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Console Terraria Next Generation Console Trailer

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Good day everyone!

As you know, Terraria for both PS4 and Xbox One launched this week - we certainly hope everyone with a next gen console will take part and enjoy Terraria on these new platforms. In recognition of these launches, we created the brand new trailer below - enjoy!

For further details, check out our previous launch date confirmation post HERE.

Thanks for your support in welcoming Console Terraria to the Next Generation!


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Umm. I like the trailer... But..

If I were you guys, I wouldn't advertise Developer only items in your trailer. I noticed Crownos Wings on a players back.

Is that alright with him?


How cool is that, i think i'm going to buy it for ps4, but first i need a ps4, and money... Anyways, pretty neat video.


Obligatory semi-negative comment coming through.
The music and overall trailer seemed a bit too "omg epic bring in the trumpets and full on orchestra" for a 2D sandbox exploration game, it just really doesn't fit it, I'd say good old gameplay footage would be more than enough for this.
Personally, I just really don't like it when something is being made to seem like a lot more than it really is :V


Wow that's really good! But why did it talk about 1.2 items when it was released months ago on 7th gen consoles?

I hope no one calls it false advertising because of the layers.
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