The Grand Spellbook

Trash Boat

I've looked around and I don't think this exists already, so here's a go at something new.

The Grand Spellbook is very grand indeed. Or, rather, it was. It seems someone has torn out the pages. They are in dire need of replacement, and that's exactly where you come in.

The rules are as follows:
1. No particularly normal spells. When I say that I mean things like "self sleep" or stuff like that.
2. Double posting is allowed if someone hasn't posted in more than a day's time.
3. Basic forum rules.

I'll start it off:
Name - Fireball
Type - Elemental/Fire
Description - A ball of flame, summoned and hurled from the hand. Makes a small explosion on contact.
Requirements (optional) - A hand. Maybe two.
Here's mine

Name - 『A Q U A B A R R I E R
Type - Water
Description - Create a large barrier made out of water. Very effective against fire attacks and is conductible with electricity/lightning attacks.
Name - Shadowform
Type - Transformation: Shadow
Description - Turn yourself into a shadow, allowing you to move swiftly and go under tight spaces.

Name: The Martian

Type: Summoning

Description: Summons a dust storm from Mars that sweeps across the land at high speeds, bringing destruction to all the life in its path.
Name: Hargen's Earth Bomb of Spinning Terror
Type: Earth/Wind attack
Description: The vortex of doom! Few can escape its whipping winds and walls of earth
Name: Yangdrithis's Shattering Earth Shot
Type: Earth
Description: Become a walking earthquake, and blast your enemies into tomorrow!
Requirement: Chant "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" Backwards.
Name: Meteor shower of doom.
Type: Apocalypse.
Description: Hurl thousands of colossal atomic fiery meteors to rain down upon any planet and wipe out its entire ecosystem and turn the surface into radioactive lava dust.
Requirement: have a worthy enough revenge to automatically obliterate your enemy's homeland.
Name: Universe End
Type: Apocalypse.
Description: World pops out of existence because a paradox has occurred.
Requirement: Have two of the same person to meet each other. And they are both from the same universe.
Name: become a mother:red:ing space marine
Type: transmutation
Desc: you become a space marine from Warhammer 40k for one minute (you choose the chapter)
Name: dificult controlls.

Type: change.

Description: makes it so the controlls for the targets body temporarily (time determined based on a number of factors such as spell level target spell recistance and targets familiarity with the diskworld books) become the Complicated and counter intuetive controllscheme for the game nethack

Requirement: you need to have a cursed potion of gain level a blessed scroll of charging a wand of death a wand of light a wand of secret door detection an expensive camera a blessed bag of holding the book of the dead a scroll of mail and an empty spell book, otherwise the spell will not work
Name - Extract

Type - Utility

Description - Extracts parts from magical objects.

Requirements - Has to be able to identify parts.
Name - Blast Off
Type - Physics
Description - Lauches the targeted object into space.
Requirements - Lots of skill in using magic; otherwise, the chances of using the spell on yourself are quite high
Name - F
Type - Respect
Description - Pay respect
Requirements - You must have access to a keyboard or some way to communicate the F.
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