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tModLoader TGM1234's Mods


Oh, no It's not that the mod doesn't work- as in like the dye application-, its that the weapons don't actually shoot at all even non-dyed, not sure what causes it, perhaps it's something similar to the issue that was happening with boss summoning items.


I can confirm the above bug happens even with no other mods installed. Using only the latest versions of Tmodloader, Shaderlib, and the Item Customizer, most guns will not work at all in multiplayer, even hosting locally and by myself. They'll be held out, often at an odd angle, and play a firing sound, however no projectiles will come out.

This problem doesn't happen in singleplayer. It also, strangely, does not seem to happen if you had the gun in your inventory when you entered the server. This made it hard to test for until I realized that was the pattern. So I tried the following method:
1. Enter a server with a fresh character, using only this mod and shaderlib.
2. Open a chest and remove a handgun + musketballs.
3. Attempt to fire the gun. The gun does not fire and the above bug occurs.
This method produced the same result every time I tried it.

If I log out, close the server, then restart the server with the handgun still in my inventory, it will fire properly. However if I then pick up a second handgun from another chest (or the same chest), that second handgun will not fire properly, even though the first will continue to fire properly.
Thanks for the verbose feedback, Zzzmithy. I don't have a whole lot of time to look into this at the moment, but I'll be sure to when I do.
It's likely that this is somehow related to similar bugs wherein items just stop working right (like Meowmere not firing projectiles, or Calamity's boss summons being broken).
The most puzzling aspect of these bugs is how they never cause any errors in the log, and that there doesn't appear to be any logical cause, at least on the surface.


Hi, i don't know if anyone else has this issue but when im using calamity rogue weapons, the projectile doesn't show the dye, i have the shader library install as well, hope i can get some suggestion here, thx


Official Terrarian
Bug: Item customizer doesn't seem to affect beam weapons from the DBZ mod, And it tends to cause crashes occasionally if I use dyed weapons. (it lags a bit sometimes as well, and these lag spikes are usually the cause of crashes) And according Not767's message It has lead me to believe that a patch mod may be needed for these two mods.
Item Customizer v2.2.1/v2.2.2

- Hopefully fixes stuff with guns not working in multiplayer (this was far more trivial than I thought)
- Some additional sanity checks

- Removes unnecessary check for item.owner during ammo consumption, should make ammo shader application more reliable client-side

(funnily enough, this check was partly the whole problem in the first place)

Big thanks to Stormalisk over on the tML discord for help identifying the issue.
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Cool mod, always wanted to dye my weapons. But for some reason after I left Tmodloader and rejoined, the mouse cursor won't move. Can someone please help me?


Haven't been on Terraria for a hot minute but the bug fixes are definitely appreciated, and definitely draw me closer to playing the game again! This is probably the most "Must-have" aesthetic mod on the market!
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