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The Cursed Terraria Pack


Yeah, you read the title. You clicked the thread. You wanted this. There's no turning back now...

The Cursed Pack, what's it about?
The Cursed Terraria Pack (CTP) is a pack aiming to make terrible, and also cursed textures for people who want a weird pack, I don't know why you'd want this, but hey! I'm not gonna ask!

Some are ideas taken from The Terraria Discord Server (Which I am now banned from, Rest in Peace)


v1.1 Update
Added: New! Moonlord Texture, Obama Prime, iFunny.co Orbs, Dook Fizrom, and a New! Pack Icon

1.2 will be the biggest update (by far) and will increase sprites from 25 to 70 sprites!


  • Cursed Pack v1.1.zip
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Haven't been updating this Texture Pack and I haven't worked on it in a while, I'm currently trying to get better at Pixel Art and Digital Art. I'll update once I have ideas, suggest ideas if you'd like.


Official Terrarian
this is something and l like it so far👍 I have one idea, maybe you can change the unicorn to an evil black horse and have armor that makes your head headless if possible and it comes with a cape. Just something l thought of because of sleepy hollow.
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