Terrarians, show us your "I must screenshot this" moment


I've found a gold vein on the top of a hill in a small world before, though I didn't screenshot it for some reason. It was below a floating island, which probably explains it- that, or the terrain generation decided the hill itself was high enough to be a floating island.
I found gold at the very surface, one. Just about four blocks beneath the grass. About four-five or...

Although, that's probably because the entire generation of that world seemed to be completely crapped.


A branchless cacti in the corrupted desert. I thought it looked hilarious (it does! It's just, like, a stick poking out of the ground) for some reason, so I took a picture.



Several things going on in this screenshot:

1). Messed up door near the cursor on the right.
2). Two Heart Crystals side-by-side.
3). Two Gold Chests and One Ice Chest in the same screenshot.
4). All three chests had a Suspicious-Looking Eye in it (I think the game is trying to tell me that it is time to fight the EoC which I've not done yet in this playthrough).

Not shown in the screenshot: I've got 11 Heart Crystals on me and 180 max health (I avoided using another because I didn't want to spawn the EoC before I was wanting to fight him).
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