tModLoader Terraria Overhaul - Gameplay enhancements and much more

Discussion in 'Released' started by Mirsario, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. [107] Salgexicon

    [107] Salgexicon Terrarian

    Are there any settings to disable just the changes to pickaxes? I like using them as a keep-away weapon.
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  2. ChannelSeven

    ChannelSeven Terrarian

    This is a great mod, I love it!!
    I just have 1 problem, wel, the problem may lay by me, I'm not sure.
    The blood splatter of the game is great, but for some reason myne just doesn't show most of the time (blood on tiles). I'm not sure if it's a bug, or just something rong at my end. Once again, thanks Marsaria for a great mod!!
  3. The World Over Heaven

    The World Over Heaven The Destroyer

    A bug that has encountered with me is that when using modded bows, the game crashes. I don't know if others have experienced this problem.
  4. ChannelSeven

    ChannelSeven Terrarian

    Ahh I personally think that mod's wil always have a problem, somewhere, either small or big. I think if we just leave it to them, give them time, all the bugs and such we know of, wil be fixed!
  5. MegaMotorMan

    MegaMotorMan Terrarian

    Some mods that add abilities based on melee damage dont seem to register the new melee system as and actual melee hit and therefore wont activate. Im using the Experience and Classes mod by saerus and im using the assassin class and melee strikes wont trigger the the assassinate affect when every other melee weapon that doesn't use the overhauls system does, and when I deactivate the item overhauls they work, but I dont want to disable the item overhauls because they are half of what makes this mod so great. This isn't the only mod to do it either, I had another class mod before it that had an active ability where it would boost your melee damage for the next 5 melee hits, the damage was buffed but it wouldn't count the hits as melee hits so it would just keep the damage forever, if there's a simple fix for this I would be more than willing to hear it as i want to use one of my all time favorite mods with one of my all time favorite classes.

    Thank you for your time
  6. Soonicsuicide

    Soonicsuicide Terrarian

    hey amgio mira I have a problem / bug that frustrates me a lot, this is usually manifested when I'm in a cave or something deep my camera starts to move like crazy and I start to teleport everywhere and when I want to fight with the d
    evourer not I can: / they could fix it or give advice
  7. vomzy28

    vomzy28 Terrarian

    hey, is there any way to disable particular gameplay changes?
  8. Yvori

    Yvori Terrarian

    The shaking is likely due to the "Earthquakes" or "Tremors" options, I forget what it's called. "Earthquake screen shake" or something. I'm unsure about the teleporting or not being able to (summon?) the Devourer. That sounds like another mod is causing it, as I've experienced neither of those issues.

    On the main menu, there should be an "Overhaul settings" option. In there you can change a number of Overhaul changes.
    For a bit more customizability (I believe there's more, anyway), go to your saves folder (on Windows, usually Documents/My Games/Terraria/ModLoader) and there should be an Overhaul Settings folder or file, edit the contents of those.

    More fine-tuned control is planned last I heard, but currently if it isn't in the ingame config or the config files, there is likely no easy way to change it currently.
  9. vomzy28

    vomzy28 Terrarian

    I'd like to turn off things, such as movement overhaul, or weapon reload system, but not items overhaul
    I think it is not possible to do it ingame nor in saves folder, but thank you anyway
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  10. Steelebourne

    Steelebourne Terrarian

    Let's hope that they hear us.
  11. SuperSlither6

    SuperSlither6 Terrarian

    Nice work
    I do have one problem though when I join in a game the skybox is only half loaded and sometimes it's not even there maybe it's because I am on a Mac
  12. Herostar898

    Herostar898 Terrarian

    So how do you reset a character's world position?

    I was grappling onto a minecart rail, and I somehow got stuck in... space? Idunno where exactly. But basically, the game bugged out so hard my character got yeet'd 8000+ blocks Up and to the Left, and I'm unable to open the Inventory, unable to use potions, unable even X then F use a magic mirror, and my buffs do not tick down At All. What happened, and how do I fix it?
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    Yep, there's your problem.
  13. Yanazake

    Yanazake Terrarian

    Hey, question here: Does anyone have a good button mapping for a DS4 controller with these extra commands? I mean, I'd love to get a custom command like double tap for the dodge roll, but it looks like there's none.
  14. Goblin Turncoat

    Goblin Turncoat Terrarian

    Cool, new versio-
    Oh. :(
  15. Mirsario

    Mirsario Spazmatism

    3.2 has been released yesterday.
    Changelog for it can be found here.

    This is why we can't have nice things. Wrote it down.

    Fixed in 3.2

    Can you check if it gets automatically fixed once you switch to 3.2?

    As stated in the update post, I'll open a poll on discord for what changes people want to see, config update will be one of the options, so join this.
  16. Mirsario

    Mirsario Spazmatism

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  17. Kamsta99

    Kamsta99 Terrarian

    On multiplayer last position is not saved ... also on multiplayer tree falling animation not working. Dedicated tmodserver
  18. Sarvoth

    Sarvoth Terrarian

    Since the music update bosses seem to despawn when entering phase 2 in multiplayer. My friends and I are unable to progress in the game with terraria overhaul enabled, we had no issue prior to updating.

    ***Edit*** It is definitely related to the music update. We reverted to 3.1.2 debug and the issue went away.
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  19. Greedman

    Greedman Terrarian

    Same, and mostly all moded bosses don't spawn, also can't progress further
  20. Mirsario

    Mirsario Spazmatism

    3.2.2 Bugfix released.
    Also, feature voting is open
    on the mod's discord.

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    fix for that is out.
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