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Alright so i´ve encoutered some strange kind of bug with the pulse bow involving the endless quiver, however this may also apply to any bow that fires three arrows at once with a charged shot.
The bow will refuse to fire three arrows at once with a charged shot while the endless quiver is equipped, but if I add some additional arrows it works perfectly fine, the extra arrows remain unused also.
I would appreciate it if you were to fix this so that bows would fire multiple arrows at once without any additional arrows, thank you.
i wanted to try this mod but the world gets stuck on 99% settling liquids, its the only mod enabled. does anybody know how to fix this? i wanna try this mod out.
do i try in a different world? diffefernt season???
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I don't know if this is the right place to be posting this but I'll give it a shot

I'm having trouble with the Terraria overhaul mod

2 nights ago after a couple of years I decided I would play Terraria and throw in some of the big modpacks I could find in the browser that wasn't Calamity

I started playing but every now and then it would just crash

So I started going through the mods and deactivating them

I was only experiencing the crashes when I had overhaul on

And was wondering if someone would be able to help as I really like the mechanics of the overhaul mod

the mods i have are | Terraria overhaul(Obviously) Orsons, authentic races, archery overhaul, Split, the stars above, veinminer, no more tombstones and block swap

This is the crash I keep getting


Reinstalled Microsoft XNA

Deleted gameconfig json

Haven't experienced another crash yet
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Could you make a branch of this for 64bit Tmodloader since I pretty sure it overrides changes from it since it causes the player to not have a option to build a very large world with it enabled
Im having some problems with the mod! I cant seem to get the bow to focus shot or access the quick action. I cant find a hotkey for quick action in keybindings.

I have some other mods enabled, but none that I think should interfere.

If anyone got any answer I will be greatful.
I wonder if they'll find out the issues that causes the major incompatibilities with other mods (as in using it with other mods causes the game to crash)
I have a strange question. Is there a setting or configuration I can disable to remove the gore and summons random leavings (Offal)? I don't mind having some but it gets a bit overwhelming.
I'm having a bug with this mod where blocks aren't dropping from anything. Is there a way to fix it, or do I just have to not use the mod until an update? I have 64-bit TML because the modpack I'm using takes up too much memory to run in 32-bit, so idk if it's a problem with it being 64-bit or if it's just a setting that's glitching things.

My enabled mods are:
"CalamityClickerExpansion", (Checked it, Not the problem)
"UniqueAI", (Checked it, Not the problem)
"Calamuwuty",(Checked it, Not the problem)
"MasterMode",(Checked it, Not the problem)
"BossChecklist",(Checked it, Not the problem)
"RecipeBrowser"(Checked it, Not the problem)

Any ones I didn't check I don't know if they have any compatibility errors with TOverhaul. So if one of those could be causing a problem with compatibility that could also be an issue. If anyone could let me know that'd help out a lot. I finally have a PC good enough to run this mod so I rlly wanna be able to use it.
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