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I like this idea. A lot of interesting things can be done with this, honestly, and I'm kind of digging the artstyle, myself. I do like the idea of survival aspects within the Terraria world, but rather than try to shoehorn survival aspects into the existing Terraria, break the flow of the game, and add unnecessarily complexity to an already wonderful game, I love the idea of taking those elements, expanding on them within their own right, and offering an alternate take on the Terraria universe as a whole.

I think it's a really smart idea, rather than try to shove everything into the existing game, or try to shove it all in Terraria 2, whenever/If-ever that's a thing. Really looking forward to it, and I've confidence it's not just going to be a "Terraria with storyline" or whatever. The concept can make people skeptical, and I understand those concerns, but at the same time, if they called it "Otherworld", sans the "Terraria", people probably wouldn't even be comparing it much to Terraria. The trailers certainly don't give too much of an indicator from the gameplay, other than similar hotbar.

That being said, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't feed us the same dish and tell us it's different. And I see a lot of potential for this that warrants creating a new game. Going into territory that can't really be explored in Terraria, and being able to expand upon those points without taking away from the charm of the initial game. It looks nice.
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Time to get in that hype train !
Terraria continues along it's planned route, for those in doubt there....

I'm sure you guys have tought about the possibility of "accidentaly" killing Terraria, right? Like if 80% of the Terraria fanbase migrates to Otherworld. And even if that doesn't happen, Terraria will inevitably (imo) become a "I'll just check what's released and leave" type of experience. What do you, as developers, think about this?
The announcement of Terraria: Otherworld implies that Terraria 2 is a myth ?.
This new project will be sold like Terraria? It is speculated that will consume resources?
This announcement means that Terraria 1.3 is next to be officially released?
why everyone is stating that it looks like Starbound? Starbound looks like terraria in the first place.
For those who are clearly not seeing it: Starbound HAS pixel graphics. This game, however, not.
Looks like Braid, is 2D so it looks like it. See?
WHOA WHOA WHOA. Is this an add-on/DLC type of game, or is it a whole separate thing?
Actual thoughts: looks a bit like Starbound, from the look of the trailer. Also, the new artstyle is nice too! Looking forward to it! :)
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