Terrarians, Show us your Custom Vanity Sets

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  1. Arcanum

    Arcanum Official Terrarian

    Here it come PACK of custom vanity:
    1-Fire Warrior:
    Spectre Mask Intense Flame Dye
    D-Town Breastplate (collest Breastplate for ever thanks for this item @D-Town) intense Flame Dye
    Titanium Greaves Intense Flame Dye
    Celestial Cuffs living flame Dye
    WoC: Fire themed/based Weapons
    Spectre Hood Silver dye
    D-town Breastplate (again XD) Silver Dye
    Hallowed Greaves Silver Dye
    Angel wings
    Angel Halo
    WoC: True Excalibur, Hallowed Repeater with Holy Arrows.
    3-Dark Lord (aka:Reverse Guardian):
    Chlorophyte Mask Red Dye
    Spectre Robe (goes well with everything. but D-town Breastplate is better.) Red Dye
    Chlorophyte Greaves Red Dye
    Betsy's Wings Red and Black Dye
    Crimson Cape Red and Black Dye
    WoC: True Night Edge, Death Sickle, (evil biome)Book, and Tsunami with Venom Arrows
    -----------------------------------------------------------------(i give up creating that lines)
    4- Wrath
    Titanium Mask Red and Black Dye
    Spectre Robe Red and Black Dye
    Djinn's Curse Red and Black Dye
    WoC: Death sickle and ShadowBeam Staff
    5- Specter Watcher (pun?)
    Adamantite Mask Cyan and Black Dye
    Titanium Breastplate (there is one chestplate in Terraria???????) Cyan and Black Dye
    Hallowed Greaves (there is one boots in terraria too???) Cyan and Black Dye
    WoC: Spectre Staff
    6- Diabolist (the post plantera dungeon enemy)
    Rune Robe (pretty simple)
    WoC: Inferno Fork
    7- Sans (you gonna hav a bed tim... or tom and jerry)
    Familiar Wig #16 (white skin)
    Eskimo Coat Sky Blue Dye
    familiar Pants (Black Pants)
    Flipper Pink Dye or Unicorn Wisp Dye
    Charged Blaster Cannon
    Last Prism
    Familiar set
    Hair #132 Yellow
    Style "tank"
    Orange Clothes
    Tabi Blue Dye
    Black Belt Blue Dye
    Cosmic Car Key (the cute Cloud) Bright Silver Dye
    WoC: Charged Blaster Cannon (3 goku atacks in 1)
    Rod of Discord (teleport)
    Magnet Sphere
    9- Chaos Spectre
    Chlorophyte Mask Pink Dye
    Spectre Robe Pink Dye
    Spectre Pants Pink Dye
    Master Ninja Gear HIDDEN
    Rod of Discord
    Influx Weaver
    Star Wrath
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  2. Monika's Granddad

    Monika's Granddad Terrarian

    Capture 2018-04-19 13_39_21.png
    Yuri of DDLC
    apparently, I tried replicating Grand Dad but ended up ruining the plumber suit with pink dye
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  3. Arcanum

    Arcanum Official Terrarian

    Great Vanity! and that is the SBPlanet server in port 7777?
    new vanity: Coming Soon to a Document next to you
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  4. Monika's Granddad

    Monika's Granddad Terrarian

    Yes. Also, I wish Red and the devs played DDLC already :)
  5. EzDanke

    EzDanke Skeletron Prime

    I don't know if this has been done before or not, but if it hasn't then i've solved the life long mystery of the creation of the shrek vanity set. Here it is:
    I am not going to show how to make it.

    because im evil.

    ha ha ha ha ha ha
  6. Monika's Granddad

    Monika's Granddad Terrarian

  7. A N I K I

    A N I K I Official Terrarian

    Looks simplistic, but pretty nice c:
  8. Arcanum

    Arcanum Official Terrarian

    its ogre mask with green dye,
    buccaneer shirt(?)
    and buccaneer pants. with brown dye
    ha ha ha who is evil now?
  9. EzDanke

    EzDanke Skeletron Prime

    ah but you see it isn't.
    there is something else added.
  10. A N I K I

    A N I K I Official Terrarian

    I guess not something, but SoMeBoDy once told me the world is gonna roll me
  11. Emberflash26

    Emberflash26 Terrarian

    Duke Fishron Mask
    Phaoroh's Robe with Teal Dye
    Fishron Wings
  12. A N I K I

    A N I K I Official Terrarian

    Albedo from Overlord
    Cat Ears, Bright Silver Dye
    Lamia Wraps, Silver Dye
    Spectre Pants, Bright Silver Dye
    Black Belt
    Titan Glove, Bright Silver Dye
    Weapon of choice: Death Sickle or Ghastly Glaive (IDK how to depict her halberd)
    Unfortunately, I cannot paint the belt in a proper color and the cat ears are the best thing to depict horns
    Vegeta, Dradon Ball Z
    Familiar Wig
    Shroomite Breastplate
    Cobalt Leggings (You can paint them blue or something, because they and shroomite breastplate have different shades. But in-game there is little difference)
    Titan Glove, Bright Silver Dye
    Black Belt, Black Dye
    Ice Skates, Bright Silver Dye
    Tried to make this yellow area on chest with the sweetheart necklace, but it was overriding the belt :(
    Jotaro Kujo, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
    Plumber's Cap, Black and White Dye
    Leinfors' Excessive Style, Black and Silver Dye
    Tax Collector's Pants, Black Dye
    Y0raizor's Scowl
    Sweetheart Necklace, Bright Lime Dye
    Tried to add the chains and golden detail, but they looked pretty bad
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  13. Aurora3500

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    Albedo from Overlord is very neat. Glad to see you've created a vanity set after her.

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  14. A N I K I

    A N I K I Official Terrarian

    Thanks much <3
  15. creeeeeeeepers

    creeeeeeeepers Terrarian

    Hey, do you mind if I use this design (and make a few tweaks) for part of a story in an upcoming Terraria LP series of mine? It would be perfect! (I'll leave credit, of course!)
  16. NeverthelesS

    NeverthelesS Terrarian

    Military Terrarian

    Green Cap with Black Dye
    Angler's Vest with Green Flame and Black Dye
    Pirate Pants with Black Dye

    Accessory Vanities:
    Angler Tackle Bag [Alice]
    Shackle with Black Dye
    Whatever else you want

    Normal Grapple
    Wisp In A Bottle [Cursed Spirits of The Dead]
    Dog Whistle [Service Dog]

    Recommended Weaponry:
    Tactical Shotgun

    Do NOT put a pair of wings, the jetpack, or another vanity item on your back. This will go over your Angler Tackle Bag which is suppose to represent an Alicepack.

  17. Moon_Man

    Moon_Man Terrarian

    uncertain if it's been posted before, but here goes:
    Eldritch Monster
    Brain of C'thulu mask - Bright Red Dye
    Space Creature set(minus head, obviously) - Bright Red Dye
    Bone Wings - Bright Red Dye
  18. xTyler

    xTyler Terrarian

    My vanity isn't exactly themed around anything, but i think it looks alright.

    Guy Fawkes Mask - No Dye
    Tax Collectors Suit - Cyan Dye
    Cowboy Pants - Green Dye
    Winter Cape - Green Dye
    Balloons - Sky Blue Dye

    I've also got a pet lizard that adds a little to it.

    I'll add a picture next time i can be bothered.
  19. A N I K I

    A N I K I Official Terrarian

    Odin from Norse mythology
    Valhalla Knight Helm
    Fossil Plate
    Fossil Greaves
    Star cloak (Black And Red Dye)
    Gungnir or Ghostly Glaive or Daybreak (All can represent Odin's spear Gungnir)
    Raven Staff (represents Odin's ravens Huginn and Muninn)
    Unicorn Mount (Silver And Brown Dye) is supposed to depict his horse Sleipnir, but it isn't actually eight-legged :c
    Optionally, Suspicious Looking Tentacle (Martian Dye). Odin is actually one-eyed, so it is kinda fun to see his missing eye floating near him (even though this is umm.. non-canon)
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  20. Moon_Man

    Moon_Man Terrarian

    Vega(Street Fighter):
    note: change hairstyle to either 88, 102, 103, or 104 at stylist, make it as blonde as possible
    mime mask
    leinfor's style, dyed bright yellow
    leinfor's fancy pants, dyed bight orange
    use bladed glove for optimal look