terra_master Spazmatism

    I have that same question.
  17. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    Definitely a valid one; we will be sure to provide full instructions on this as soon as we've gotten another round of communication with 505. :)
  18. YoshiGator

    YoshiGator Terrarian

    Haha this is great news for the amazon terrarians. its funny how the solution was not as complex as it seemed. Hopefully the windows version will be on its way after pinpointing the problem. Keep up the good work :p
  19. TerraBlaze

    TerraBlaze Skeletron

    When will 1.2.4. content roll out for Amazon? I don't need an exact date, but it would be helpful if someone could give me a estimated time frame. And when it is released, will amazon have the bugs that other versions had when 1.2.4. came out for them or will the fixes float to the Amazon Platform?
  20. Aaron Daniel

    Aaron Daniel Skeletron Prime

    Can't wait that the Amazon user can go back to their orginal characters with the cloud save and their storage!!! Good luck Amazon Terrarians :happy: