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TerrariaServer.exe -autocreate not working


I'm trying to start up TerrariaServer.exe with the -autocreate flag, and the command prompt starts the application just fine. The problem is, the application isn't autocreating the world. It prompts me for world size, world name, etc., ignoring the values I have saved to my serverconfig.txt file.

Full command: TerrariaServer.exe -config serverconfig.txt -autocreate

Serverconfig.txt file contents:

#this is an example config file for TerrariaServer.exe
#use the command 'TerrariaServer.exe -config serverconfig.txt' to use this configuration or run start-server.bat
#please report crashes by emailing crashlog.txt to [email protected]

#the following is a list of available command line parameters:

#-config <config file>                            Specifies the configuration file to use.
#-port <port number>                              Specifies the port to listen on.
#-players <number> / -maxplayers <number>    Sets the max number of players
#-pass <password> / -password <password>        Sets the server password
#-world <world file>                    Load a world and automatically start the server.
#-autocreate <#>                    Creates a world if none is found in the path specified by -world. World size is specified by: 1(small), 2(medium), and 3(large).
#-banlist <path>                    Specifies the location of the banlist. Defaults to "banlist.txt" in the working directory.
#-worldname <world name>                         Sets the name of the world when using -autocreate.
#-secure                        Adds addition cheat protection to the server.
#-noupnp                        Disables automatic port forwarding
#-steam                            Enables Steam Support
#-lobby <friends> or <private>                Allows friends to join the server or sets it to private if Steam is enabled
#-ip <ip address>                    Sets the IP address for the server to listen on
#-forcepriority <priority>                Sets the process priority for this task. If this is used the "priority" setting below will be ignored.
#-disableannouncementbox                Disables the text announcements Announcement Box makes when pulsed from wire.
#-announcementboxrange <number>                Sets the announcement box text messaging range in pixels, -1 for serverwide announcements.
#-seed <seed>                        Specifies the world seed when using -autocreate

#remove the # in front of commands to enable them.

#Load a world and automatically start the server.

#Creates a new world if none is found. World size is specified by: 1(small), 2(medium), and 3(large).

#Sets the world seed when using autocreate

#Sets the name of the world when using autocreate

#Sets the difficulty of the world when using autocreate 0(classic), 1(expert), 2(master), 3(journey)

#Sets the max number of players allowed on a server.  Value must be between 1 and 255

#Set the port number

#Set the server password

#Set the message of the day
#motd=Please don’t cut the purple trees!

#Sets the folder where world files will be stored

#Sets the number of rolling world backups to keep

#The location of the banlist. Defaults to "banlist.txt" in the working directory.

#Adds addition cheat protection.

#Sets the server language from its language code.
#English = en-US, German = de-DE, Italian = it-IT, French = fr-FR, Spanish = es-ES, Russian = ru-RU, Chinese = zh-Hans, Portuguese = pt-BR, Polish = pl-PL,

#Automatically forward ports with uPNP

#Reduces enemy skipping but increases bandwidth usage. The lower the number the less skipping will happen, but more data is sent. 0 is off.

#Default system priority 0:Realtime, 1:High, 2:AboveNormal, 3:Normal, 4:BelowNormal, 5:Idle

#Reduces maximum liquids moving at the same time. If enabled may reduce lags but liquids may take longer to settle.

#Journey mode power permissions for every individual power. 0: Locked for everyone, 1: Can only be changed by host, 2: Can be changed by everyone
Am I missing something?
Some users have experienced issues with the dedicated server not accepting configuration file parameters correctly, including those for autocreate:

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