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Console Terraria Next Generation Console Trailer

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The only thing I really wanted out of the PS4 version was PC-sized worlds, even if these worlds acted similar to way Minecraft on PS4 does (larger worlds stay on PS4 but smaller original stuff is still cross-platform)

The tiny worlds are stifling and limiting after playing the PC version, and there really is no reason to buy a third Sony version of it if it isnt making full use of the console's expanded power. Especially with how tight money is for me right now.
The next-gen AND the old-gen consoles had PC sized worlds since release!


No they dont. Large on console is more akin to Small on PC. When I started playing on PC I was astounded by the sheer size of the Large worlds. I can run from one side of a console world to another extremely fast, it takes QUITE a while on PC. Depth too, reaching hell and the lava level in general is much quicker on console. Rudi can likely give exact specifics on the sizes.

Its all about memory in the end though, last consoles had 256 and 512 mbs of ram respectively, the reason why Minecraft and Terraria had small worlds.
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