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Console Terraria Pre-Hardmode Console Guide

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This simple Terraria guide will help you on your first night, if you're new to the game
  • When you enter in your new world, cut some trees to have at least 250 Wood
  • If you find some stone, collect at least 30* of it. Also, harvest any ore vain that you see in your way
  • If you encounter slimes, defeat them to have gel to make torches from the crafting menu
  • If you find a chest in a cave at the surface, take everything that's inside. Also, take the chest by using your pickaxe
  • If you run across by any brown pots, break them to get money or other useful items
  • If you find an equipable accessory in a chest, equip it
  • If you find mushrooms, harvest them
  • Start building your house on the surface by placing 6 or more blocks of wood in a line. You may have to dig with your pickaxe to do it
  • At each end of the floor of the house, build a column of wood of 6 or more blocks high.
  • Add the wood needed to make the roof of the house at the ends of the 2 columns.
  • Remove with the pickaxe the first 3 wooden blocks of the columns from the bottom of the column
  • With the crafting interface, make a workbench and put it in your house, preferably
  • If you found a pot in a chest, put it on your workbench
  • Stay near the workbench, open your inventory and make 2 wooden doors, after, place them in the places provided for this purpose
  • Again with the workbench, build the number of walls needed to fill the background of your home.
  • Make a wooden chair and put it next to your workbench
  • In each corner of your shelter, place a torch. If you don't have any torches, make them with some gel and wood
  • With the workbench, make a furnace and place it anywhere you want ( Mostly in your home )
  • If you have any ore, turn them into ingots from the furnace
  • If you have at least 5 iron / lead ingots, make an anvil and place on the ground
  • If you still have space in your house, place a chest that you have found. Otherwise, you can make one from the workbench for the cost of 2 iron / lead and 8 wood
  • With your workbench, make yourself a wooden sword, a wooden bow and a wooden hammer
  • If you have walls protruding from outside your shelter, destroy them with your hammer
  • With the rest of the stone, make arrows for your bow from the workbench
  • (Optional) If you want armor set, you can make a whole wood armor for 75 Wood ( 3 Defense / -1,5 Damage )
  • (Optional) If you want to decorate your shelter, make 8 wooden fences
    or more and place them as windows inside your shelter
  • (Optional) If you have mushrooms, gel and pots on you, stand near your workbench with the pot on it and make healing potions.
*30 Stones for PC, Xbox One, PS4. 50* Stones for Xbox 360, PS3, Mobile and 3DS
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